The lemniscate is the number eight (8) on its side (∞). Most see this as the infinity symbol. This symbol has something to do with the infinite, but not in the way that most people think. I’m always telling people they are infinite and need to realize their power, but this symbol has more to do with the communication with the infinite or your higher self. I have also seen where religions say this is the symbol of the devil and conspiracy buffs say it is an illuminati symbol. Time to illuminate.Mathematicians like Wallis, Booth, Bernoulli, and Gerono have all came up with equations to try to understand this symbol. Most think the lemniscate comes from these mathematicians who used the Latin word ‘lemniscatus’, which means ribbon, to describe the symbol. They are basically just measuring the curvature of energy and to them it looked like a ribbon. There is lots of confusion when it comes to this symbol. Most people think it has to do with infinity because the lemniscate is something that keeps going and doesn’t come to an end. So people go get an infinity tattoo for their endless love for each other and the endless love ends in about 6 months. I know some of you will tell me it has to do with being immeasurable and unexplored. Well it is definitely unexplored for most and as you will see it probably is immeasurable.

The lemniscate or infinity symbol comes from the number eight(8). Eight is a symbol of balance and eternity. To many ancient cultures and religions the number eight was very important. In ancient Egypt, eight was the number of cosmic order. To Pythagoras eight was a symbol of harmony. Indeed, this symbol has to do with your cosmic balance and harmony. What makes this symbol so special being on it’s side? A hint to the answer comes from Hinduism with the god Vishnu and his infinite serpent Ananta. Ananta in Sanskrit means ‘infinity’. This snake recoiled on itself can recall the shape of the infinity symbol and is a symbol for fertility, eternity and universal knowledge. If you are familiar with my work, you know that the serpent has to do with the feminine, wisdom, thoughts and the mind. Lets get on to the true meaning of this symbol.

The number eight (8) symbolizes you being in touch with your higher self. You get communication from your higher self and you may be able to communicate back, but you are never on the same plane as your higher self. You feel that the communication is separate from you. Few people in this world reach this point. Most of the people who reach this point think it is a bearded man, relative or something else outside of themselves communicating with them. This world is set up for you not to realize the power you have. This is what R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz has said about this:

“Man is perfect at his origin, a divine being who has degenerated into what we are”.

As long as you see these messages coming from something separate from you, the power will stall. You have to realize you are it. Just like you are beating your heart and making all your organs work at the exact time and exact way they need to, you are causing the sun to shine or the rain to fall. You are your higher self, you are the infinite. Once you realize this, the eight rolls on it’s side and becomes the lemniscate. The lemniscate represents not only you being in touch with your higher self , but being on same plane. You are not only able to get communication you give communication back. You learn from your higher self and your higher self learns from you.
You are greater by knowing your higher self and your higher self is greater by knowing you. Your higher self and you are equal. Your higher self contains all wisdom, intuition or knowingness. There is no division of ourselves and the universe. Let your intuition lead you. She is never wrong. Becoming doesn’t terminate, it is infinite.

Even fewer will reach this point of awareness. I believe this is what the pyramids all over the world symbolized. This is not a conspiracy power thing where few rule the many. No one rules you! You rule yourself! It is your climb to the top. Just remember there are many paths to the top, but at the top the view is the same. I showed in my Magic post there is no right way. That is the beauty of magic. Balance is the key, that is why it is on it’s side. This power that is the infinite or your higher self is a feminine power and that is why this inscription about Isis is on the Temple of Neith at Sais:

“I am all that ever has been, and is, and shall ever be, and my robe no mortal has yet uncovered”.

You may not be able to fully uncover Isis, but you can get a few peeks under her robe. Most people get scared at these peeks, but I call them the cosmic orgasm.

27 thoughts on “Lemniscate-Infinity”

  1. Okay, I found this especially interesting for a few reasons. Every since I was a child I’ve STRONGLY disliked the number 8. I know that’s weird but I have. I still don’t like it but I’m trying to make peace with it. Anyway, the number follows me EVERYWHERE. LOL (by the way I do like the infinity sign) I was born in the 8th month and my birth date is the 28th, so there’s another 8. Seriously, they are all love the place. Almost my entire family was born in August, including aunts and uncles and my dog. More 8’s. To me, the number stands for money, (because of numerology). My “lucky” number is seven and that’s the sign for intellect and learning and wisdom, in Feng Shui. Artistically, it’s a beautiful number and it was my grandmother’s favorite so I adopted it when I was little, because I adored her. I have lots of sevens in my house. Our family also loves the number 13…a lot.

    As for our higher selves…I’ve been regressing my daughter for years. Other people too, but not many, even if they ask. We’ve been all over the place. I can pick up on what she’s seeing, although she gets feelings and I get pictures. We have talked to so many “beings” and our “guides” (who are us) are always available. LOL We have had some wild experiences, that’s for sure. And we can talk to “them” (us) anytime we like. It got so normal that I could hypnotize her over the phone in about two minutes. I’ve done it for the grandchildren too, when they have problems that are making them crazy.

    There’s no doubt the same energy runs through me when I read Tarot cards for people. I just let go and the answers/meanings are there. People come up to me in restaurants and ask if I’ll read their cards (because I read them with my daughter when we’re out to lunch). We have shut down part of Olive Garden so I could read for the staff (they covered each other’s station so they could have a turn). It’s a lot of fun. As I said, we have had seen things and been places that are amazing. My granddaughter calls all the time and asks if she can come over so I can read the cards for her. She brings her boyfriend as well and I’ve read them for some of her friends. None of this is unusual for our family. It’s part of who we are. Feng Shui, Tarot cards, Regressions and PROgressions, by the way, are all part of life…as is Magick. But while I’m not as opposed to the number 8 as I used to be…I don’t know if we can ever be good friends. 🙂

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    1. You have a great gift my friend. The tarot comes from Egypt and was used to contact the higher self. People who could not contact asked for help from a person like you, a shaman or high priestess. Your gift is you can contact what I call the web. Not only can you speak and hear your higher self you can hear others. In my book you are the top of the pyramid. 😊 We all come from this same source as one yet still individuals. Gifted people can tap into this energy, exceptionally gifted can tap into all this energy. If there is someone higher on the pyramid, meaning the top, I have not met them yet. I feel honored just to know someone with your abilities. The only thing I can come up with to describe your ability is a Spirograph. Thank you. I always love your input.


      1. There’s a tapestry…the Akashic Records (I think that’s what it is) and you can see the threads being added. Some are gold, others silver and regular colors too, of course, but everyone’s life is on a thread that adds to the picture. Really cool. But there’s also a book that’s the same thing and the pages never stop adding words, so the story never stops being written. You can see the words showing up on the page. I think there are things like that all over, in different forms, so that when you want to look at it, you can see it the way you need to see it, because everything can morph into what you need at the moment. You can’t always get answers, which is incredibly FRUSTRATING, because sometimes you have to ask the right question, which is also frustrating. It’s truly amazing how fast you can solve a person’s life long problems with regressions (and yes, my daughter and I have checked out her future lives as well, the ones that were impacting on this one). They should regressions in prisons. The results would be amazing, if it’s done properly. The thing is you go right to the life where the problem started. You don’t waste time and if you can’t find it, you call a guide to take you to where you need to go and eventually you find the answer. Literally, the problem just disappears and even if a person wants to feel the feeling again (I’ve seen several people try), they CAN’T do it because it’s gone. The temperature changes as well and when we get it…the temp drops. People can remember the problem but they are free. It’s so cool. And I don’t read the cards as much as they tell me what to say. LOL The same card has a different story, depending on the person I’m reading for. I love it when they look so surprised that I’m telling them things no one else knows…the cards know. Tarot reading should be taught in school so people can solve their problems quickly and easily. The Knights refuse to work with me, at least most of the time. I can’t force them, so I ignore them unless they have something to say, which isn’t often at all. Sometimes I’ll look up the meaning of a card and it’s not at all what I told the person it meant but it was what the person needed to hear. It’s a strange thing. I’ve been reading them for so long and have favorite deck. I’ve read the cards of people where my daughter works…12 hours straight. Seriously. The next time I went they had a sign up sheet. LOLOL I really have seen a lot of wonderful things and when we get something that was really hard, there’s a celebration with whoever is on the other side. And most of the time after a regression I ask if there’s anything they want to tell us or if anyone we know on the other side wants to tell us and we’ve had dogs show up and relatives and guides who say, “there’s just never enough for you, is there?” And naturally the answer is always the same. “Never enough.” I think anyone can do this stuff if they just let go of everything and open themselves to what is. Well, I’ve taken up enough of your time. Just know that we have Tarot cards in our glove compartments in case of emergency. We really do:)

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      2. I love the Tarot! It would be nice if more people would learn how to use them. I use the Rider Waite. I think it is great that you are exposing people to this very ancient art. They could do it, but very few people trust their own mind. If they don’t trust their own mind, they definitely won’t trust their higher self. That was the original intent of the Tarot, the zodiac, numerology, and astrology, an aid to open the communication with the higher self. Keep exposing people to it, they have an ancient flame in their DNA that you are rekindling. Now whether they choose to fan that flame or extinguish it again is up to them.


  2. Nature also provides this figure 8 or infinity loop. Via the sun, an “analemma”

    In astronomy, an analemma is a diagram showing the position of the Sun in the sky, as seen from a fixed location on Earth at the same mean solar time, as that position varies over the course of a year. The diagram will resemble the figure 8.

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