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In my latest research I have come to certain conclusions and started a new theory. I have always said that we are a species with amnesia and now I think I have stumbled on why. This theory explains the reason why we as a species have a bad memory. I believe our memory loss is because of the written word.Not hieroglyphs, the actual written word. The so-called primitive people of this world have legends that they can recite word for word about things like the creation of the universe, creation of man and cataclysms that happened in our ancient past. I found this theory in my studies about the ancient Mayans and their language. The ancient Mayan texts are amazing! There are legends of them remembering everything that has happened to them in their entire life, including birth. This is interesting because I have seen this in other ancient writings, but I didn’t really understand it and filed it with exaggeration.

Think about this…reading and writing brings us out of the subconscious and puts us into the left brain way of thinking. It is why I always emphasize art, symbols and imagination. All of this is language for the subconscious. In my work, I have shown how powerful the subconscious is and why the people running this world don’t want you using it. The subconscious is connected to nature at all times. She does not forget. The trick is to get the ego(left brain alien mind) to work with your subconscious(right brain hominid mind) and use the powers of both of them. Reading and writing puts you in the ego mind and the ego mind is very forgetful. It’s the reason you can’t remember anything before the age of about 4. This is the age you started to learn how to…..wait for it…….read and write. Kinda gives new meaning to “In the beginning was the word”. Use your imagination, create with art, get out in nature and free your mind.

Leonard Shlain’s Alphabet Versus the Goddess is a great book that exposes what has been done to the minds of the world. He shows that alphabetic literacy rewired the human brain to reinforce the linear, abstract, predominately masculine left hemisphere at the expense of the holistic, iconic feminine right one. This shift is what brought on the demise of the goddess. Patriarchy and misogyny followed. This is why all these religions have page after page of nothing but words. Thousands and thousands of pages of words. The ancients wrote in hieroglyphs because it spoke to the subconscious or the feminine side of the brain. They knew the power of the subconscious.

Now that you know the true meaning of the word, this verse should make sense:

In the beginning was the word, and the word was with god, and the word was god. John 1:1

The written word has caused so much knowledge to be lost. One does not know whether to laugh or cry. So much pain has been brought into this world because of patriarchy and the word is what fuels it. You should also now understand why the ten commandments reject any goddess influence and banned any form of representative art. They are not lying to you about what they are doing. If you lie to the subconscious mind you are going to get hurt. This is why they have symbols and logos everywhere. They are putting right in front of your face what they are doing in order to tame your subconscious mind(See Magic).

I have so much respect for artists because in my book, artists are higher beings than rational man. Art is the fullest expression of the Will. Art expands the Will. Art and nature will deprogram what has been programmed into your mind. Live life like it is your very own work of art.

Life is not a journey. When you are on a journey you travel. You have to get to one place. Then your journey is over. So the point of your journey is to get to the end?
Life is art. You create it as you go. The greatest artist and composers didn’t finish as fast as they could, nor did they have the biggest or longest piece. When you paint, you are not working the paint brush or when you play an instrument, you are not working the instrument. You are creating with it. When you dance, you don’t say I will finish my dance at this time or in this spot. The finish line is not the point of art and it should not be the point of your life. The whole point of art is the art itself. The whole point of your life should be life itself. Creating and experiencing life is what life should be. Show your colors, dance your dance, sing your song. The universe was created so it could be seen through your eyes. You did not come into this world, you came out of it. Nothing is outside of you. Get out and enjoy nature. Nature is the living subconscious.

12 thoughts on “The Word”

  1. Life is not a journey, not is it a series of “lessons” as the fake gurus claim. I’ve watched animals stand still and think and I wondered what they were thinking about. This article answers my question: they are thinking about their place; their position, in a work of art.

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  2. Yes,life is not in the end’s the whole journey which you enjoy…but why we enjoy or why should we enjoy…these materialistic or non materialistic pleasures…is it all for happiness..but again, why should be happy or sad..what’s in that…

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    1. Happy and sad are different degrees of the same thing. In some cultures when someone dies people are sad, in others people are happy and celebrate. It’s all in the individual experience. As we experience things not only does the human race advance, but the divine nature, force or whatever you want to call it advances too. The lemniscate.

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