Mother and Child

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What is this Mother and Child Pose all about? Every religion has some kind of mother posing with her child, usually male, on her lap. Mary has Jesus in her lap, Mother Yashoda has Krishna in her lap and many more have a god child in the lap or their mother. There were even religions that worshipped the Mother and Child. It all goes back to Isis with the suckling Horus in her lap, but what is this symbol trying to tell us?

The Madonna and Child or Virgin and Child is all over christian religion. Divine copulation is one of the main messages of christianity and many other religions. What most people don’t know is that this is a copy of Isis and Horus. As I have shown in previous work, Jesus and Mary were Egyptian. The statues and paintings of Mary with Jesus in her lap were trying to show that they were of Egyptian descent. But what about all the other religions? I know everything came out of Egypt, but what was the true intent of this symbol?

The ancients knew that because of our alien brain we are in the masculine mindset. The pictures show a male child for this reason. Our minds are infants and we are born into the very lap of nature. I get a lot of resistance from showing that this force that we call god and nature is a feminine force. I’m not talking about feminine in the way we humans view the feminine in our masculine mindset. In our masculine mindset we view the feminine as weak or having to look a certain way. The feminine is even thought as being doormat or as subjugation. We could not be further from the truth. The feminine is a very powerful force, but to unlock her power you have to use the masculine with the feminine energy(See Magic). Most people fear the feminine because the don’t understand it. Humans are masculine and they search for the feminine for wholeness. Before we came here we had a wholeness, we seek that wholeness again.
That is the big secret. The sacred feminine is the holy grail. That is why everything in this world is sports, sports, and more sports. To keep us in the masculine. The forbidden fruit is feminine side of brain.

When you took your first breath, you became an individual linked to goddess. This is what baptism is representing. Coming out of amniotic fluid and taking that first breath. The ancients knew that nature or the force was a feminine force. This ( ⨀ )is the symbol of the sun, it’s also the symbol of the breast. The House of Goddess is the zodiac. Man comes from goddess and returns to her arms. The ancients would put man in ground in fetal position. We are born into the lap of nature. NATURE IS NOT A PRISON, you project it yourself. We are not in a cage. We are afraid of freedom. We are afraid of selfhood. We are in the very early stages of freedom. Have a stewardship with nature, let nature teach you. She is all-knowing and will speak to you. You must quiet the mind. Let your intuition lead you. She is never wrong. Becoming doesn’t terminate, its infinite. Nature and your intuition are of the same force. Artists are connected to the sacred feminine, the right side of their mind, their imagination and creativity. This is why I alway say artists are higher beings than rational man.

The soul of femininity is the milk of the celestial cow, Mut and Hathor. Spirit is feminine. Conquer masculine for feminine to arise. The symbol of the hanged man is the hanging of the masculine so the feminine can arise. Feminine will temper your mind. Find the feminine principal in yourself. Once you do, masculine becomes an agent of feminine. You are the child of the goddess playing in the labyrinth. Take instruction from the goddess. Quit looking for an essence or consciousness under nature, nature is it. When you see a swan or a beam of light, really see it. You have been taught to imagine there is an essence behind it. Existence is essence. When you look at nature you are seeing the creator. Man was in harmony with nature before split. Man is nature and has been violated by an alien race, so it wants to violate nature. We are infants and need the feminine, but we don’t think we need her.


All images of the Mother and Child are copied from the Egyptian Isis and Horus. For at least the last 2,000 to 3,500 years the world has been lied to about the divine. These three quotes sum it up very nicely….


“The human child is born into the very lap of nature, his nurturing mother, and he accepts her fostering ministrations gratuitously. His relation to her is instinctive and spontaneous, and most intimate. But when with maturity and the emergence of intellect and reflection, the matter of maintaining his salutary relation to his benignant mother becomes an obligation demanding the exercise of a phase of his genius which is little known to average humanity and is developed only by the highest culture of his psycho-spiritual capability. It was never enough simply that he dwelt with nature as a chick under her wings, that he partook of her lavish gifts for his sustenance, that he accommodated himself harmoniously to her requirements, or even that he received her bounty with gratitude and delight. For the ultimate exaltation of his being from his cradling in her lap there is demanded a refinement of his aesthetic and intellectual faculties that is beyond the attainment of common humanity and has been rarely achieved by exceptionally evolved souls”.- Alvin Boyd Kuhn


Unique Goddess, mysterious and great who came to be in the beginning and caused everything to come to be….The divine mother of Re, who shines on the horizon.- Ancient Egyptian inscription


In the older view the goddess Universe was alive, herself organically the Earth, the horizon, and the heavens. Now she is dead, and the universe is not an organism, but a building, with gods at rest in it in luxury: not as personifications of the energies in their manners of operation, but as luxury tenants, requiring service. And Man, accordingly, is not as a child born to flower in the knowledge of his own eternal portion but as a robot fashioned to serve.
— Joseph Campbell, Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine


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    1. You are welcome. Thank you. You are right, we have been out of balance for a long time. With the truth being exposed about history and religion, I have a feeling the pendulum will swing back to balance our world.

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  1. Along, I believe, some of the “Venus” or “Lady” figurines/statues found in Malta or perhaps this was Catalhoyuk (forgive the anglicised spelling) there were Mother/Child figures found among the other “fertility Goddesses” like those more famed Maltese or Central European figures. These seem to be a stark deviation (according to our fragmentary archaeological record) from the cadre of extant leitmotifs of the late Paleolithic / early Neolithic artefacts. Venus Laussel had the horn, Venus Willendorf the “hat.” Quite a lot of the Venuses had symbolic attributes. Anyway.

    Just a notation, no value judgement or premonitory suggestion.

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