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An angel, according to religions, is a spiritual being superior to humans in power and intelligence. Some angels are good and some are bad. They even battle each other and god has to step in to make peace between them. As you will see, there is nothing heavenly about these beings and they are described as superior to humans because the people they are supposed to represent think they are above us.


The word angel comes from the Greek ‘aggelos’ and Hebrew ‘amalek’ with both words meaning messenger or ambassador. In the Aramaic it is ‘malek’ and it means messenger or king. In these texts King’s ambassador is ‘adhon malek’ and god’s angel is ‘adhon malek’. So it is exactly the same. In ancient Egypt the Pharaoh was considered a representation of god on earth, much like the pope is today. If the Pharaoh sent someone out to give a message, they were angels(messengers). I showed in earlier works that the first wife in ancient Egypt was the high priestess. She was the divine messenger of the Pharaoh. She went all the way to the top of the Great Pyramid, which had a lit winding walkway all the way to the top, to receive and give messages. It is why christmas trees have winding lights all the way up and an angel on top. The christmas tree is a representation of the Great Pyramid.

In reality angels are nothing more than royalty, priests, ambassadors or a messenger of them. These were considered very important roles, so common person like you and I could not hold it. You had to be an inbred royal or priest to have the position. That is why the stories and legends of angels are full of them being superior to humans in every way. They really believe they are better than anyone of us. When people go out and buy these statues and pictures of angels, they are just paying homage to their masters. Good and bad angels come from the arguments of these blood lines. If the angel(messenger) agrees with them, they are good. If they don’t they are bad. It is where the term Satan comes from. All that Satan means is ‘opposer’. If you opposed the views of a royal or priest, you were a Satan. They made the term evil because they don’t like to be opposed.

So where did the image of the angel with swan wings, in a white gown and a halo come from? Well you have to know the truth about the biblical Jesus and his family. In His Royal Jesus I showed you they were a family from Palmyra, Syria. This family was Egyptian, Persian and Greek descent. Ralph Ellis went to Palmyra before the Muslims thugs got in there and destroyed everything. He showed that the tombs in Palmyra had the image of the Greek Goddess Nike standing on a globe of the earth. Nike is always portrayed in a white gown and has swan wings. The halo is an occult symbol in religion to show it is a solar cult. All halos in religious pictures are just the sun. See my Lucifer post to see how all religions are worshipping the sun. What about the baby cherubs? In the christian tradition, Cherubs became associated with the Italian putto and Cupid resulting in the misconception that Cherubs are winged plump babies. In truth the cherub comes from the Egyptian ‘ka-rub’ and means a Sphinx. The Cherubs in the garden of Eden were Sphinxes not angels.

8 thoughts on “Angels”

  1. Christianity particularly has done a great job at spreading disinformation about the past. People such as yourself are so desperately needed to day to set at least some of the record straight. I like the fact that you get to the point and do not bury us in details. Thanks again!

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  2. I like the theory about the Christmas tree! In the UK the ancient Druid priests used to divine the future at the winter solistice by sacrificing an animal ( some say human) and throwing the entrails onto an every green tree. Hence the decoration of trees at Christmas. Does kind of make you look at the Xmas baubles in a whole new light!

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    1. It would have been an animal, the Druids did not sacrifice humans. Not in the way we are told. I didn’t know about them throwing the entrails on evergreens. That is very interesting.


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