Pete’s Dragon


I have not done a movie in a while and this one is full of so much symbolism. People that have followed my work will know exactly what the Dragon symbolizes. This story puts a few different spins on what the dragon represents. Spoiler alert. If you have not seen this wonderful movie and plan on seeing it, don’t go any further. This movie is full of Disney occult magic.

This is a remake of the 1977 musical film Pete’s Dragon, but I have not seen that movie. So I will not comment on that movie or any of the symbolism in it.

This movie starts out immediately with esoteric symbols. Pete is in a car crash with his parents and he is the only one that survives. Pete represents your true authentic self. Pete being a young kid is great symbolism. Your true authentic self is child like and anyone who really knows about consciousness will tell you that you need to be child like to see the signs. Children are always in the moment or in the now. The crash represents the chaos that happens for you to start your waking up. To be sure that the symbolism was seen they have wolves chase Pete into the forest. The wolf represents chaos(See Three Little Pigs).

Forests have always represented the journey into the subconscious, but a cave is a journey into the underworld. In the forest is where Pete meets the Dragon. He names the Dragon Elliot. As you will see this was done on purpose. Elliot is hebrew for ‘god’. The movie is not saying that the Dragon is god. The movie is showing that once you have your Dragon you have this force behind you. This force is actually you or your higher self. As I show in my Dragon post, the Dragon represents Earth, Water, Fire and Wind. Claws being Earth or your body. Wings being wind or your thoughts. Scales being water or your emotions. The fire they breath is your intellect(See Dragon). I know they made Elliot look a little furry, but that is either because he is young or it’s an artistic representation. To reiterate this symbolism the movie shows them running and playing on earth with wind and water. Then they have a fire in the cave.
Pete meeting Elliot in the forest is the beginning of you ‘waking up’ and meeting your Dragon. If you notice Elliot has a broken tooth. This symbolizes the huge price Pete had to pay for meeting his Dragon. Those of you that have ‘woken up’ will understand this symbolism. I love the playfulness they show with him and his Dragon because this force is playful. At first I was wondering if the creators understood that this force is feminine because Elliot is a male. Then they introduce Natalie and Grace. These two represent the feminine side of the mind, especially Natalie. About this time we meet Mr. Meacham or Grace’s father. Mr. Meacham represents someone who has had a glimpse of their Dragon, but instead of using it they spend the rest of his life trying to convince people they exist. Just like they tell Pete about how brave he is, it takes a brave person to use their Dragon.

The lumber jacks and Grace finding Pete is showing how the masses will treat you once you have found your Dragon. The symbolism is self-explanatory about how you will be treated, but I really love the bus scene. Pete jumps on the back of the bus and one kid sticks his tongue out at Pete and Pete jumps on top of the bus and starts surfing it. All the kids are amazed at what he can do. The bus is symbolizing mainstream education. Those that are not awake may not like you and make fun of you, but they will be amazed at what you do. The group of hunters going into the forest and seeing Elliot is showing just how powerful your Dragon can be. It is also showing what most people do when they meet their Dragon. They run! Notice how Elliot sneezes on certain people, but not on others. I took that as Dragons are not for the people who are not ready.

When Natalie, Grace, Jack and Mr. Meacham take Pete into the forest and find the cave, they see the tree representing the Tree of Life. See Tree of Life for what this symbolizes. Them meeting Elliot is the beginning of them meeting their Dragon. The hunters showing up to capture Elliot is again representing how the masses will treat you. They want you to be just like them or suffer the consequences. You can’t keep someone down who has truly met their Dragon. This is why Pete, Natalie and Mr. Meacham are the ones that escape with Elliot. When Jack and Grace fall off the bridge and Elliot saves them, it is representing Jack and Grace finding their Dragon.

Pete and Elliot fly off back to the forest and their original home. Elliott tells Pete he needs to stay with Natalie, Grace and Jack. I love this symbolism because your Dragon is never wrong. Pete goes and lives with them and at the end they go see Elliot up in the mountains. This is where you see he is living with other Dragons. This is symbolizing those with Dragons will find others with their Dragons. If you haven’t figured it out, the Dragon represents your higher self. Find your power and meet your Dragon. We are who we have been waiting for!

Lastly, I found it interesting that they kept saying Dragons come from the north and they ended the movie in the mountains. This is pointing to the original homeland of Atlantis(See Lumurian Magic). The Pyramids in Egypt are mountains and they are also pointing to Atlantis.

6 thoughts on “Pete’s Dragon”

  1. Wonderful description. I have not seen the film but I had to read your ideas. My sign is a dragon, so is my daughter’s. I have statues of them all over the house. I love them and always told my kids stories about the fact that dragons are still here but they have to hide because most humans want to kill them for their beauty, power, and intellect. I used to tell them that people killed them because they wanted to be them and they knew their true beauty and couldn’t stand not being them. “But,” I used to say, “dragons will always live with those who love them, so just be kind to them and love them and they will stay with you forever.”

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