Three Little Pigs

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The Three Little Pigs has been a favorite of children for quite some time. I admit it was favorite of mine growing up. As a kid I was taught that the moral of the story is to build a house out of bricks, so the wind can’t destroy it. As you will see, that is the interpretation for the masses. Just like most other fairy tales, this story has an occult meaning.

I knew this story had esoteric meaning because Walt Disney made the story into a cartoon. If you are familiar with my other work you know that Walt Disney was a very high degree Mason. Most people think that Masons go to 33 degrees, but there are many more degrees(See Lemurian Magic). The original story of The Three Little Pigs was written by James Halliwell-Phillips. James was very well-connected with not only Masons, but Royal Society and Shakespeare Society. He was so connected that even Wikipedia has the exact Longitude and Latitude location for where he is buried. What was the true meaning of this innocent story by a very well connected and wealthy scholar?

When I first started on this piece I thought that James had just used the pigs and wolf out of the Goddess Circe myths. These are actually constellations, but doing work into this has uncovered what the true meaning of pigs and wolves are in a lot of myths, especially religious. Lets start with the pigs. If you are familiar with my Magic post, you have seen this verse :

Matthew 7:6 ”Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces”.

Herodotus says this about what the Egyptians thought of swine:

“The pig is accounted by the Egyptians an abominable animal; and first, if any of them in passing by touch a pig, he goes into the river and dips himself forthwith in the water together with his garments; and then too swineherds, though they may be native Egyptians, unlike all others, do not enter any of the temples in Egypt, nor is anyone willing to give his daughter in marriage to one of them or to take a wife from among them; but the swineherds both give in marriage to one another and take from one another”.

I will let you in on the secret here. Their not talking about the animal, they are talking about the masses. In Herodotus text, it is referring to the Upper Egyptians. I have shown in other posts the rivalry  between Upper and Lower Egypt. The Upper Egyptians were matriarchal and used the pig symbol. This did not mean anything bad. The Upper Egyptians loved nature and it also had to do with star constellations. The Lower Egyptians despised everything about the Upper Egyptians and made most of their customs evil(See Patriarch Pharaohs). Most of the Western World is run by the Lower Egypt today. The Israelites are pure Lower Egyptian. The confusion in the sacred texts comes from people taking them literally. Like most things in these texts, the swine and pig is symbolic. The main reason why Jews don’t eat pork is because it was a sacred custom to eat pork for the Upper Egyptians. It had to do with a celebration to Osiris.

The wolf represents the same thing that Set symbolized in Egypt, chaos. To the Upper Egyptians Set was not evil. The Lower Egyptians made him evil. They did not understand that the Upper Egyptians saw chaos as bringing change. Birth of a new era or time, so to the Upper Egyptians chaos or Set was not evil, but a necessity for growth. The wolf is chaos and the wind that he blows represents your thoughts. Wind has always, in myths, represented thoughts or the mind.

The first house built by the pigs is made of straw. Straw is representing the same thing a straw man represents. It is a common form of argument based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not advance by the opponent. This is something that is done like crazy in the religious texts and it is called pesher. Pesher is all about finding events in the past that are similar to those in the present, and utilizing our lack of knowledge or understanding of those past events to conceal the present or divine the future. So they take past events and put them in present or future events. The wolf being the chaos that causes you to ‘wake up’ and think about how people have been deceived by pesher. The straw house falling is you knowing about and not falling for pesher anymore. As far as the masses go, this house is still standing strong.

The second house was built with sticks. In the original story these are not just any sticks. They are furze sticks. Lets take a look at the furze, shall we. Here we see yet another plant grown in north Africa and western Europe. If you have read Rapunzel, you know her name is actually a plant grown in north Africa and western Europe and hints at who the fairy tale is really about. While I was doing research on this story, I about fell out of my chair when I saw that furze is very closely related to the Planta Genista plant, better known as the broom. In The Witch post I show what the symbolism of the broom really means. Here we have furze, broom and Rapunzel all plants grown in northern Africa and western Europe. Those that are familiar with my work know this is code for the true history of Mary Magdalene(See Rapunzel, The Witch and His Royal Jesus). Again we have the wolf, which is chaos, that causes you to ‘wake up’. You began to realize the true history of religion, mainly Christianity, and religion no longer controls your life. This is why this house is blown down, but as for the masses this house is still standing very strong.

The third house is built of bricks. The wolf huffs and puffs and can not blow the house down. Now matter how hard he blows he can not make the house fall. What is this symbolizing? In myths, building with bricks is usually symbolizing building wealth. This is not pointing to just any wealth. This is the wealth of the people who are actually controlling this world. As long as they see us as swine, and make no mistake they see all of us as swine, they will laugh all the way to the bank. That is what the brick house is symbolizing. Individually we can wake up to the deceiving and illusions of this world, but unless the masses ‘wake up’ on a grand scale, they will continue to treat us like swine and make their fortunes off us. Just like they have from the very beginning.  Quit giving your power away to made up entities, sports heros and hollywood stars.  We are who we have been waiting for.

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