The Unicorn

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The unicorn is a mythological creature that has some very smart people searching for an animal in our past that could have evolved into this horse with a horn. Just like the dragon they are looking for something that is not there. I even saw where they tried to say that an extinct species of the rhinoceros was mistaken for a horse and it became the unicorn because of it’s one horn. The ancients were way smarter than we are, so they would have never mistaken a rhinoceros for a horse. Truth is our patriarch world does not want to admit what the unicorn actually symbolizes and religions definitely don’t want you to know what I uncovered investigating this mythical creature.

The horse with a horn symbol has made its way into modern-day even though some people who knew what was going on tried to make it a goat with one horn. Goat is where we get the word god and it was in the time of Aries that they invented the one and only god. I guess not to many people saw a goat as pure and innocent, so the truth of a horse with a horn prevailed. Pan was depicted as the goat god because he was a god from the time of Aries.

Most people see the unicorn as a symbol of innocence, purity and childhood. It has been said to be the most magical animal of all and can shift between the visible world and invisible world at will.  My favorite guess as to what the unicorn symbolizes is that it symbolizes Jesus Christ. What?! This is plain and simple nonsense.  The true symbolism of the unicorn is an illuminated person or some one who is enlightened. Why would this symbolize an enlightened person? The horse has always symbolized the goddess or the sacred feminine and the horn, for obvious reasons, symbolizes the sacred masculine. The unicorn is actually showing you how important the sacred feminine is. Is the horse not way bigger than the horn? Just like I have always said, the sacred feminine is the key to illumination(See Holy Grail or Goddess Maat).

The main myth that comes down to us about the unicorn has to do with a virgin. A group of hunters figured out the unicorn was a great lover of purity and innocence, so they took to the field with a young virgin who was placed in an unsuspecting way out in a field. When the unicorn spied her, he approached her with all reverence, crouched beside her, laid his head on her lap, and fell asleep. The treacherous virgin gave the signal and the hunters captured the unicorn. What is going on here? Even Da Vinci had a painting with a virgin and a unicorn. He goes on to state in one of his notebooks:

“The unicorn, through its intemperance and not knowing how to control itself, for the love of fair maidens forgets its ferocity and wildness; and laying aside all fear it will go up to a seated damsel and go to sleep in her lap, and thus hunters take it”.

Da Vinci was “in the know”. He knew the unicorn was a symbol of an illuminated person, so what was he trying to show here. The answer to this has to do with other Renaissance sculptures and paintings of a unicorn in the Virgin Mary’s lap. Why would these painters put the unicorn in, not just any virgin, but the Virgin Mary’s lap? Didn’t the virgin in the myth get the unicorn captured or killed? To answer this you have to know the true story of the biblical Jesus. You are about to find out just how witty the bible scribes were.

In my post His Royal Jesus, I showed you the real name of the biblical Jesus was Manu. Ralph Ellis had shown that the code they give in the bible is the name Immanuel, Im-Manu-el. It means “God is with Manu”. Ralph also showed that the mother Mary’s real name was Queen Helena, but since she was of Egyptian descent she had several names. One of the main names of Mary was Queen Shalmath. In the bible the word for virgin is ‘almah’. They used this word to show Mary’s true identity. Just like Im-manu-el has Manu in it, Sh-alma(h)-th has almah in it. This is called pesher and these religious texts are full of it. The artists of the Virgin Mary and the unicorn pieces knew exactly what they were doing. Da Vinci knew exactly what the virgin in the myth was pointing to and was saying that if you are a unicorn(illuminated), you would have to be drunk to get caught up in the lies and let the patriarchs(hunters) capture or kill your mind.

So not only is the unicorn trying to show you that the sacred feminine is important, but the myth is trying to show you the lies of religion. Anytime you see a unicorn in a religious art piece, you will know it has to do with the true identity of Mary. Uncovering this gives me a new love for the unicorn.

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