The Divergent Series


The Divergent Series are three films based on the Divergent novels by Veronica Roth. I love this series because is shows just how divided this world is. These division don’t just happen, they are created. In the story it is factions, but in our world they give people what ever you want to make them feel like they are different from all the rest. When in actuality they are just falling into a created mold that was invented to control them or make money. This story is symbolic on so many levels. Like all great stories, it is the story of you and enlightenment. But this story is revealing truths of today’s world.

I find it interesting how movies like this always take place after a previous global war. It could just be symbolizing that we are a warring race, but I think they are pointing to the war of the gods. This is the war that no one is supposed to know about. They just tell you an ice age happened, so there is no need to look back any further(See Lemurian Magic). They can keep their ice age, true history is way more interesting.

After this war society was divided into five factions to keep the peace. They are Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the peaceful), Candor (the honest), Dauntless (the brave), and Erudite (the intellectual). At age 16 all children have to take a serum induce aptitude test. This is similar to the aptitude test we take in high school that tells us what jobs might be good for us. Beatrice takes her test and finds out she is divergent. Her results show she is multiple factions. Divergents are people who can think independently, she can’t be categorized into one group. Thus the government can not control her and she is considered a threat to the existing social order. At her ceremony Beatrice chooses Dauntless(brave) because of the freedom they have, but she didn’t realize how competitive the faction had become. Beatrice changes her name to Tris for her new beginning . Tris struggles with the Dauntless training, but improves with Four’s help. She improves so much that she actually wins the Capture the Flag game for her team. This gets her to make the final cut.

Four is another divergent that was already there and is a trainer for the initiates. In this story Tris is the main aspect of you, but she is also the sacred feminine. Four is the sacred masculine. Together they can accomplish anything. The next part of her initiation Tris has to conquer her fears. I loved this part of the story. This is the biggest obstacle for most people. Over coming fears is one of the keys to living a free life. Divergents are naturally able to conquer their fears, so Four shows Tris how she can hide her abilities and pass the simulation.

Tris finds out that Erudite is going to try to overthrow Abnegation so they can become the ruling faction. This is symbolizing the leaders of our world fighting for control of the masses. In the story Erudite leader Jeanine gives Dauntless a serum to do her bidding.  Now everyone in Dauntless will fight for her.   Divergents are not effected by the serum, so Tris and Four have to pretend to be under the control of the serum. This way they fit in with everyone else. Perfect symbolism for what enlightened individuals have to do in this world. They may not actually kill the person, but they will try to destroy them personally and professionally. We are not only the slaves to the imposed thought behavior, but we are also the enforces of this mind control. No serum needed.

Tris and Four battle the mindless army  to try and stop the attacks. In the process she has to kill a friend named Will.  Will is also Christina’s boyfriend. Christina is Tris’s best friend. Her parents are also killed in trying to stop the attacks. From this point she has trouble forgiving herself for the things that happen. Four ends up under a stronger mind control design in which he tries to kill Tris. This is symbolizing how tough it is to not be under the thought control. Tris manages to free Four from his mind control and they go on to stop the attacks.
From here the new leader Jeanine declares martial law and that all divergents are to be captured. Here is the secret of why they want to keep people fighting amongst each other. Once things spill over to a certain point they can declare martial law and do as they please. Cleaning up after the wreckage, Jeanine’s men find a five sided box. In the book it was a computer program. Only a true divergent can open the box, so now Jeanine wants all divergents tested. If they are not 100% divergent, she wants them killed.

Tris and Four hideout with Amity until they come testing for divergents. They flee and end up on a train with the Factionless. Factionless are people who don’t fit in to the system at all. After the fighting stops Four reveals his true name, Tobias Eaton. The Factionless say they have been searching for him and take them to their leader at headquarters. Their leader is Four’s mother, Evelyn. She wants their help to overthrow Jeanine, but Four knows that she is power-hungry. They leave the Factionless and get arrested by Candor.

Candor leader, Jack Kang, intends to deliver them to Jeanine. But Four talks him into giving them a trial with truth serum. Four communicates his motives and is absolved. In the book it is revealed that Tris can resist the serum, but she is feeling guilty about killing Will and admits she did. This angers Christina. Dauntless attacks Candor and the people are shot with pellets with a new mind control serum. Tris is captured and it is found out that she is 100% divergent. This makes her the perfect person to open the box. Her and Four escape back to Factionless where they agree with Evelyn that war is inevitable. Jeanine activates the mind control serum, so some people will try to commit suicide. One of them being Tris’ best friend Christina. Tris saves her friend, but can’t save another. Tris turns herself in to stop the suicides.

Tris passes four of the trials to open the box. During the fifth her vitals drop and Jeanine has the simulations stopped so Tris can rest. Tris finds out Four has been captured before the fifth trial resumes. During this trial she fails and her vital signs cease. She is taken to Four and she awakens. She had only been given a sleeping serum. This is symbolizing death of the inauthentic self and resurrection of the authentic self. Tris goes back in to complete the fifth trial and this is the best part of the whole series. In this trial she has to fight herself. Once she figures out to forgive herself, she passes the trial. This is the biggest key to all of enlightenment. You are your biggest enemy. Quit fighting yourself and forgive yourself. No matter what you have done, it is not your fault. This world and it’s systems make you do things you would not do. This is a screwed up world. To be considered normal in an insane world is not good. It just means you are insane yourself. Forgive yourself! That is all that really matters. It is not your fault. Once you have become enlightened and you continue to do the things you did or you use it to control other people, then it is your fault. That is what we are dealing with here. This world is run by people who know the truth, but use it to control people.

Overcoming the final trial, Tris opens the box. A woman tells them that they are an experiment and divergents are the success of the experiment. She also says the world is outside waiting for them to return to humanity. Jeanine is arrested and killed by Evelyn. Evelyn locks the walls down, so no one can get outside the walls. She has Jack Kang hold trials for the prisoners and it ends up becoming executions. Evelyn declares martial law. This is showing that what you hate, you become. Really think about that for a minute. What you hate, you become. This is why politics are such a circus. They don’t care if you love them or hate them. Love and hate are different degrees of the same thing. They know that if you are polarized either way, you will do the exact same thing or let someone else do the exact same thing to enforce your opinion. This is a major reason why I don’t play the game of politics. That and it is all fake. What you hate, you become.

Tris wants to get over the wall to see what is out there. She can’t accept not trying. This is another secret. Conquer your fears and try. You will truly never know what you are capable of unless you try. Tris, Four, Christina, Caleb and Peter get over the wall only to find that they are a genetic experiment left over from the Purity War. Purity war sounds an awful lot like the war of the gods. Tris is fed lies from David about her mom that she begins to believe. He also tells her he can’t stop the fighting in Chicago, her home on the inside of the wall. David tells Tris she is pure stock in an attempt to get her to separate herself from the others. This tactic works on most people, but it does not work on Tris, an enlightened person. We are all the same stock. In Lemurian Magic I showed how we all have alien and hominid genes. Everyone of us has this. They will try to tell a person or people they are better than others using mainly religion. Stop the madness!!!! We are all on space ship earth together. Free your mind and the world becomes a very different place. For the better.

Four finds out the truth about the Bureau stealing kids from their parents and erasing their memories. This was how Tris’s mother was captured. I see this as symbolizing how we are taught the written word at a young age. Learning to read and write is good for this world, but it puts you into the masculine mindset(see The Word). The ego masculine mind is very forgetful.
Four tries to tell Tris, but she doesn’t believe him. David tries to have Four killed when he attempts to return to Chicago. Tris finds out from the Council that David has been lying to her the whole time. Tris breaks her partnership with David.  Tris, Caleb and Christina try head back to Chicago.

Four is captured by the Factionless and confronts Evelyn to stop the violence. She refuses and has no intention of stopping the violence. Tris, Christina and Caleb get way from David and make it back to Chicago. David makes a deal with Peter to convince Evelyn to release a memory erasing gas on everyone. This would make Evelyn, Peter and everyone outside the wall the only ones who knew exactly what happened. It would bring peace back and they could make any story up they wanted about the actual events. This describes our world in a nutshell. We are a species with amnesia because we are in a masculine mindset.   The history we are taught about this world is a flat-out lie. Yes it is due to ignorance, but it is also so the masses can be controlled. Just remember, whoever wins the war gets their version of history to be taught in schools and shoved down the masses throats. The gas is released, but Tris, Four, Christina and Caleb are able to stop it.

In the movie Tris reveals to the city of Chicago that they were an experiment to the Pure. They rip a hole in the cloak wall reveling the two cities to each other. The movie ends with everyone happy but David. In the book Tris dies fighting for what she believes in. This is the problem in this world. Most enlightened people are “taken care of” when they reveal certain truths. I’m not asking people to become enlightened. I don’t wish the consequences that come with it on anyone. What would be nice is if there were more people who actually thought for themselves and became divergent. Quit letting this world divide you by made up religions, politics, races, and whatever else they can think of. They have people believing that one political group is better than the other. Has each political party been in charge at one time or another? Has the fighting in religion ever stopped? Hell they even divide people by sports teams. People will literally fight over their team. How infantile is that! The only vote that counts in this world is where you spend your money and time. Quit giving your power away to some fake political group, fake god, over hyped sports star or celebrity. Start believing in yourself. I get a lot of grief for promoting the sacred feminine, but with her you can achieve anything. The sacred feminine is your higher self.

9 thoughts on “The Divergent Series”

  1. While I enjoyed reading the series, I didn’t consider it in these terms, very interesting Gserpent!
    It is like the Hutu’s and Tutsi’s, the Belgian came and divided the Rwandan people based upon the color of their skin, nothing else. The Rwandans took up the torch and turned on their neighbors and family based on an externally imposed and nonexistent distinction, they played right into their oppressors game. A microcosmic illustration of the macrocosmic dilemma that plays across the globe to an unwitting population.

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  2. One Of the Best Reviews I have read. Great Movie and Book Series. Somehow Wanna Find you and Hug you bad 🙂


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