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The Ankh is one of the most well-known and widely used symbols of ancient Egypt. It is in their myths, hieroglyphs, texts and art. What is the Ankh symbolizing? Mainstream ideas are “life”, “breath of life”, or “death and resurrection”. As you will see, they are all way off base. The Ankh has to do with you, your higher self to be exact.

The Ankh is pure Egyptian. It is found in different civilizations, but only because they originated from Egypt. The Christians stole the symbol and used it for their cross. If you understand the true meaning of the christ, you will see why they stole the symbol. Who the hell would worship the symbol that killed their god or prophet? You don’t see Hindus worshipping an arrow. The arrow being what killed Krishna. Mohammed was killed by a wild boar and is the reason why muslims will not eat ham or pork. So why do christians venerate the cross? Christianity is Egyptian and the cross is just a stylized Ankh.

What is the true meaning of the Ankh? I have heard that it is the girdle of Isis. No, the Tarot is the girdle of Isis. I have heard it is the Knot of Isis. The Knot of Isis or the Tjet is the symbol of the goddess. The Ankh pertains to gods and goddesses. I have even heard that it is part of a sandal. What??? Who ever came up with that is grasping for answers. The sandal does have an occult meaning in Egypt, but the Ankh is not it. That will be for a future post.

To find the answer to this symbol we have to see what it is associated with. In Egyptian hieroglyphs and art work, almost all the gods and goddesses are associated with the Ankh at one time or another. They are usually holding it, bearing it or it is in their vicinity. Sometimes the goddess or god is extending the Ankh to the Pharaoh. Other times they are pouring Ankhs over the Pharaoh and sometimes it is at the end of sun rays. Quite often the Ankh is associated with the Djed pillar and the Uas scepter. These symbolize stability and contentment. The final piece to the puzzle is that the word ‘ankh’ meant a mirror. Yes a hand-held mirror.

What does a mirror have to do with your higher self? If you read Medusa, you know the ancients could tell how enlightened a person was by the way they perceived their own reflection. If you truly are enlightened, you see yourself as perfect. The ancients saw their own reflection as their higher self. I have even read stories of them talking to their reflection. This is why the ancients were fond of mirrors or using water as mirrors. They may not have been the greatest of mirrors, but it was still a reflection. To the ancient Egyptians a person had five forms. Those five forms were name, shadow, ankh, ka, and ba. The ka was the life force of the body. The ba was your higher self or soul. The ankh was sometimes the physical body, but was the union of the ka and ba. So the ka and ba were the two forces that make up a living person.  The life force and soul force, together they formed the living Ankh. When you had the Ankh mirror in hand, the earthly person(physical body) was seen together with the higher self(reflection).

This is why the gods and goddesses are associated with the Ankh. They are all aspects of you, your divine self or your higher self(See Gods of Egypt). So of course they have the Ankh. As I showed you in God(s), the ancients knew the energy of the sun and cosmos were the same as the divine energy in you. This is why they are associated with sun rays or the moon-god Thoth  pouring Ankhs on a Pharaoh. The goddesses or gods bearing it to the Pharaoh is a symbol of his enlightenment. The Pharaoh would be anointed, probably with very expensive spikenard or crocodile fat, and became the messiah(anointed one) and christ(king). The Pharaoh was a representation of the gods here on earth, but the secret was that everyone is divine. An enlightened person is the messiah or christ. This is why the christians used the cross. They have taken the power away from you and put it outside of you. So you will never know your true power. If they would just tell the truth that the cross is the Ankh, venerating this symbol would make a hell of a lot more sense. This world does not want empowered individuals. They want mindless drones.

The Ankh is the symbol of the enlightened person or enlightenment. Being associated with the Djed pillar and the Uas scepter is symbolizing that when you become enlightened your mind is stable and content. We are the Gods and Goddesses of today! We are who we have been waiting for!

24 thoughts on “The Ankh”

  1. Great read, what is the Anhk’s connection with the planet Venus??, or does it even have one??, the glyph for Venus is almost identical to the Anhk, that can’t be by chance..

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      1. Hi g, since you’re THE person I turn to to unravel mysteries, a friend sent me this today and I think you may have something to say about that. Here’s the link, if you do Facebook, I do not. If not, I can email you the article.

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  2. Sorry. For some reason it was not coming up on the WordPress app. Coming to the internet version I was able to read it.
    Everything in our world is based on these sacred numbers. There is a reason why they use the number 12 like he shows, 3, 6, 7, 11, 13,9 etc… Some numbers are more sacred than others but it all has to do with sacred geometry. These numbers are found everywhere in nature and consciousness.
    He is wrong about the Egyptian mile. The true ancient Egyptian mile was based on the circumference of the Earth. They used nautical miles. Which is 1/21,600th of the circumference of the Earth or 1/60th of a degree of latitude. One degree of arc at the center of the earth is 60 miles. Everything the true ancient Egyptians built was based on the circumference of the Earth not the Sun. So they did use 5,280 feet for the mile, but the imperial mile is half a nautical mile. The earth is 21,600 nautical miles or 43,200 imperial miles. The trick here is that the ancient Egyptians were using yards not meters. 5,280 feet is 1,760 yards or one imperial mile. Though I am sure they knew the circumference of the Sun. Using the circumference of the earth they were able to use pi for the great pyramid. It is 40 times a version of pi.

    The author is right about everything being a frequency and vibration. It is why our thoughts are not are own. Where we are vibrating at brings in the frequency of thoughts. It also works for health and many other things. Everything in creation has these sacred numbers in them.


    1. Thanks for that detailed explanation, much of which is way above my head, but at least now I know this person is not out to lunch. There’s apparently a “part 2” coming my way. I’ll post you the link, who knows, there may be corrections to make. Thanks again.

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  3. Thank you for the post! I was clearly shown an energetic ankh in meditation yesterday after a session of chanting and then done breathing exercises. I have seen the symbol periodically in life but am in no way familiar with it so it was not something that popped up due to any real time association withit. That said, when I “saw” this object in closed eye meditation it shape was “made” of flowing energy and was accompanied by a humming/buzzing electrical sound that seemed to come from my left side, get closer, center above my head and then fade out toward the right. I recognized this symbol as being important immediately. I have been seeking answers in regards to the chrism/sacred secretion and I somehow think the ankh ties into the channels which we may focus the energy. Also i am a complete novice with the kabbalah tree of life but easily recognized it correspondence to the ankh. If you have any knowledge or advice on how to incorporate the technology of the ankh with the cycle of the sacred secretion/sexual energy I would be fascinated and grateful to hear it.
    P.S. something also seems to suggest that I should be working with tones so I just purchased a tuning fork. Not sure if this has anything to do with it but perhaps. Thank you

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    1. You are welcome. Everything is a vibration. You are tuning into certain vibrations. That is the humming- buzzing sound you are hearing. I have other posts that deal with sacred secretions. It has to do with the cycle of the moon, hence it was called moon dew. The sacred sexual energy is your creative energy. It is different in everyone. See my Magic post. All of this has to do with the individual tuning in with their higher self. Thank you for reading and commenting. If you have any other questions on any post feel free to ask. If you do not want to as a question for all to see, feel free to use contact button. I answer all my readers emails.


  4. Thanks for the enlightenment on the historic background and the purpose surrounding the Ankh. Not once did buy the mainstream idea but never read anything that made logical sense.
    “If you truly are enlightened, you see yourself as perfect. The ancients saw their own reflection as their higher self.” Sounds awfully like the Nazarene’s quote: Matthew 5:48 (KJV)
    “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”
    I strongly feel now that this statement was no doubt changed to fit the Patriarch’s agenda, since the art and hieroglyphs show the Ankh in both the gods and goddess’ hands.

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    1. You are welcome. Thank you for sharing such great comments.
      So much has been changed in the Bible to fit the patriarch agenda and yes that is one of them. The person who wrote the Bible for Rome, Josephus Flavius, did not respect women.


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