Happy Eostre

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Eostre(Ostara) is a time to celebrate the vernal equinox. A time when both day and night are equal. A time to celebrate the goddess giving birth. The Holly King is reborn; when Eostre, the Goddess of spring appears in the vines as the ultimate representative of fertility, to present the Eostre egg. It is said that her symbol is a rabbit, an image perceived from the moon and it is the Eostre bunny. It is thought that our Easter celebration comes from Eostre, but she like all goddess come from one special lady in Egypt.

Pagans are right when they say that everything in Christianity was stolen from them, but it was pagan Egypt. What most pagans don’t realize is most of their customs come from Egypt too. If you have followed my work, you know that Egypt was where it all began after the war of the gods. When people left Egypt, whether they were forced out or just left freely, they took all the customs with them. Everything came out of Egypt.

Eostre is a version of Isis. Isis is where we get Easter. In Egyptian Isis is Ast or Est, from which we get Ester or Easter and it refers to the stars or heaven. The hieroglyph for Isis has an egg in it. This is where we get the Easter egg. Isis was a fertility goddess and she was the Queen of Heaven. Where does the easter bunny fit in to all this? Besides being an obvious symbol of fertility the hare was a big symbol in Egypt too. Our ol buddy Osiris, husband of Isis, was sometimes called Un-nefer, and portrayed with the head of a hare. Un-nefer is translated as “the good being” or “beautiful renewal”. The hare in Egypt had to do with Lunar worship, so we are taken back to Thoth once more(See God(s) post). One thing I found very interesting is that Thoth is the god of writing in Egypt. In the Mayan belief it was a hare deity that was the god of writing. The hare in Egypt also had to do with creative energy. If you have read my Magic post, you know sexual and creative energy or the same. That is what the hare is pointing to in certain texts.

Now that you know where this pagan holiday comes from,  celebrate Eostre with an abundant array of spring flowers. In the pagan tradition colored eggs, charged as talismans, are given as presents; curative fires are lit at dawn; seeds are planted for new crops, and homes are spring cleaned. Hot cross buns are baked which tells me this pagan celebration is about 2000 years old or is a Pisces custom. Hot crossed buns is purely a Virgo celebration and Virgo is the opposite sign of Pisces. The opposite sign was just as important to the ancients.  Baskets are woven to celebrate birds making their nests. On a side note, Eostre(Ostara) is where we get the name for the female hormone oestrogen or estrogen.

Happy Eostre/Isis day!


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