The Mayans


The Mayans were the most advanced of all the ancient civilizations. We are told they were savages that sacrificed humans and were a very war like people. I have shown in previous writing  this is all lies. We are even told they disappeared, but there are millions of Mayans still living today. The problem we have with Mayan research is it is all done by religious and academic lap dogs who have a lot to lose if they ever told the truth. The people doing the historical research on the Mayans want you to keep believing Christopher Columbus discovered America. Not only will I shatter the lies of the Mayans, but I will give you the true identity of Christopher Columbus.

We need to keep all patriarch religious people away from doing research on the Mayans. We have lost more knowledge than we will ever know because of these patriarch religions. The book burnings, destroying of property, killing people, and hiding knowledge just because they don’t want people to know the truth. All are acts of patriarch religions. Governments and academics are no better. The leaders of religion, governments, academia and corporations can not be relied upon to give us the truth. They are the formations of untruths. Whatever agenda they need to pass upon the masses is all that matters. Their lies don’t seem to be wrong because it is their custom to lie. It is time to show the truth of the Mayan people.

To understand the true history of the Mayans, you have to know the true history of this world and of the human race. If you have read my Lemurian Magic post, you have an idea of the history I am speaking about. In this post I will show how it relates to the Mayans. When I first started out studying the Maya about 15 years ago, I believed the Mayan Pyramids were built before the war of the gods. With all that I have discovered I now believe the Pyramids were built right after the war of the gods, just like the Egyptian Pyramids. No one knows why they built the Pyramids we see today over top of older pyramids or temples. They tell us it’s because they wanted to show their power to others by building something bigger and better. Part of the problem with solving the Mayan puzzle is we keep projecting ourselves on to them. The Maya were in tune with nature, they were not ego maniacs like we are today. In truth, the reason why they built overtop of older temples was because they needed massive repairs from the cataclysm. It was just as easy for them to make them bigger while repairing them.  Besides it gave the people something to live for after the war of the gods. They were rebuilding their civilization. They were not able to rebuild all of them because the population was far less than it was before the cataclysm, but they were still able to bring back a few.

All of the Mayan cities were city-states, which meant each state individually ruled itself. No one power had power over any other, they each ruled themselves. Each city-state was a ruled by a royal family who were said to be descendants of the gods. The leaders were not tyrants. Contrary to popular belief, they encouraged individual freedom. They had an advance form of social order that had no money or monetary symbol of any kind. They also did not care about precious metals. If they used gems is was simply for their beauty.  The Mayans were the advance race of the Lemurians. The Mayan Empire reached throughout the Americas, from the very bottom tip of South America to the very northern tip of North America, out to Samoa and the Hawaiian Islands and every where in between, including the Caribbean. The Mayan empire was just like the Egyptian empire. It was the beginning of civilization after the war of the gods. I have shown in previous writing that all of Europe, Russia and todays United States and Canada all came from Egypt. Now I’m going to show you that all of the Native Americans, Mexicans, Aztecs, Greenlandic Inuit, Alaskan Inupiat, Olmec, Toltec, Polynesian, and all indigenous people from the new world go back to the Mayan. The difference is that the Egyptians threw out the people who didn’t want to work together and everyone over there argued and went to war about who was right. The Mayans were all about freedom. If a person or group of people did not want to stay in an area of cities, they could go off and start their own. They left peacefully. Some of the people built and rebuilt their own Pyramids and some came across the megaliths that were built before the cataclysm and made it their home. What most people don’t know is North America was full of mounds, earthworks and pyramids before the Europeans came over and destroyed them all.

Then Mayan were not a war like people, and there is no support for this popular belief that they were by nature cruel or barbaric. On altars for their gods they offered flowers, fruit and pottery. It was not until the decline of the empire by less advanced tribes that human sacrifice was practiced, if it was practiced at all. I showed in Lemurian Magic if sacrafice was practiced at all by the less advanced tribes, it was because they took everything literally about the Mayan and wanted to be just like them. These were all ceremonies of rites of passages that were taken literally. Giving your heart to god, shredding the ego and sacrificing self when reaching certain stages in life, were all ceremonial. Every time archeologist find a burial ground they cheer that they have found proof of sacrifices. This is equal to lets say someone conquering the USA today and spreading lies about the sacrifices going on the country. Then going into the cemeteries and digging them up while saying “Here is my proof the USA sacrificed people”. It is ridiculous at best. If there were any sacrifices, the rare case would have been criminals. Just like I showed with the Druids, it would only have been a criminal. Crime was almost unknown in the Mayan world. The Mayans hold the record for the longest period of peace on the planet. Peace went on for thousands of years because the Mayan people knew the war of the gods caused the cataclysm. They learned their lesson and did not want another disaster. They respected valor, but they burned off that brave energy in other ways. They developed chivalry to a marked degree. Disputes among people were solved by arbitration rather than open strife. It is to bad that all the civilizations that came out of Egypt didn’t learn their lesson. The western world is war, war, war and more war.

I am a firm believer the Mayan were the most advance civilization on the earth after the war of the gods and the cataclysm. The Mayan were cast into a negative light because it is thought they didn’t understand the concept of the wheel. They understood the wheel. They had mechanical systems that used  pulley and gears, just look at their calendar. They had toys with wheels. In truth the Mayans lived very close to nature and did not use animals to do their work for them. They had no use for the wagon wheel. They used waterways to move most all goods , but they used  Tumplines to move things on land. Yes, they used boats and ships, they were advance sailors. They navigated using the stars. Disney’s latest movie about princess Moana is giving away secrets. Her father hiding the ships is symbolizing the hidden history and her bringing the boats out is the true history finally coming out. Columbus wrote in his journal that the Mayan had canoes bigger than his ships. Bigger than his Mayflower type ships!!!! All of the ancient world had ocean-going ships. The Egyptians, Greek, Romans, Crete, Sumerians, Phoenicians, Chinese and Mayans all had ships and there was a world-wide trade going on as far back as 2,500 BCE. I personally think it goes back to at least 5,000 BCE or more.

This is a good spot to divert off and show you the true identity of Christopher Columbus. It is very surprising how little is known about Columbus. His date of his birth is unknown and about twenty cities claim Columbus as a native. So many legends have sprung up about Columbus that it is difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. My experience with these ancient texts is that when they try to make something vague or make the direction of history go in all directions, they are hiding something. Again they use the same old story of a poor, humble uneducated man who loved the bible. It is the same old broken record story. I know I’m not the first one to see this. Why has no one spoke out about this before? Maybe because academics are more interested in money than truth. In truth Columbus was a Greek prince. His real name was Prince Nikolaos Ypsilantis and he came from the Greek Island of Chios. He was very wealthy and highly educated. He was an admirer of Plato and other philosophers writings. He knew the spherical form of the earth and this voyage was a search for Plato’s lost continent of Atlantis. The story of Queen Isabella and her jewels is known to be a lie among historians. Yet no one speaks up! So why would they let a Greek prince take the claim for discovering the New World? In the work of Plutarch he describes the ancient voyages of the Greeks not only reaching the coast of America, but exploring the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes. Plutarch describes where the Greeks had colonies and places they mined for precious metals. Most researchers believe these Greek voyages took place about 1500 BCE. Letting a Greek prince take credit for the new world was Masonry’s way of keeping this occult history alive for the people with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Now to give you some examples of how advance the Mayans really were. Most know the Mayans were great astronomers, but they don’t know the Mayans had calculated precession to be 25,800 years. They also knew our year was 365.242 days long. They were great mathematicians. They understood the concept of zero, so it made their mathematical system far superior than Rome, Greece and Egypt. They used numbers so big we can’t even fathom them today. They were great architects. They had what I believe to be the very first writing system. The Mayans made concrete. They had blast furnaces that would reach 1500 degrees Celsius to melt limestone to make the concrete. The Romans only used natural concrete because they didn’t know how to make it. The Mayans used the concrete in all their structures including roadway systems that connected their major city-states. They had roads called sacbeob or white roads to walk on through the jungle. They built suspension bridges. The largest one in the ancient world crossed the Usumacinta River at Yaxchilan. They had a micro filtration process for clean water and water treatment centers. They had huge aqueducts. They had advanced gardening techniques that increased agriculture yields. Here are some of the crops you can thank the Mayan for…tobacco, vanilla, cotton, tomato, peanuts, corn, pineapple, avocado, squash, beans, sweet potato, potato, wild rice, pumpkins, cranberries, maple syrup, chocolate(cocoa), quinoa, chili peppers, yams, guava, papaya, plums, coffee and sunflowers to name a few. When the Europeans took chocolate back to the old world, they hid it from the average person for 100 years. Only royalty was allowed to have it. The Mayan mixed peanut paste or peanut butter with chocolate. Our way of life today would seriously be flawed if it wasn’t for the Mayans. Another thing the USA stole from the Mayans, and will never be admitted, was how to get people to elect royalty to rule. The Europeans had aristocracy for governments. Royalty ruled. They Mayan leaders were said to all be elected, but were also said to be descendants of the gods. This system was stolen by the USA because every President has been of British royal blood except for Martin Van Buren. Van Buren was from William the Conqueror’s bloodline. The Presidents are elected not selected. They make sure two people of royal blood are put out there for the people to elect. It works so well that all of western civilization uses it now.

It has recently been discovered that several of the Mayan pyramids were built over top of large under ground lakes called cenotes. The Mayan saw these places as sacred, but archeologists have the reasons all wrong. They think it was a physical link to the Mayan underworld. They have found human remains  in the cenotes and around them. When they excavated the remains they found that these humans were under a lot of stress, had nutritional deprivation and diseases that go along with it. Again they are screaming that this is proof of sacrifices. Archeologists are say these were outcast who were sacrificed and they threw their remains in these lakes. Stop the madness!!! This was their drinking water. Why the hell would a civilization as advance as the Mayans poison their own drinking water? If archeologists and academia would open their minds, they would realize they have made an awesome discovery. Immanuel Velikovsky shows in his work how bad the cataclysm was in our ancient past. The water coming in from Tiamat was massive. People got caught out in the cataclysm. The water drowned them then carried them where ever it went. Velikovsky shows this happened all over the world. These human remains are from some of the first ever humans on the planet. They were nutritionally deprived because they were slaves of the gods that I have shown in Lemurian Magic. These human remains are from the people who were caught out in this massive cataclysm. The water coming down from the sky carried their remains into these giant holes of the earth. They are finding animal bones with them because these animals were caught out in it too. The Mayans knew this history and went down into the cenotes to pay their respects to their ancestors. They  would leave pottery, flowers and other offerings much like people do when they visit a grave today.

There are so many theories as to why the Mayans disappeared. As I said in the beginning of this post, they didn’t disappear there are millions of Mayans still around. Some don’t even know they are Mayan. The Aztecs were given that name because they said they originated from an island in the east called Aztlan. Aztlan is Atlantis. This shows there was still some knowledge left from ancient times when the Spaniards got to the new world. The Mayan had the same problem the Egyptians had, knowledge was lost over time. The people who knew true history did not want to tell the Spaniards anything because the Spaniards were killing people just for knowing. They burned their books and destroyed their temples all in the name of God and Jesus. Because of this we have theories that are at best naive. I look at these theories and all I can do is shake my head. They say the Mayan killed each other off from war without showing any positive proof. There is the disease theory, but they still haven’t shown any large number of bodies that have died from disease. One of the most ridiculous theories is there was a 100 year drought, not one drop of rain for 100 years. Let’s look at this one sensibly. If the entirety of Central America had gone without  rain for 100 years, do you really believe there would be a lush jungle there now? 100 years of no rain would literally destroy any landscape with no hope of recovery. My favorite theory of all is one of the latest. This one blames a princess for the fall of the Mayans. If all else fails, blame a woman!!!!!!!! They even made a documentary about this garbage. This is how far we have fallen as a human race and there is only one reason for it. It is the same reason the Mayans “fell”, but it is also the same reason every other ancient civilization has fallen. If we do not change course as a human race, every civilization today will fall because of it too. What is this “reason” I speak of that caused the fall of the Mayan?  The thing that caused the Mayan to disappear is……….wait for it………wait for it……….Religion.

The ancient Mayan knew when they worshipped the gods they were worshiping themselves. They knew the gods were aspects of themselves and the cosmos. The inbred rulers, just like in Egypt, started changing things with the gods because the knowledge was starting to disappear. Maybe they wanted to start keeping the knowledge for themselves and not share it with the common people. Either way the Mayans knew the power of the individual and they migrated out, they left. City-states fell because there was no one there to take care of it. The Mayans quit when the rulers tried to take the power away from the individual and put it outside of them in some god or goddess. The Mayan people understood religion is for control and spirituality was freedom. They understood the power of the individual because when their civilization was first set up, that is what it was based on. They used mind altering drugs to enhance sight, senses and imagination. They knew each individual had a connection to the divine. I hope that someday we can become as advanced as the Mayans were long ago, but to do that we would have to get back in tune with Nature.

The lies about the Mayans run deep. I think there are 3 major reasons why we keep accepting the lies. One, we don’t want to know the truth. We don’t want to see how we have been lied to about all of ancient history. Two, we keep projecting ourselves on to them. We are war like, so they must have been war like. Making them out to be savages and barbaric stemmed from us burning people and beheading people for simply not believing in a religion. Who are the real savages here? They made up the sacrificing of virgins because that sounds worse than the actually raping of little girls done by patriarch religions. I showed in Patriarch Pharaohs the word ‘barren’ used in the bible is code for sex with very young girls. In the bible when it says a girl is barren, but miraculously has children later, it is code that she was to young to have children, but then came of age. Lets say that the Mayans sacrificed virgins, so if the truth ever comes out about us, they still appear more evil. Do I even have to bring up altar boys? These are the people who have written history! The third reason we don’t want to see the truth is greed. Everything in this world is done for money and there is no money in the truth. Quite the opposite actually. A lot of people stand to lose quite a bit of money when the truth finally comes out.



28 thoughts on “The Mayans”

  1. I love it! I agree with you! For most of the people it is better living in the usual comfort than wanting to know the truth. We are war like. It is another way how we became separated. Money is a world ruler.
    Congratulations for your post! It is wonderful!

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    1. Thank you. 😊 Money is a world ruler. I’m going to try to find out exactly what this system was that the Mayans used and try to bring it out for people to see. Thanks again.

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  2. Wait for it … wait for it …. I was like, what, what loll
    Religion! But of course! loll I adore the Mayans. I was in the Mayan Riviera 2 yrs ago, one of my favorite places. I used to read about the Mayans, Aztecs & Incas when I was still in grade school! I was drawn to them immediately. The Toltecs literally saved my life about a dozen yrs ago – a friend, who was very aware, knew I needed it, & gave me a book that changed my life: ‘The Mastery of Love’ by don Miguel Ruiz. That was huge. I remember jumping up & down with glee – I couldn’t believe I was reading my own thoughts & ideas on how things should be. I also loved your blog ‘Lightening & Thunder’, & wanted to comment, but can’t seem to. I love that song! Something about it 🙂 I remember thinking ‘what the heck’ when I saw the video the first time loll

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    1. Thanks. I love hearing about books I haven’t read, so thanks for that. I will definitely check that book out. I ran into a couple glitches on Lightning and Thunder. I will check it out to see if I can figure out what’s going on. Thank you.

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  3. ‘The Mayan people understood religion is for control and spirituality was freedom. They understood the power of the individual because when their civilization was first set up, that is what it was based on. They used mind altering drugs to enhance sight, senses and imagination. They knew each individual had a connection to the divine.’
    Oh man I just love this. Had to read again 😉 It sounds sooooo much like my journey loll
    When your main concern/activity is meditating, increasing your self-awareness, expanding your consciousness, & sharpening your intuition, as mine has been over the past decade, you are shown such beautiful things.
    I have 2 experiences I’d love to share with you. Emailing!

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  4. I’ve always had an interest in history and geography and had a sense that what was explained in the mainstream academic world was not even 50% accurate, but since searching, finding and realizing what you and Ralph Ellis are writing and talking about; my life’s path and world view has taken a hard-right-hand turn.

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    1. I have always felt Native American history was a lie. Ralph taught me to always look at the other side’s version of the story. So I did. It wasn’t too surprising for me, but yet it shook me at how big the lie really is. I’m glad I could help you and others who are searching.


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