I remember watching Avatar in 2009 and thinking this is a cool movie. My brother died shortly after this movie and that led to my enlightenment and rebirth. Watching it again recently and knowing what I know now made this movie great. Cameron was genius in making the natives of Pandora huge and us the aliens small. The aliens that created us were huge, that is what Cameron is hinting at here. All he did was switch roles. Notice that we are the war species in this movie because that’s what we are, a war mongering race. Continue reading “Avatar”


The Gnome character in myths is a diminutive being that are usually old men who dwell underground and guard treasure. Most people think that the Gnome was introduced by Paracelsus in the 16th century. He may have invented the character, but like all scribes of the Renaissance he was being creative. Most researcher think Paracelsus used gnome from the latin ‘genomos’ meaning earth dweller. It has even been said that he invented the word. Paracelsus was well-connected, he used the word because it was so close to several words that describe the Gnome. Continue reading “Gnomes”

The Unicorn

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The unicorn is a mythological creature that has some very smart people searching for an animal in our past that could have evolved into this horse with a horn. Just like the dragon they are looking for something that is not there. I even saw where they tried to say that an extinct species of the rhinoceros was mistaken for a horse and it became the unicorn because of it’s one horn. The ancients were way smarter than we are, so they would have never mistaken a rhinoceros for a horse. Truth is our patriarch world does not want to admit what the unicorn actually symbolizes and religions definitely don’t want you to know what I uncovered investigating this mythical creature. Continue reading “The Unicorn”

What is Enlightenment?



I’ve been asked What is Enlightenment? All the so-called gurus give little bits and pieces to keep the people coming back. Most of them make it into a spiritual thing, which is okay, as long as you realize nothing is outside of you. Enlightenment can be very spiritual, but it is an individual experience that must be your own. The ancient sages always put wisdom or knowledge and enlightenment together. You must bring out the fire-breathing dragon. If you don’t have the fire(intellect), you are just a baby dragon who will be led by their chains to do other people’s bidding. Continue reading “What is Enlightenment?”

Tower of Babel

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To most researchers the Tower of Babel is used to explain how we as humans have so many languages. The demon like god of the patriarch religions did not like the human race trying to reach the heavens, so he got mad, threw a temper tantrum and made everyone speak in different languages. This way we could not understand each other and work together to accomplish amazing feats.  This god wanted us to not understand each other and fight for the rest of eternity. How does anyone believe this stuff? Now that we have the childish version out-of-the-way, let’s get on with the truth. Continue reading “Tower of Babel”

Pied Piper

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The Pied Piper of Hamelin is an example of just how brilliant the scribes were in preserving history. With Goethe and the Brothers Grimm involved, this myth holds some very astounding secrets. This myth is true, but it didn’t happen in the way that researchers think. It’s time to reveal the secrets of this myth that have been hiding for over 700 years. Continue reading “Pied Piper”