The Bindi

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A Bindi is a bright red dot worn on the forehead by people who follow Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and some followers of New Age.  Lately it has become a fashion statement in Hollywood.  It is said to represent the third eye or the 6th chakra. This is not a symbol of a married woman, it has more to do with spiritualism and meditation. Where did this red dot come from?  The picture of Alexander the Great should give it away.  

I love the idea that people think this the third eye because it is showing that people are waking up to seeing their own power. But I am curious that if this is the third eye then why would it be on gods, goddess, buddha and several other deities? If these deities are all-knowing, why would they flaunt the center of their power? There are Persian coins that depict royalty with the bindi on their forehead. Why is royalty wearing this bindi if it is religious? You may say that these royals are just showing off their religious beliefs. I know better. Royals know religion is for control and if they are wearing something that looks like a religious symbol, it has an occult meaning.

I have even seen on the internet where people are saying this is the mark of the beast. It has something to do with King Solomon, but nothing like the garbage that is being spread by religious minds. All they want to do is show one religion is wrong and theirs is right. I got news for you, all religions are wrong. I showed you in Patriarch Pharaohs that the mark of the beast, 666, is actually Shesh, Shesh, Shesh in Egyptian. This was showing King Solomon’s true identity, Pharaoh Sheshonq. King Solomon’s descendants no longer lived in Egypt or Judea, they were Greco-Parthia. I showed in Lemurian Magic that Alexander the Great created Buddhism and Hinduism. I have no doubt that Alexander the Great was related to King Solomon. All royalty in the western world go back to Egypt. If you were to take the 666 to the Greek language, six six six becomes stigma stigma stigma. But a stigma was not simply a number it was a mark that was tattooed or branded into the body. These marks showed that you were property of a certain Greek or Persian King. Ralph Ellis shows that King Solomon put this mark on his coins, but the Greco-Parthia royals put it on their coins, slaves and soldiers. So when Alexander the Great went on his conquest into India and created Hinduism and Buddhism, he probably led everyone to believe it was the third eye. The truth being they were now property of Alexander the Great and with him dying before his return to Greece, the Cyclops was born. (See Cyclops)

Some of the Parthian royalty were not to fond of being portrayed with a dot on their forehead. If you look at some of their coins, it looks like they have what some historians were calling a wart(see Ralph Ellis’ work). So if you take the word shesh to Aramaic it means silk. They started wearing silk headbands or bandanas to show the same thing. Uncovering this seemed like the start of a bad joke. A buddhist, a new ager, a follower of hinduism, a biker and a gangster walk into a bar. What do they all have in common? Ralph Ellis shows in his work that the biblical family of Jesus, who were royalty, were either wearing the bindi or a silk diadema. Jesus even marked his army with the bindi.

We have figured out that this mark is showing a certain bloodline or property of a certain bloodline. But which bloodline is this symbol referring to? All of these religions are solar cults, meaning they are actually worshipping the sun. Ralph Ellis even says that the spot on the forehead is representing the Omphalos stone, which was considered a piece of the sun. In the descriptions of the third eye, people say that someone becomes like a Phoenix because they have change and are reborn. The Phoenix actually has to do with the sun leaving a zodiac sign and entering a new zodiac sign(see Phoenix). So the bindi and silk diadema are symbolizing the sun.

It was recently discovered that the third eye symbolism was used in Egypt. Researchers have figured out that this third eye symbol in Egypt symbolizes Aten or Aton. What they are wrong about is they think Aton symbolizes the inner sun and duality. Ra was the inner sun and Horus was the duality. Horus had one red eye and one blue eye or the sun and moon duality. It is where the saying “Once in a blue moon” comes from. Aton is pure masculine! It was the first god of Monotheism. If you have read my Patriarch Pharaohs post, you know that Akhenaton tried to shove this god down everyone’s throat. Aton is the god of the Hyksos Pharaohs of Lower Egypt. They Hyksos Pharaohs were the characters of the Old Testament. King Solomon was a Pharaoh of this bloodline, Alexander the Great was of this bloodline and so was the biblical Jesus. Wearing a bindi is just showing that you worship and are property of this bloodline.  That is why these so called gods and goddesses have the bindi. There are just another version of solar worship created by the people who gave you every other patriarchal religion.

Just like the symbol of Baphomet, this symbol has nothing to do with what people think it means. If you are royalty and you wear a bindi, it means you are part of the Hyksos Pharaoh bloodline. If you are not royalty, then you are saying that you are the property of this bloodline. Make no mistake about it, you and I are not royalty. All religions came out of Egypt. This is just another way for the people who really run this world to have a great laugh at our expense. It is time to start realizing your power. Get off your knees, stand face to face with your higher self and realize who you really are! You are a Goddess or a God and nothing less.



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