Magic Carpet

The magic carpet or flying carpet is mainly a Persian myth. It is a legendary carpet capable of flight and it transported passengers instantaneously or quickly to their destination. What is this carpet? Can it really fly and is it really magical? When I found out the truth of this myth, I found it to be very magical.

The legends of the Magic Carpet are always of a carpet flying people to places very quickly. The show Ancient Aliens mentioned the magic carpet in an episode about alien technology. They said it was a type of ancient alien technology that they could fly around on. As much as I love this show, they are way off. I have no doubt that the ancient aliens could fly, but they myths about the flying carpet are late in the game. They even talk about King Solomon giving one to Queen of Sheba and Solomon using one himself. Solomon was about 900 BCE. The advance civilizations were about 11,000 BCE and earlier. King Solomon and Queen of Sheba were not flying around on carpets, but they were using something just as magical.

In the book One Thousand and One Nights, which are myths and folk tales that began in the about the sixth century, says this about the flying carpet:

“Whoever sitteth on this carpet and willeth in thought to be taken up and set down upon other site will, in the twinkling of an eye, be borne thither, be that place nearhand or distant many a day’s journey and difficult to reach”.

So we are talking about using our mind here and it will take a person anywhere near or far, in the twinkling of an eye. In some myths I have seen it take people to the future or the distant past. Most of the myths come from India or Persia, but not all because even Mark Twain got in on the action. What are these witty scribes trying to describe here?

I can hear the reader now β€œJust tell us what it is”! To do that I have to tell you how it became the flying carpet. If you know my work, you know all  civilizations came from Egypt. In Egypt you have Ra the flying sun disk. Ralph Ellis has shown that with changing religions the flying sun disk became the flying scroll. If you look at the scroll from the side and put wings on it, it still looks like flying sun disk. The Persian scribes took it a step further and said if you unravel that scroll it looks like a flying carpet and the magic carpet was born. The magic carpet is Ra, the flying sun disk of Egypt, but that is not the best part. What is a scroll? It is an ancient book. All of the myths of the magic carpet are telling the reader to read a book. Does a book take you to far off places or near places in an instant? Can it take into the past or future? Does it force you to use your mind and imagination? This is why I always tell my readers to turn off the television, pick up a book and read. Books are magic! Even the ancient scribes knew this and the most witty ones made the scroll(book) as magical as they could.

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  1. We are so conditioned to take things linearly, and to accept “superior” knowledge coming from “dead smart guys” and academia or the priesthood. The vast majority of such “knowledge is charlatanism, and those spewing it forth do two things: keep their fingers cross no one will clue in, or if they have made it into the elitist level, ensure that challengers are silenced by whatever means. Once free of this oneupmanship bullshit; free of religious programming; basically free of anyone else’s “I know best” interpretations, myths become simply mind expanding tools. All interpretations of any myth are correct in themselves. I don’t have a problem with magic carpets having actually existed, though I find them a bit unsafe, iffy. πŸ™‚ Ra could be the flying sun disk of Egypt. But I know him as a living divinity, a paternal figure who has been instrumental in guiding me into precognitive dreams, adding substance and meaning to my personally chosen life purpose; answering some “why?” questions about my own place in this part of the cosmos… an entity who (blushing here, but a true statement) said to me, “Listen to me and remember me. I am Ra. I have been/will be your father and your lover. Now I show you what you have chosen in your future so that when it happens you will remember that you made that choice; that I supported you in it but made no promises.” Then I had a recurring dream… too long to post here. As for interpretation, it’s like God. Billions of people sincerely believe in God, and believe that their God is the only God. The funny part is, each individual has a personal interpretation of that particular myth so that in the end, there are as many “one God” as there are believers! Ask the Christians why they have so many denominations and why some of them even fear and hate other Christian believers, or would cast them to hell, and they’ll say that those others don’t worship properly, that they are blasphemers… and vice-versa. What matters is what one does with one’s interpretation. My interpretation of a particular myth is the correct one, always, but only to me. Humility explains how that works and how it leads to peace.

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    1. Sounds like your Ra is the sacred masculine which is what the Egyptians intended him to be. The sun disk is the symbol of Ra in Egypt. He was one divinity but I have no doubt he was an original astronaut. Individual interpretations and being ones truth is not mind expanding. Jesus is truth for so many,it is their individual truth. Nothing about him or any other patriarchal god is mind expanding, but the truth about him is very mind expanding. I am pulling these interpretations out of ancient texts. The truth of these has expanded my mind and thats why I share them with people who really want to know. 😊

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