Tuatha De Danann

Most of what we know about the Tuatha De Danann is from a text called Lebor Gabala Erenn(The Book of the Taking of Ireland). Better known as The Book of Invasions. This book was written by christian monks and was put together as late as the 11th century. Here we go again with the 11th century. King Arthur legends and the Norse Eddas were all written in or around the 11th century. How foolish do the royals and religions think we are? The Tuatha De Danann were the first to Ireland and I’m about to show you why. Good thing these christian scribes didn’t really understand what they were actually writing or true history would be gone.

If you have read my previous work, you know I equate Lilith with the Tuatha De Danann. Tuatha De Danann means ‘People of the Goddess Danu’. Danu means ‘our seed’, so they are ‘the people of our seed’. In Lemurian Magic I showed how Lilith refused to go along with the second creation of the Homo Sapiens. She was kicked out of Atlantis, which was just west of Ireland. She met up with some of the first race that I call the Lemurians and I have no doubt that some of the aliens followed her out too. The aliens used her daughters to create the second race of Homo Sapiens, so it is still her seed that created the human race. The bloodline runs through the female, not the male. The Danann were a matriarch. This is what is said about the Tuatha De Danann arriving in Ireland….

It is God who suffered them, though He restrained them
they landed with horror, with lofty deed,
in their cloud of mighty combat of spectres,
upon a mountain of Conmaicne of Connacht.
Without distinction to descerning Ireland,
Without ships, a ruthless course
the truth was not known beneath the sky of stars,
whether they were of heaven or of earth.

They burned their ships so they could not retreat. They had to use their creativity to survive from this point on. This is why the texts say they arrived in a cloud of mist and smoke. When you are in a war, you do not burn your own ships in order to not retreat. They arrived to an empty piece of land. They burned them so they would figure out how to live in this area and didn’t want to return to Atlantis.

Who do these christian scribes say were the first inhabitants of Ireland? Well the scribes say that the Danann were the 4th race of people to actually come into Ireland, but the winner of war writes their version of history. The christian texts say the Cessair, Partholon, Nemed, and Fir Bolg came first. The Cessair, Partholon and the Nemed were all ancestors of Noah. How convenient is that? Noah was a Sumerian King. His bloodline went into Egypt and this is why they are trying to say his bloodline was the first into Ireland. I showed in Patriarch Pharaohs that Pharaoh Aye was Gaythelos and this is where the term Gaelic comes from. Aye was of the bloodline of Noah.

Which brings us to the Fir Bolg. The Fir Bolg were said to be descendants of the Nemed. Remember the Nemed are said to be part of Noah’s bloodline. They leave Ireland because they are attacked by the Fomorians. We shall meet the Fomorians again shortly. Some Nemeds went to Britain, some went to Greece to become slaves and some went to the north and supposedly became the Tuatha De Danann. Some researchers think the Fir Bolg and the Fomorians are one and the same because they never battle each other. They are simply wrong. This is where I know the lying has taken place in these texts. It says that the people who became slaves in Greece were there for 230 years. They fled Greece at the same time the Israelites fled Egypt. What a tangled web we weave. This group was kicked out of Greece for being psychopaths just like the Israelites were kicked out of Egypt. I knew as soon as these scribes said they were slaves they were hiding something. I showed in Patriarch Pharaohs that this Pharaoh Aye was kicked out of Greece and then went back to Egypt to try to take over for Akhenaton. Egypt kicked him out too. Aye(Gaythelos) took a daughter of Akhenaton named Scota and went to Spain and Ireland. This all happen at the same time the Israelites were kicked out of Egypt. The Fir Bolg never inhabited Ireland, not in the way it is told. Fir Bolg means bag men and researchers are all over the place about this name. They say it is because they carried bags or back packs. NO!!!! It is because they played the bagpipes. Ralph Ellis has shown that the bagpipes came from Egypt. Aye(Gaythelos) and his group took bagpipes with them on this exodus journey.

An earlier text was found called the Book of Druimm Snechta and it states that Banba, Fodla, Eriu were the first to come to Ireland. This trio was the land goddesses of the Tuatha De Danann. Eriu is where we get Eriland or Ireland. Researchers are trying to say that they tried to Christianize the three goddess and make them related to Noah with the Cessair people. These are flat-out lies that were written about the history of Ireland. There is no trying to christianize anything. Then again christianity is one big lie, so maybe they did try to christianize it. The Fir Bolg came into Ireland and started setting up shop. They actually went as far as naming it Scotland after their Queen Scota. It says that it took the Tuatha De Danann 37 years to confront the Fir Bolg. The Tuatha De Danann were actually willing to split Ireland in half with the Fir Bolg, but they were dealing with psychopaths. The Fir Bolg refused and the De Danann kicked their ass over to Scotland. The Scotichronicon says it was negotiated for them to go to Scotland. According to other texts they fled to Scotland. One even says that the Tuatha De Danann even offered them a quarter of Ireland. Most researchers think this is the last that was heard from the Fir Bolg, but it was only in name.

Now that you understand the Tuatha De Danann were the first in Ireland, lets introduce you to the Fomorians. This group was said to be a supernatural race of giants that come from the sea and underworld. The Tuatha De Danann were considered a supernatural race too. The relationship between these two races is complex because some of their members intermarry and have kids. So these two races were at war with each other, but let certain members interbreed. Does this not sound like what royalty has done throughout history? Fomorians means ‘great underworld one’ or ‘great underworld giants’. The Fomorians were the people of Atlantis. The battle between these two is part of the war of the gods(See Lemurian Magic). Atlantis sinking below the ocean is why they were considered from the underworld. This happened way before the Fir Bolg got to Ireland. That is why they never battled each other.

The final group that came into Ireland and conquered the Tuatha De Danann were called the Milesians. They were said to come from Hispania(Iberia), which is mostly modern-day Spain. In the Scotichronicon it says the Aye(Gaythelos) and Scota sailed up the Ebro river through Spain to get to Ireland. They conquered most of the areas and some of the crews settled there. Aye brought Phoenicians with him too. It is why there ships were so good. These Milesians were Greek, Phoenician, Minoan and Egyptian descent. They were the descendants of the Fir Bolg. I have no doubt they went to Greece, Egypt and Phoenicia and asked for back up. This is why Ireland has been fighting as much as the Middle East. You have descendants from Egypt and Atlantis fighting under the guise of religion and government. Do you think there would be all this fighting if they would just say “Hey we are the descendants of the true alien bloodline and we don’t agree with each other, so we need you to fight our family quarrels for us”? That is exactly what the fighting around the world is about, especially in the middle east and Ireland. I heard the saying “The Irish built the Pyramids in Egypt”. Now that is closer to the truth than they know.

The Tuatha De Danann War Queen Badb made a prophecy just before their fall. It was copied into the Norse Eddas and the Vedic Puranas, but this was the original…

Then she added a prophecy in which she foretold the approaching end of the divine age and the coming of a new one, in which summers would be flowerless, the cows milkless and women shameless and men strengthless, in which there would be tress without fruit and seas without fish, when old men would give false judgement and legislators would make unjust laws, when warriors would betray one another and men would be thieves and there would be no more virtue in the world.

I will let you decide if that sounds like this patriarch world. It is time to uncover all the lies. All the histories of every ancient culture have been tampered with by Judaic, Christian, Islamic, and Masonic scribes.  They have ripped out pages and added what they wanted.  That is just the religions, governments are just as guilty. Every last bit of our ancient history has been tampered with to bring it in line with an agenda. An agenda that does not want the human race to know its true origins. How can we advance as a race if we don’t even know where we came from?

32 thoughts on “Tuatha De Danann”

  1. I recently read a novel I think you might like: “Three Wells of the Sea,” by Terry Madden. I got it for free on Kindle Unlimited, since I use that to read if David goes to bed early. It’s not the very best novel I’ve read, but it has a lot of ideas and details I think you’d find interesting with this history. I think the author is a Druid. Lots of portals, references to the Otherworld races and a blending of them. Anyway, you might want to check it out if you want some mind candy. 🙂

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  2. “in which summers would be flowerless, the cows milkless and women shameless and men strengthless, in which there would be tress without fruit and seas without fish, when old men would give false judgement and legislators would make unjust laws, when warriors would betray one another and men would be thieves and there would be no more virtue in the world….

    so interesting that you blame the ‘patriarchy’ for that…you are believing the propaganda fed to you by the mainstream media who gave you your ‘ideas’…do you think blaming “the patriarchy” is something you came up with yourself? sadly, that very unoriginal idea, not only isn’t yours…it’s the heart of the very propaganda that has CREATED this messed up world. men without strength, women without shame, and virtueless people. A FUNCTIONING and HEALTHY patriarchy is the system that has created the most productive, flourishing and just system that the world has ever known. It’s been since the brainwashing of people en masse to think that a strong (loving) father is the problem (or doesn’t exist) that has brought on the destruction and dysfunction you see today. Women being masculine, men being effeminate…VIRTUE….ah, what virtue? I feel sorry for you because you sound a whole lot like my 25 year old self. Myself when I belittled people who believed in Jesus, people who would dare to affiliate with christians much less be one. But then…i hadn’t even read the bible yet. And I doubt you know very well what Jesus actually taught either…he taught selfless service, to care for the poor and the widows, to love your enemies, and not only do you NOT murder…but that to be ANGRY at a brother is murder already. I get it, Sadly, there aren’t many examples of what He taught around…to follow…but back to the media and social engineering influence…THAT TOO is by design. Considering I woke up to the truth…I do hope that the same happens to you…humility and calling out to God directly, is the first step, no 4 walled church is necessary. But you already knew that. 🙂 God Bless you 🙂


    1. You may have read the Bible but you don’t understand it. You may think you know who Jesus was, but again you are ignorant. Ignorance is bliss. Saying this is the most functioning, productive and flourishing system the world has ever known shows just how ignorant you are. I think the Palestinians, Iraqi people, Libyans, Native Americans, homeless people, victims of all the patriarch pedophilia, people living in slums, millions of animals that are slaughtered daily, etc. would disagree about how flourishing your world is.

      You should listen to your 25 year old self, they were much smarter than you are today. You keep giving money to that bearded man of yours and kissing that royal hand. Before you decide to show more of your ignorance do some research. I’m Satan himself. You won’t and can’t bring me down with Ignorance. 😉

      Don’t bless me. I’m already blessed to have woken up.


  3. As the great artist, Stevie Wonder once wrote: “When you believe in things; That you don’t understand; Then you suffer; Superstition ain’t the way.”

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    1. Stevie Wonder is a great artist. He is also very much awake. He never hid it either. He just came right out and said it like what you just showed. I have always respected and loved him for that.


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