If you look at mainstream research you see that Venus is the Roman Goddess of love beauty, desire, sex, and fertility. Venus is the goddess of love, but because the Roman and Greek civilizations were patriarch they make her out to be the goddess of beauty, desire, sex and fertility. That is what patriarch minds think love is and most still see it that way today. Venus is like all other goddesses, she is a version of Isis.

Venus is more of a Greco-Roman Goddess. It says she was born from the sea-foam that was stirred up from Jupiter walking through the sea. Here we have the mixture of air and water to make foam. Air represents your thoughts and water represents your emotions. How beautiful and poetic this story is about how love is born from highest thoughts and emotion. The truest thoughts with the best of emotions mixed together in consciousness. To see how water and air represent elements of consciousness see Dragon. As above, so below. The night sky among other things was the sea to the ancients. Venus was born in the Milky Way which is the foam of the night sky. The Milky Way is in the background as Venus travels through it every three years.

Why is Venus associated with victory? Why is she associated with the moon? Why is she the most popular of all other goddesses? For the answers to these questions we must go to the occult war of christianity. If you have read His Royal Jesus, you know that the biblical family is of Egypt, Greek, Persian and Roman descent. In Egypt all Queens were The Queen of Sheba or Queen of the Stars. Mary being a Queen of Egyptian descent made her a Sheba or star. She is the star that all christians are looking for in the sky. Most Renaissance paintings of Mary have a star on her shoulder or somewhere in her vicinity. The biblical family was a matriarch, so the moon was masculine to keep the dualist symbolism. In several ancient matriarchs, including Lower Egypt and Mesopotamia, the moon was a male deity. Egypt’s male moon-god was Yahweh(pronounced ya hoo) and it was Thoth(see God(s)). Joseph was Mary’s moon-god. If you think I am way out there on this, Joseph in Egyptian means ‘son of the moon’ or ‘son of Thoth’. This royal family liked to use symbols of the Goddess Nike with the star of Venus. Nike was the Greek Goddess of victory, but the Persians like to use her in their symbolism too.

The painting, Birth of Venus by Botticelli, shows a red-headed woman in a sea shell. The woman is Mary Magdalen. Botticelli is showing Mary’s true identity.  This painting is showing Mary as the Sea Star or the Queen of the Stars. It is showing her Egyptian heritage. If you look at the painting, notice her hands are in the V symbol. She is showing her link to Venus or Isis. When you make the peace symbol or Spock’s vulcan salute, you are actually paying tribute to Venus or Isis. When you make a V symbol with your hands it can also be taken as a Y, in that case you are paying tribute to Yahweh or Thoth. Why is she standing in an oyster shell or a sea shell? The sea shell is the symbol for the feminine energy in the sea of life. It takes in what the ocean offers and gives birth to a pearl. This is why they killed Hypatia with sea shells(See Hypatia). To the christian priests Hypatia was not being very feminine. The fish is the symbol for the masculine human race because it swims with its will in the sea of life. The Vesica Piscis is the bladder of the fish.  The fish bladder is full of air symbolizing your thoughts.  You can swim higher or lower in this sea of life depending on your thoughts.

One more symbol to make you think before I go. The Islam symbol is the star and the crescent moon. Rome created Islam too. The star is the star of Venus which is Isis. The moon is Yahweh, who is Yahoo and is Thoth. Whether they know it or not, Muslims are worshipping Isis. Allah means sun and moon. Isis was a moon goddess. It all goes back to Egypt.

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