Lilies, Roses and Water

I get a lot of resistance in this patriarchal world about my research on how the bloodline runs through the female, not the male. I’m about to show you that this knowledge goes all the way back to the beginning in ancient Egypt. The white lotus, which is the white water-lily, is all over ancient Egypt. It is white because it has to do with the white crown of Upper Egypt. The lotus and the papyrus reed (symbol of Lower Egypt) were intertwined in headdresses and art to represent the unification of the two lands.

Other colors of the lotus, like blue, were used as a symbol resurrection. The lotus goes underwater at night and in the morning it re-emerges and blooms again. The pink was inserted by Lower Egypt,from Persia, because they knew white(crown) and red(crown) made pink and it was a sign for unity of the crowns or mixing of the blood lines. The papyrus reed is what they made boats and baskets with and is why they put Moses in a basket and floated him down the river, to show he was Lower Egyptian. In the creation myth a lotus comes forth from the primordial waters of Nun from which the solar god comes forth. The Pharaoh was always the solar child (god) of the bloodline mother. There are lotuses on pillars throughout ancint Egypt. The pillars representing stability and without the bloodline of the female there is no stability.

Let’s go even deeper. I have shown that all royals are of the bloodline of Lilith or her daughters. It is where the name of the lily comes from. The Fleur-de-lis is the lily and is the emblem of French royalty. If you know my work, you know this French royal bloodline is from Mary Magdalen. Now you know the lily is the lotus, but where does the rose come from. There are no roses in Egypt. The word chabazzeleth, which became rose, actually means bulb. Bulb means a fleshy, leaved storage organ. The romantic rose and lily symbolism was born. The church tries to say that it represents beauty and purity, but in truth they represent the womb and bloodline of the females.

In the Song of Solomon, which is a series of erotic, esoteric love canticles between Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, it states that “she is the rose of Sharon and lily of the valley”. In earlier work I showed you the true identity of Queen of Sheba and King Solomon(see Queen of Sheba and Patriarch Pharaohs). Laurence Gardner says that Sharon refers to Shar On and means Shining Ones. Several researchers call the alien bloodline that I refer to in Lemurian Magic as the Shining Ones. Other researchers have said that rose of Sharon was mistranslated and actually refers to a field of lilies or budding bulbs. Following the lily and rose entry, the Queen of Sheba states “My beloved is mine, and I am his: he feedeth among the lilies”. To which King Solomon responds referring to his queen as ‘a fountain of gardens, a well of living waters’. The bloodline queens and princesses have always been related to lilies because they are the bulb or storage organs for the bloodline of Lilith. Now ‘feedeth among the lilies’ does not take to much of an imagination to interpret. What really interested me is how he is referring her to water and fountains.

If you think I’m way out there on this, consider the name flower. They refer to her as the flower because she is the flow-er(she who flows). The menstrual flow-er was the designated flower, represented by the lotus or lily. She was the bulb or storage organ of the essential essence, represented by the rose and lily. So now we have water and fountains referring to the bloodline. Anytime you see a fountain, lake, ocean and a goddess or other female along with it, you know the story has to do with blood lines. Even the mermaid has to do with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalen(see Mermaids). Water and flowers, mainly lily and rose, are occult symbols for the bloodlines of royalty that go all the way back to Lilith. The bloodline runs through the female.  In the ancient world a King or Pharaoh had to be born from a female of the bloodline and he had to marry a female from the bloodline, usually a sibling or other family member. The lotus or lily is in every religion and no one knows why, now you do.

The bloodline going through the female wasn’t the only thing that made this patriarchs jealous. They wanted the power of the feminine. Women have so much more intuition, awareness, perception and insight than men. The ancients held the Goddess to be the major source of spiritual power, a power held within her transcendental fluids. This fluid had many names like Rasa, moon dew, Kalas, ambrosia of immortality, and Amrita. If you haven’t figured it out, I am talking about Menstruum. Menstruum is full of the most valuable endocrine secretions, particularly those of the pineal and pituitary glands which heighten the qualities of intuition, awareness and perception. Yes the Kings and priest drank menstrual blood. The name of the cup they drank it from was called the Rosicrucis – the Dew cup or cup of the waters. If this doesn’t tell the women of world how powerful they really are, I don’t know what will. It says that this practice expired about the time of King Solomon. The word secret comes from these glandular secretions, so I think that it is still practiced today in certain circles.

One last thing I want to tell you about is the Fountain of Youth. The legends of this don’t pertain to an actual fountain, this was also a name for the divine nectar of sacred waters. I don’t think the men who drank the menstrual blood thought it was making them younger, though it could help them feel younger. I think it was referring to a new princess that could be used to renew the bloodline. The royals and leaders of this world are inbred to the point of the bloods going old and stale. Juan Ponce de Leon was looking for an Indian princess to bring back to renew the Royal Spanish bloodline. That was the fountain of youth he was looking for and why no one has found a physical fountain of youth to this day.  All the legends of the fountain of youth are about finding a princess to renew an inbred royal bloodline.

25 thoughts on “Lilies, Roses and Water”

  1. Your information always sets me thinking!
    Regarding the Rosicrucis, my mind goes to the Rosicrucians and there rosy cross, ii now feel as though they are a movement of menstrual blood drinkers steeped in worship of the female reproductive system.!! Pun intended and no pun intended at the same time!
    Is it possible that you can do a post regarding the Rosicrucians or are they uder the umbrella of masonry?

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    1. The Rosicrucians are definitely under the umbrella of masonry. I will see what I can do. They definitely are closest to the actual religions in Ancient Egypt. They know that the Sacred Feminine is it. They just do it out in the open a little more than most. I will see what I can find for you. Im glad my writings get you wheels turning. That is exactly why I put this stuff out there, to get people thinking. Thank you. 😊


  2. Thank you for writing this. It all makes sense now. In my astrological chart, I have the God finger pointing to Lilith, the first woman. The trials of my Spiritual life makes sense because of you. My defeats and victories in the Spiritual world make sense because of your words. ‘The World will be saved by the western woman.’ Dalai Lama.

    Alaha bless you!
    Shlama Alakoom.🌹🕊
    Peace be unto you.👆🏼

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