I remember watching Avatar in 2009 and thinking this is a cool movie. My brother died shortly after this movie and that led to my enlightenment and rebirth. Watching it again recently and knowing what I know now made this movie great. Cameron was genius in making the natives of Pandora huge and us the aliens small. The aliens that created us were huge, that is what Cameron is hinting at here. All he did was switch roles. Notice that we are the war species in this movie because that’s what we are, a war mongering race.

Cameron is in on the secrets. I can tell from this movie. Making the Na’vi huge and mixing our DNA with theirs, screams that he knows the history of earth(see Lemurian Magic). I think he made them blue because of the Hindu Gods being blue, but as I show in Lemurian Magic it is because of colloidal silver that the myths make the Hindu Gods blue. They had to take colloidal silver for radiation poisoning after the war of the gods. He made the Na’vi like the American Indian because the way we treated them was very similar. The christians were sent to America first because the people who rule this world knew that they could get the christians to exterminate the American Indian by just saying they didn’t believe in Jesus. Just like they are doing with Muslims today!!!!! They will stop at nothing to pass their agenda.  Governments will use religions to get what they want.  They know the mind controlled fools will stop at nothing for their beliefs.

To explore Pandora the humans have to use avatars to explore because Pandora’s atmosphere is poisonous to humans. An avatar is made by mixing human DNA with the Na’vi. While out exploring Jake has to protect the scientist, Grace and Dr. Norm, while they are collecting biological data. They are attacked by a Thanator and Jake lures it away while fleeing into the forest. He is rescued by Neytiri, a female royal Navi. After she saves him she repeatedly tells him he is “like a baby”. His heart is good, but he is like a baby. This is showing what I have said from the beginning, we are infants as a race. We are babies. That is why we believe everything the government tells us or we have to have some bearded man take care of us.  It is time to grow up, be an individual.   Neytiri sees a sign and decides to take Jake to her King and Queen mother who decide that Netiri will teach Jake the way of the Na’vi.

At first Jake decides that he will spy on the Na’vi for Colonel Miles because the colonel promises to get Jake’s legs back for him. Jake is in a wheelchair because he had been paralyzed while fighting in the Marines. Over the next three months Jake begins to sympathize with the Na’vi. Neytiri shows Jake how everything is connected and they live in harmony with nature. They call nature Eywa and she is the mother goddess. As I have said many times before, this cosmic force is feminine. That’s why the major religions are patriarchs, they don’t want the masses to figure this out. Neytiri even tells Jake later that “Our Great Mother does not take sides. She protects only the balance of life”. There is no right or wrong, this force only wants to create life(see Holy Grail). Jake finds out that they want to destroy the giant tree called Hometree, which is the Na’vi home, because it is on top of a huge deposit of unobtanium. Unobtanium is a precious metal worth billions. I showed in Lemurian Magic that the aliens came to earth for gold. When they got tired of mining it themselves, they created a slave race. This slave race is the human race.

As Jake advances in his training, Neytiri decides it is time for Jake to get a Ikran or Mountain Banshee. Jake training in the forest is symbolizing him going through the underworld. Him being able to tame and ride a Ikran is symbolizing him getting his thoughts or mind under control. Once Jake is initiated into the tribe, he and Neytiri choose each other as mates. This is the sacred feminine merging with the sacred masculine. Soon after this happens Jake reveals his change of allegiance when he tries to stop a bulldozer. This makes the Administrator order the Colonel to destroy Hometree. Grace and the scientists argue that destroying Hometree would damage the biological neural network, the network that the trees use to talk to each other. Just like every corporate pig, the Administrator doesn’t care about nature. But he gives Jake and Grace one hour to convince the Na’vi to leave before he attacks.

While trying to warn the Na’vi , Jake confesses to starting out as a spy and the Na’vi take him and Grace captive. Seeing this the Colonel orders his army to destroy Hometree, killing Neytiri’s father and many of the Na’vi. This is symbolizing the chaos needed to begin enlightenment. About this time Jake and Grace are detached from their avatars and imprisoned. A pilot named Trudy is disgusted by all the brutality and helps Jake and Grace escape to an outpost deep in the forest. During the escape Grace gets shot.

Jake decides to get the trust of the Na’vi back by taming a dragon named Toruk and connecting his mind to the dragon. This is symbolizing Jake’s enlightenment. Dragons symbolize a truly enlightened person(see Dragon). Jake finds the Na’vi at the tree of souls and pleads with Mo’at, Neytiri’s mother, to heal Grace. They attempt to move Grace’s soul from her human body to the avatar body, but she dies before the process is complete. Jake rallies the Na’vi to fight the humans and a long and entertaining battle ensues. The Na’vi are victorious and all the humans except a select few are kicked off Pandora and sent back to Earth. A ceremony is performed to take Jake’s soul out of is human body and put into his avatar. The movie ends as Jake is reborn.  Perfect analogy of enlightenment.


If they ever create an Avatar 2, it will be interesting to see just how royal the family of Jake and Neytiri become. I find it interesting that Neytiri, already a princess, is the one that mates with the alien-human- Na’vi hybrid. If you know my work, you know that the royals of this world are of the alien bloodline. Movies like this show that the creators of these stories know the true history of this world. They have either read the ancient texts, were educated in it through Mystery Schools or they are in touch with, as this movie calls her Eywa, the force that stores all information. Some people can tap into this force, but sometimes I wish they would just reveal the secrets instead of trying to make money off them. Then I remember how the masses react to me and my work and realize that this world is getting exactly what it wants. An ignorant population that will kill in the name of lies and see truth as entertainment. Hopefully it won’t come down to, like this movie portrays, us killing Mother Earth and having to go find some other planet to destroy.

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    If you dig far enough back in any group’s history, you will find wars and conquest of one people over another. Of course, the victors write the history, but there are always those that have been Guardians to the whole truth. In my humble opinion, the actions today are the same as when the first human bashed another in the head with a rock and took his stuff. Only the weapons, and the ways we communicate those actions have changed. A few have awakened and are trying to make true changes, but mostly it’s just talking heads.

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    1. Thank you. You are absolutely right. We are species that loves war. It’s like it comes naturally, like it was put in our DNA. I think it all stems from greed. For the most part it is just talking heads.

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  2. A good interpretation of the story/movie. Quote: “I remember how the masses react to me and my work and realize that this world is getting exactly what it wants. An ignorant population that will kill in the name of lies and see truth as entertainment.” That’s where the Earthians are at. Unlike Pandora, Earth no longer has its ‘indigenous’ connected species – the war of the Clones has been won by the Clones of the Anunnaki. Everywhere now, the Clones are eating, destroying, their living base, and they don’t care… because they are incapable of caring (barring the exceptions who are throwbacks, or recidivists to the pre-Anunnaki planetary life) and their programming based on selfishness and greed (the mind whips implanted in the Clones) continues to push them to destroy both, themselves and their world. These programmed Clones are irredeemable. They must be allowed to destroy themselves completely. The survivors, if current civilization is permitted to wipe itself out entirely, will be the recidivists. They will reconnect to the planet, the web of life, under matriarchal guidance. Even the little children of the clones aren’t innocents: they carry the implanted poison of destruction within themselves, and few there be to wake up in time and make the effort to cancel the effects of the implant. By the way, that implant, or overriding control mechanism which drives the Clones is called the soul. Further to taking the first baby steps to understand all of this, both the religious and the scientific explanations for the beginning of “man” are lies. There is no such thing as a naturally evolved Earthians, or for that matter any remnant, on earth, of any naturally evolved sentient life, probably not even plant life. The “wars of the gods” wiped out all indigenous life on this world. These wars took place over millions of years, lulling, then starting again. The last, and less brutal ones took place only a few thousands of years ago. Nuked areas can still be found where these lesser “skirmishes” occurred. These are my observations.

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    1. Thanks. It would be nice, but this world is all about money. Maybe as more people see the truth they will see whats going on in these movies instead of seeing it as entertainment. I will at least take that.

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    1. First time I watched it, I was just waking up. It took me watching it again after getting deep into my research to really see what was going on. Knowing the history of our world and Tiamat, makes the movie even more emotional for me.


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