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I can’t even begin to explain how bad the nonsense is on the internet about Baphomet. Baphomet is a symbol or deity that the Knights Templar were supposedly worshipping.
Those who are familiar with my work, know I’m going to bring this symbol back down to earth and reveal the truth. To those who are coming to my work for the first time, I ask ”What if you are wrong about Baphomet being Satan”? After you have thought about that, press the continue reading button and we will get on with the truth.

Baphomet comes from the Greek ‘baphe metous’ and it means baptism in wisdom. With all the ridiculous nonsense about Baphomet going around, I can say we have not had a baptism in wisdom. The most ridiculous one I have seen is that Baphomet is a corruption of the name Mohammed. This is coming from modern scholars! Dan Brown came the closest in his novel, The Da Vinci Code, where he said the pentagram was a symbol of the sacred feminine. He is correct because the pentacle and pentagram are the 5 sided star that represent Venus. But Dan Brown knew exactly what he was doing when he named the girl Sophia. Sophia means wisdom. Why am I bringing the pentagram into this post of Baphomet? The goat head is the upside down pentacle.

The pentagram represents spiritual maturation. You can’t be spiritually mature without the sacred feminine. So of course this world is going to let you think that Baphomet is satan. As I have shown before, satan means opposer. Baphomet is symbolizing secret knowledge and sacred architecture. This is why the Masons use Baphomet. All the Templars were Masons and in on the secrets. Do you really think they would put George Washington in a pose of Baphomet if he was a Satan worshipper? Architecture and wisdom is what the Masons were all about at one time. Today it is just a good ol boy network with no knowledge.  A pentagram usually has a circle around it. This is the first hint of the true meaning of this symbol. The star by itself represents Venus. The circle is around it whether you view it right side up, upside down or sideways. When you look at it upside down you can see the horn, ears and beard of the goat. I think this was just a coincidence that they were able to put a goat head on an inverted star. The star of Venus has been around forever. Baphomet has only been around since the 10th century.

Although it is believed that the star of Venus is from the pattern the planet Venus makes in the night sky, it has more to do with phi or the golden number. Phi is inherent in the composition of the pentacle or pentagram, but phi is everywhere in nature. The pentacle is how they are putting nature in architecture, mainly the dome. This is why there is a circle around it. The dome in architecture represents the sky, mainly the night sky. Which is the ancient Egyptian Goddess Nut. So the dome in architecture is symbolizing Nut. It is not just the dome, all ancient architecture is using sacred geometry. Math is the universal language. Figure out the measurement any civilization was using and you can read the messages they were leaving. It works the other way too. You can leave a message in math and no matter how far in the future or what language they speak, they will understand. As long as they know the measurement you are using. Stonehenge screams pi. Check out Ralph Ellis’ work to see the message(s).

Most people think they got the head of Baphomet from Pan the goat god. Goat is where we get the word god and good. The Templars did not care about Pan, so it has nothing to do with Pan. The Templars knew the secrets of the bloodline of the biblical Jesus and the biblical family . The goat head was used for the very same reason Alexander the Great wore a goat horn helmet. It has to do with Aries. The biblical family was very powerful in the time of Aries, they were defeated in the time of Pisces. This matriarch family was used to create a patriarch religion in the time of Pisces known as Christianity(See His Royal Jesus). It is why Jesus is associated with the fish(Pisces). The Templars took the star sign of a goddess and put the Aries goat in it for the symbol of historical truth. In previous work I have shown that Egyptian royal females were the Queen of the Stars. Mary, the mother, and Mary Magdalen were Egyptian. This is a major reason the catholic church wanted the Templars gone(see Friday the Thirteenth).

The full-bodied Baphomet was a 19th century invention by Eliphas Levi. He is from France, the same place as Mary Magdalen. He was in the Hermetic, the Rosicrucianism movement and he was a Mason. Levi knew exactly what he was doing when he created the full bodied Baphomet. Having Baphomet point up and down is symbolizing “as above, so below”. To see how ancient architecture is related to the stars, see Graham Hancock’s Heavens Mirror. The arms bear the Latin words Solve(separate) and Coagula(join together). This is referring to the same thing the caduceus in his lap is referring to, the separating and coming together of opposite forces. Mainly masculine and feminine forces. This is also why he made Baphomet androgynous, but being a Mason he knew the true history of this earth that I showed you in Lemurian Magic. The wings are the same as the Egyptian gods with wings symbolizing non physical, abstract dynamics, intellect, spiritual, imagination and psychic. Baphomet being seated is symbolizing fixed and embodied archetypes. The legs being crossed is the alchemical symbol for things you can not change. Levi has Baphomet sitting on a cube and this symbolized the same thing as being crucified, that you are enlightened.

Now do you see why Dan Brown used Sophia in The Da Vinci Code as the bloodline of Jesus? Baphomet symbolizes baptism in wisdom. Wisdom in architecture, enlightenment and knowledge of the true history of Jesus. That is why the Templars venerated Baphomet. To the ancients the most desired possession in life was wisdom. Today the most desired possession in life is the newest cellphone. That is why they can take Baphomet and make a religion of satan. The people worshipping Baphomet are worshipping the same thing the Christians are worshipping. Both are ignorant of the true meanings and are letting other people control their lives. I’m betting the people who introduced Baphomet to satan worshippers had a huge laugh while having a drink together. No doubt it was probably wine. You just had a baptism in wisdom. If you think I’m wrong about wisdom being lost in this world, stick a Baphomet picture or statue in your house or yard and sit back and watch the reactions.

One more last thing before I go.  I find it very interesting that the phi symbol (ɸ) is made by holding your finger to your mouth and saying shhhh.  It is time to quit being so secretive about wisdom in this world.

14 thoughts on “Baphomet”

  1. I wear my pentagram almost everyday. Just the necklace because the ring got too tight. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit…that’s what it’s always meant to me…Goddess. Never heard the name Baphomet before. Another great post. Thank you.

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  2. I disagree with this article’s attempt to tame Baphomet as symbolic of “wisdom and architecture”. This Satanic symbol is used by an elite class to hold those outside of that class subservient to them and keep people blinded from the truth.


    1. If you think someone is controlling you, than they control you. In this age of information, the only thing blinding people from the truth is themselves. Satan is a made up entity. It actually is an ancient term for a person who opposes one’s views.


  3. It always struck me, that the “explanations” for “devilry” and especially Baphomet are wanting. They are presented as ostensibly empty vessels. And yet, the Christians argue what? That an empty vessel has no power, Jesus is not a lie because of the sway over the souls of believers. Why not apply the same metric to other Gods? A Baphomet would have never lasted this long in the psyche if it were nothing more than bad propaganda to get people excited to consume more crappy conspiracy documentaries about Templars and Masons.

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