What is Enlightenment?



I’ve been asked What is Enlightenment? All the so-called gurus give little bits and pieces to keep the people coming back. Most of them make it into a spiritual thing, which is okay, as long as you realize nothing is outside of you. Enlightenment can be very spiritual, but it is an individual experience that must be your own. The ancient sages always put wisdom or knowledge and enlightenment together. You must bring out the fire-breathing dragon. If you don’t have the fire(intellect), you are just a baby dragon who will be led by their chains to do other people’s bidding.

Knowledge should be sought to energize life. Ancient history is very important. Exploring history is exploring the depths within yourself. The strength of a tree begins in the roots. You are a very complex being. The statues in Hinduism that show the deity with many arms is symbolizing that you are many persons within one. The deities are yourself. Most individuals fear the complex depth within. They remain on the superficial and surface layers of the psyche. This is why I always ask “Are you ready to meet yourself”? Very few will descend the depth of their mind. Those that do successfully will create wholeness. The modern individual has lost touch with the subconscious. Getting in touch with your subconscious is literally magic(See Magic).

The past of every culture and way of life flows in to us today. Just observing ourselves is not enough. The past flows on within us. We as a whole do not know history, so it keeps repeating itself. We have lost faith in history and have fallen into a restless, constant search for novelty after novelty. Just like our bodies have relics of early developmental stages, our minds have depths that reach back into the stages of our creation. If you are familiar with my work, you know that an alien race created the human race(see Lemurian Magic). They mixed their DNA with the hominid species that was already here. So our minds and bodies have both the alien and hominid stages built right into them. If you have ever tried to trace your family lineage, you know just how hard it can be to trace your lineage. Do you realize how complex it makes it by throwing in two separate species? Two whole new paths to trace your DNA.  On the alien side you may have to go back billions of years. That is how long this alien species had been around. This is why the ancients said we are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of personalities in one being. This is how complex you really are. This world herds us into thinking the same. They know what our minds are capable of and they shackle our minds.

Throughout history ancient philosophers have put people into two categories: the individual or higher human and the herd. Philosophers saw the individual as the most important thing a human can do for enlightenment. They are not talking about the individualism that is spoon fed to the masses. They were talking about real creative, stand alone genius. This is why they refer to them as higher humans. They have goals,are okay with being different, are good with solitude and can live independently. When I say independently, I don’t mean going out and living in the middle of nowhere or the fear based Preppers. I mean they have the freedom to live life to its fullest potential as they desire. When I say solitude, I mean they can be alone with themselves. When they are alone they actually do their greatest work or creating. Then there are the rest or the herd. Philosophers even see the people the herd look up to like sports stars, actors or business leaders as still being in the herd. The only power a herd person has is to band into groups. They saw true individuals as someone who does not want to pluck the fruit from the tree they plant in their own lifetime. No the true higher person will plant their tree of ideas for the fruit to be plucked long after they are gone.

Our morality turns us into a herd animal or someone eager to please and is mediocre. Our morality is anti-natural. People just blindly adopt the judgements of their society. You must understand that when it comes to the universal force there is no wrong or right. Is it wrong for the cheetah to kill the antelope to feed her cubs? Duality is built right into nature. Except it as a whole. The herd wages war on all that is strange, what they see as privileged, the higher human, the abundance of creative power and masterfulness. Herd morality, whether it is religion, political or any other idealism, gives people an escape from themselves. Comfort and contentment are their supreme values. They become judgmental of strangers and lose their love for mankind as a whole. Ideas and Ideals of the herd should rule the herd, but not reach beyond it. The enlightened person says yes to life and accepts life as a whole.

The saying “What does not kill me makes me stronger” has so much truth in it. When people figure out that suffering is a part of this life, they either become a Nihilist or they want to escape it and they make up things like other worlds such as heaven. In other words, they either say life sucks, has no purpose and ends in death or they make up a perfect world, utopia or heaven to work towards. This is why so many people hate when I say that you have to flow with life. I am not referring to flowing by accepting someones elses or some gods decisions, or that you have a predestined fate you have to follow. I am referring to the flowing of your own life. I am of the ancient school that reality, the cosmic energies or nature is alive. Dualism is built right in to our reality. What we consider destruction and chaos is built right into our reality. Which means pain and suffering is something that is natural. It creates life, just look at the birth of a child. Negative and destruction are good, but it requires strength. The Dionysus cult called it ‘Divine Madness’ because it refreshes and replenishes, it keeps you from stagnation. The ancients believed that growing stronger through tragedy is the highest state someone could attain. Knowing this gives you the strength of the cosmic river behind you, but you have a rudder to steer with the current. It is when you go against the current, like the human race does on a whole, you have problems. Flow with nature. Just by seeing the beauty in nature you become enlightened.

The force that is everywhere is constantly trying to create life and express itself. The ancient philosophers called this force the Will. Science is finding out that in every extreme environment there is life. This Will or force will create life everywhere and anywhere within the confines of that environment. You are an expression of this cosmic force or the Will. Develop a creative attitude. Creativity is unique to humans. Creativity is any activity done without rules. Anything original. Self doubt is normal and anxiety is a response to ones own freedom. Create yourself, be goal oriented. Become an individual. Don’t be a willing slave and quit looking for approval. Have a passionate life filled with pride, fulfillment and true self-esteem. This all comes natural when you are on your path. What is your path? What do you love to do? If there was no such thing as money, what would you do? Do that!!!!! Forget being what someone else wants you to be. Don’t let someone who has given up on their dreams make you give up your dream. When bad things happen or you fail, see it as good. When things are stable there is no room for creativity. In the Tuatha De Danann myth it talks about them coming to Ireland in a magic smoke or fog. What really happened here is they burned their ships, not for some magical side-show. They burned them because it made them realize they couldn’t leave and creativity would kick in. Once they burned the ships it was all or nothing. It was their way of bringing out the creative energy with in themselves . That is how powerful creativity is. The Greeks used this same strategy when trying to conquer a new land or mix in with the native people. Creativity brings growth and greatness. Imagination is the key to creation.

Nothing is outside of you. You are not the drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in the drop. You are making the sun shine in the same way you are making your heart beat without thinking bout it. When I say become like a child, I don’t mean live worry free or without responsibilities. I mean live with curiosity and wonderment. Children are curios about everything and they have an endless wonderment. Their imagination has no limitations. Kids just do things or say things until society or parents tell them they are wrong. I’m not telling you to be immature, though all the kids I know are way more mature than most adults I know. What do you expect from a society that puts mature labels on shows and fills it with immature content? Think about that for a minute. We put a restricted or mature label on things then fill it with immature content. It is no wonder this world can’t grow up.  We are expressions of the Universe. Use your 5 senses for everything. Wonder, awe, gratitude…..All the doors of mystery are open.

Now that I have given you ways to become enlightened. I will give you some signs that you are not there yet.

1. Jealousy and not believing in yourself. If you are jealous of someone it is because you believe you can’t accomplish what they have accomplished. Believe in yourself, get out of your comfort zone to reach your potential. Your comfort zone is your self-made prison.
2. You are easily effected by other people. Don’t let other people’s opinions bring you down. People who try to bring you down are not living their passion. They are trying to pull you back down to their level. They don’t want to be left behind.
3. Hopelessness and depression creep in. This can actually be a good thing. It means you know something is wrong. Fix it.
4. You spend time focusing on others. This could be rumors or hero-worship. Quit wasting your energy on other people who have nothing to do with you.
5. You make excuses for why you can’t do something. Get rid of the word ‘can’t’. Listen to your heart. Live free and create. The herd are slaves to institutions, money, media, religion or their own mind. Most people are slaves to their own mind, reprogram it with the information I am giving you.
6. You have a belief system outside of yourself. You are a God or Goddess you might as well start acting like it. Your religion should be your mind and your body should be your temple.
7. You don’t love yourself. Loving yourself is as important as eating or drinking water. How you feel about yourself impacts your world.
There is something special about our minds that we are being kept from discovering. As I showed you in Lemurian Magic, the Devas wanted to annihilate the aliens that created us. The universal rule is to ‘Live and let live’. Do not mess with another life form. They could have ended the new Homo Sapiens just as they had started, but chose not to. I believe it was because of our minds. Just as I said we are expressions of this force that wants to create life, our minds are very rare in that we can imagine and create with them. Not only can we create life we can CREATE! I also believe our minds can make this force bend to our own personal will(see Magic). The ancients did it and so can we. Everything in this world is to keep you from figuring out your power. What kind of world would this be if everyone realized their true individual power? The Tibetan Monks think they are creating those Sand Mandalas as a form of meditation. Though I am sure it is a great project to use as meditation, the true symbolism of this is that every individual piece can come together and create something magnificent. They ritually destruct it for the reasons I have just showed you in this post. If you love the whole of life you can keep creating magnificent master pieces. That is Enlightenment.

20 thoughts on “What is Enlightenment?”

  1. It is a GREAT POST! I agree with everything you wrote. We have been taught to judge others, to look for approval, to look outside of us. We need to remember to look inside us, to respect and love ourselves and everybody. We need to LOVE. Thank you!

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  2. “Hopelessness and depression creep in. This can actually be a good thing. It means you know something is wrong. Fix it.”
    You´re absolutely right, there is a reason to feel bad and there every one have to go through. Some just say: “think positive…” but thats not the solution, the truth is the way to go out. Thanks for your true and wise lines!

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  3. Great post and how timely it is for me. For some time I have been questioning the validity of everything I have been taught and what I believe. Upon closer inspection most of my beliefs have crumbled to dust – turns out they were never mine to begin with. Yesterday during meditation I had a radical insight about suffering that I’d like to share with you.
    Suffering was optional. Original humans justified suffering by giving their personal suffering meaning and purpose. They gave it life by glorifying it with stories of martyrdom, gallantry and heroism. History books immortalised those who suffered and called them noble. Suffering is like a virus that uses our stories to self replicate from generation to generation. Suffering was romanticised, embraced and nurtured by our desire to give everything meaning and purpose.
    I was surprised by this insight because it is so radically different to the accepted view. I do not claim it to be the truth but I do find it tantalising and intriguing. I’m throwing it out there as food for thought and I’m curious to see how others respond to this idea – which is a bit cheeky because I’m not even sure yet of my own response! 😊

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    1. You are right, we seem to be addicted to suffering. We are so addicted to suffering that they make up stories in our history of how much they suffered. Everyone loves being poor little me. I have known for a while that religion loves to keep people in suffering and science tries to keep people from suffering. I say just flow and live your life. Take the good with the bad. Everything waxes and wanes. Thanks for sharing. You are definitely on to something.

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    1. Thanks. When I ‘woke up’ it was so hard to find the truth. Lots of conspiracy theories but vey little truth. For those who are truly waking up, I want them to know they are not alone. There are few people left in this world with knowledge.

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      1. For sure. I think the mistake those of us who are truly awake are doing is that we fail to keep the conversations about Nirvana going on to spread the cure to many.

        We are living at a time when there is too much spiritual hunger and the conspiracy theories are just too much, we gotta do something.

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  4. Probably the most significant post of yours I’ve read to date. Very well thought out and packed full of ‘anti-herd’ advice and if properly comprehended will quicken one’s journey down their Path to enlightenment. “Our morality is anti-natural. You must understand that when it comes to the universal force there is no wrong or right.” Wow, explains a lot. What a thought to contemplate!

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