The Mayans 2

I have been told Archeology has a three age system and these three ages are stone, bronze and iron. They categorize ancient civilizations by the tools they find. To keep it short, they have never found bronze or Iron tools in the Mayan empire, so they consider the Maya primitive. My response to them “The Maya had tools that were harder than Iron made of jadeite. As a matter of fact they had specialized tools for every job. Since the Maya were smart enough to use materials far more advanced than the “old world”, shouldn’t the Europeans be considered primitive when compared to the Maya?” The three age system they talk about was invented by the Danish government in 1812. Guidelines for a civilization should be based on intellectual and scientific achievements, societal advancement, technological accomplishments and division of labor. Archeology is the one in the stone age.

The Mayan had libraries in their huge cities. These libraries were filled with hundreds of thousands of books, if not millions. The books dealt with numerous and diverse subjects including, history, royal lineage, matters of astronomy and astrology, mathematics, calendrics, technology, medicine, law, ritual, music, and natural history of plants and animals among many other subjects. During the Classical Period, from 200 CE to about 950 CE, the sophistication of the Mayans in all aspects of life was soaring while Europe was thrown into the Dark Ages because of religion. When the Maya were enjoying the good life in their grand cities, some as big as modern-day Los Angeles, places like London was a swampy river trading town with 9,000 inhabitants.

The Mayans universities and education system was far more advance than our education system even today. Our modern-day education is about programing people to think a certain way. The aim of our education system is to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same level while squashing individuality. They force our young people to conform while getting rid of dissent. The Mayan education was about filling people with knowledge to awaken their intelligence. It was about enlightenment for all, not just a select few. Once the individual found their calling, they fanned that flame. There was no testing, they were just encouraged to follow their own individual path. It did not matter if they loved math, art, science, astronomy, medicine, nature, history, architecture or any thing else. Whatever they loved, they were encouraged to do. Individual genius was encouraged. How did they get away with this? The Mayans were all about abundance. More on that later.

The Mayan taught the people the true history of this world. They did not try to cover it up with an ice age. The history I show you in Lemurian Magic was taught in their Universities. What we call Mystery Schools was part of their education. They taught quantitative reasoning. Their mathematics system was genius and was based on the number 20 not 10. The use of algebra and geometry is evident. Astronomy was taught. The learned to track all astronomical bodies and predict astronomical events. They taught that the sun was the center of the galaxy and the spherical planets in this galaxy orbited the sun. They taught how the moon orbited the earth. We still have people today that believe the earth is flat. Mayan science was advanced because they even taught something similar to quantum physics. Something that we in the west are barely starting to accept.

I have had some expected push back on saying that all indigenous people of the Americas are descendants of the Mayans. My reasoning has to do with what all indigenous people had in their possession. Just one example is the Thanksgiving feast in the USA. Before I got into Mayan history I thought the Native Americans probably brought wild turkey to the feast. Now I know the Mayan domesticated turkeys. As a matter of fact all the main staples of the Thanksgiving feast are pure Mayan. I showed in part one that all these crops are Mayan: tobacco, vanilla, cotton, tomato, peanuts, corn, pineapple, avocado, squash, beans, sweet potato, potato, wild rice, pumpkins, cranberries, maple syrup, chocolate(cocoa), quinoa, chili peppers, yams, guava, papaya, plums, coffee and sunflowers. It is well-known that the Mayan traded the product not the plant. They did not give away agriculture secrets to anyone but their own. It is why Pharaohs of Egypt were buried with tobacco leaf and not the plant. All the indigenous people of the Americas had most if not all of these crops and the know how to grow them. They took it with them when they migrated out. The Native American and other indigenous people had what they called sweat lodges. This was a Mayan inventions made with concrete and was called purification lodges. Today we call them saunas.

That brings us to how this civilization worked without money or any other monetary system. It is known that they traded goods, but what most don’t know is they traded goods only with outsiders. The Mayans had an abundance of everything they needed for civilization. Everything was free. Other than the benevolent rulers everyone was considered the same status. This was not communism or socialism. No one was forced to do what they didn’t want to do. With that said the people all worked together get done what needed to be done for a civilization to thrive. There was no me, me, me like todays society. The Mayans understood the concept of being connected to nature and each other. Yes they had to cut down trees to get things done, but they planted new trees in their place. Yes they had royalty, but they were more like conductors of an orchestra. They got all the experts in their chosen field to work together in harmony. Many of their laws were wiser and better than ours. They had virtues not seen today. The Mayans were a very mature culture. Cortez called Tenochtitlan “the most beautiful city on earth” before he destroyed it, rebuilt it and called it Mexico City. Because of advanced Mayan agriculture food was the most abundant thing around and they shared it with everyone. None was wasted. Everyone was provided for, all they had to do was come into the city and pick it up. Today we throw extra food away and arrest the hungry that dumpster dive for it.

Mayan art and architecture was second to none. Art and architecture were the center pieces of plazas is all their cities. They had specialized tools for everything. Fine carving blades, knives, chisels, drills, saws, lances, projectile points, gouges, axes, blades, and hammers all made from jadeite and obsidian. Their sculptors used techniques and procedures that modern sculptors have only just figured out. Modern day scalpels are made from obsidian. Top plastic surgeons use obsidian blades because they cause less scarring. Not only did they have cement, but they had cement that hardened under water. This cement is very close to todays Portland cement. Mirrors and wind chimes were common. The buildings had plumbing, sewers, ventilation systems and potable water. The used rubber and latex to water proof their materials, roofs and clothing. They had a chewing gum made from the sapodilla tree. Juice from the morning-glory plant was used to vulcanize rubber. They put in their exterior paint for all their buildings. Blast furnaces were used. The cities had high-rise building and vaulted arches. Suspension bridges used hemp rope. Hospitals took care of the sick and injured. Arenas and theaters were filled with people watching sports, plays and musicals. Does this sound like a primitive civilization to you?

When the Spaniards reached Central America in the early 1500’s they locked it down and didn’t let anyone else in to explore. They destroyed every thing. All the monumental structures and high rises were torn down and used as rock quarries to construct churches and municipal buildings. This was going to be the New Spain. It wasn’t until the late 1700’s and early 1800’s that Spain finally let explores in. This is when the first documentation of the Mayan world began. The problem I have is all sorts of new inventions came out without any credit given to the Maya. Lets look at some of the inventions that came out in the 1800’s. High rise buildings, cement, blast furnaces, gum, tires and suspension bridges all 1800’s inventions. Coincidence? I think not. It is time to give credit where credit is due and hold up the Mayan civilization as the most advanced ancient civilization. In my honest opinion they were more advanced they were are even today. They knew the true history of this world and knew how to treat their fellow human beings.


One last thing that I find funny and it goes back to the Atlantis-Lemurian theory. In Egypt males were circumcised. It was seen has something left over from the hominid part of our ancestry. The Atlantis aliens made a mistake and it had to go. The Mayan, who were the Lemurians, pierced the foreskin and put jewelry in it to flaunt it. The Mayans knew exactly what they were doing.

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