Magic 2


I have had some messages telling me that magic can’t be as simple as I am making it. Well to all the people who have sent me these messages, you are simply wrong. The big secret of magic is that it is much simpler than most people could ever believe possible. This automatically protects it’s mysteries from the foolish who chase after complex ‘occult’ theories’ or who dismiss it, calling it ‘mere imagination’. Magic is mere imagination, it is the science of imagination.

In order to develop magical powers, it is only necessary to develop your imagination into a finely tuned instrument and then direct your will through your imaginings. This is using the feminine and masculine forces I talk about in Magic. This is why I don’t spell magic with a k on the end. Most of them are going about it the hard way. If you have to do things the hard way, by all means go do it. I will not stop you. To most imagination is the world you enter when you close your eyes. Very good witches and wizards can imagine with their eyes open too, but you don’t need to worry about that right now. As the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’. The more you practice the better you will get. After you work with magic for a while you will discover deeper and deeper layers of your imagination. You will encounter other worlds and archetypal figures, beings of light and darkness. Some of these visions will be so powerful that you will be transformed by just encountering them.

What sets me apart from everyone else is I am telling you that these are aspects of yourself. They are not outside of you. Until one realizes this, they will never know their true power. Quit giving your power away. What ever image you imagine that is giving you information, intuition or just conversing, it is you, your higher self. You have opened that portal. Even fleeting images of your underdeveloped imagination are sources of incredible power. All of the forces in your mind are transformative. You should consider every internal experience in your mind and body as successful acts of magic. Then you will begin to understand your immense power and responsibility. If you are creating images, words, and feelings of power, you will be powerful. If you are creating images, words and feelings of depression, you will be depressed. Our minds are so incredible at creating the realities we imagine for ourselves that most don’t realize our responsibility. Most people are not in control of their own mind. If you are coming to my work for the first time you need to go read Magic to understand how to get your own mind under your personal control. What ever way you direct your thoughts, your life will transform to those thoughts.

Most of us are tormented beings. We have conflicting impulses, morals, values and beliefs. We struggle with self-doubt, sadness, anger, boredom and other mental conflicts. All of these struggles are based on fear. We fear rejection, loneliness, death physical threats and a million other things. The number one fear of most people is death. Death is only a new beginning, so it is really the fear of the unknown(see Scarab Beetle). We fear what other people think about us. This is the programming of this world and you have to drop wanting to be liked. Wanting to be liked makes you an inauthentic person. Fear gives our body signals that are there to help us survive – warn us of impending danger or to tell us we are involved in unhealthy situations. With the mind programming that goes on in this world, we apply these same fear signals to entirely internally created and unreal threats. By learning to become more aware of our bodies and our emotions we can clear ourselves of these mind programmed misfires and unconstructive negative emotions. Once we have learned how to manage our emotional states we can really begin to experience the joys of life and become more aware of our inner power.

Perception is another big thing we need to overcome. Everything begins with perception. Perception underpins every thing we think we know, believe, hope and dream. You will never learn from thinking you know, you only learn when you realize the more you know, the more you don’t know. You perceive the world by all the programing that you have received from your personal history. You have been programmed since the day you were born by parents, school, religion, government, culture, etc. When you see the world, you see what has been taught to you in the past. Other researchers  will tell you “What was once useful may no longer be useful now”. They are just being nice. Most of what you have been taught is for control. It never has been useful. It has been useful to other people, but not you individually. Magic gives you freedom. Think about when you meet new people and you perceive them. You make assumptions based on what you have been taught and your history. We are the source of our own stimuli. We do not see the person, we see the meaning of the person based on our mind controlled history. If you are coming to my work for the first time and you are a religious person, you probably see me as the devil. You probably want to pray for me because you want to tell daddy I am not doing what you think I should be doing. Magic bad, bearded man good. In order for magic to work, all your previous perceptions have got to go.

Governments and religions know that you will try to make other people behave like yourself and act like yourself. Shame on people who are different. We police this world for our masters. Whip them back into shape. How can you see differently from what you have been programmed to believe? It begins with questioning. What if you are wrong? What if all the things that have been put into my head by someone else is wrong? This is where you need to begin with magic. Your brain can not make giant leaps with your perceptions and assumptions intact. It is why people who are deeply religious are reactive to my work. I understand this. It is not their fault. You can’t just tell someone you are wrong and this is correct. You have to give proof they are wrong, so they can start in a place that questions perceptions or assumptions. Get rid of all of your biases, assumptions and perceptions that have been implanted in your mind. Start over on a clean slate and rebuild those perceptions. Celebrate uncertainty and be open to possibly. Have an objective view of the world. People think they are objective, but they are not truly objective. We hate uncertainty, but that is where the magic starts. Be part of the game of life. Playing games is part of excepting uncertainty. We don’t know how the ending will come out, but we enjoy playing.

Artists have known this for a long time. If you knew exactly what you were going to create, why would you even bother. True artist create as they go, that is the magic. They express their will, but are spontaneous in the moment. Choose to be spontaneous, say yes to circumstances that have not been preconceived, preplanned and you had no expectations of them occurring. Say yes to the moment. Be goal oriented and make plans, but don’t let that keep you from being spontaneous. Be open to new experiences and break your patterns of habit. Our prior notions of who we are should not limit who we might become. Magic is about taking control of your life. I am going to let you in on a very ancient secret. All of these eastern philosophies have you close your eyes and control your breathing. Does anyone even know why? Yes, focusing on your breathing quiets that voice in your head and if you are connected to your higher self, you can get information. The main reason is, and this has been lost until now, breathing and blinking or opening and closing of the eyes are bodily functions you can take conscious control over. These functions are done on automatic in the subconscious like all your other bodily functions, but at anytime you can take conscious control of these two functions. Your world is run by your subconscious from what ever has been programmed in there. By consciously programing it yourself you take control of your world. Just like your breathing and blinking, you can consciously take control of your life. This is how powerful you really are.

This scares most because with magic you can become anything you want, but if you fail you have no one to blame but yourself. Most don’t like that responsibility. People want to blame someone else because they think they will fail before they even start. Success and failure are just steps. If you fail, learn from it and try again. If you succeed, learn from it and be willing to change. Quit comparing yourself to other people, be authentic. As Jason Silva says “ Awaken the mind from the lethargy of custom and film of familiarity, but instead toward the wonders of existence”. Magic is being your authentic self. I will end with 2 quotes from one of my favorite philosophers Fredrich Nietzsche:

“A thinker sees his own actions as experiments and questions–as attempts to find out something. Success and failure are for him answers above all.”

“you must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame;
how could you rise anew if you have not first become ashes?”


18 thoughts on “Magic 2”

      1. Love your articles. I’ve been saying this for years, but without knowing how I knew. LOL Glad to know there are others out there, and you’ve given places for information I can cite.

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      2. Thank you. I’m glad I can help. I know what it is like to know something and not have the words to express it or not know where it’s coming from. No one wants to listen unless you can cite things. I can’t blame them, this world has been built on a sandcastle of lies. I just want to be part of the wave that destroys the lies. 😊 Thanks again.


  1. “I have had some messages telling me that magic can’t be as simple as I am making it. Well to all the people who have sent me these messages, you are simply wrong.” LOL, yes! I get those messages, too. “It can’t be that simple.” Um, yeah, it can, and it is, so stop making excuses.”

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  2. Great article, once again. On the aspect of belief, I was taught, by “the Teachers” to “believe all things, believe in nothing.” Nothing to argue about, nothing to defend.

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  3. Throwing out the television was the best move toward the magic of life that I ever made. As I aged, I did away with all the material props used in magic. It is good to protect yourself in a circle but can be done with the mind. It is nice to smell fire, touch water, wiggle toes in the earth and become intoxicated with incense but not necessary, especially in emergency situations. I no longer use tarot cards to “read” tarot cards. All came with age. That’s my method, will not work for all. But I adore your post and agree completely!

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    1. Thank you. It is with age that we learn. Things like tarot were created to help us. Once we take that control for ourselves we no longer need the aids. It’s like using a map to get home, you already know the way. That is the beauty of magic, do what works for you. The number one resistance towards magic is turning off the television. Sadly people love their programming. Thanks for the wonderful comment.

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