Plato’s Cave


I love the parable of Plato’s Cave. It shows just how long the controllers of this world have had a vice on our minds. Plato died in 348 BCE. If he was writing about it in his lifetime, it had to have been going on quite some time before that. He says that the people in this cave do not desire to leave their prison; for they know no better life. The people who are enlightened or have “woken up”, understand what this story is all about.

Plato begins by saying “Imagine a cave where people have been imprisoned since birth”. Right off the bat Plato is pointing to the human race. He says the prisoners are chained so they can only look forward. Here he is showing how from the time of birth we are told what to think and how to think. The chains are the chains on the mind. The people behind the prisoners put on a puppet show. This is a perfect analogy for what even goes on today. Television makes it so much easier for the leaders of this world to put their puppet show on. Make no mistake, that is exactly what it is, a puppet show for the masses. The prisoners naming the things before them is showing that this goes on in every culture. What one culture may call a game soccer, another culture will call it football. Plato says “The truth to the prisoners would be nothing more than the shadows of the puppets”. Just like today, the truth to people is only what they are told by our puppet show masters.

One prisoner is unchained and this is showing that he starts to think for himself. He is starting to question what he as been told since birth. This is symbolizing starting to wake up and see the truth. The unchained prisoner starts to see there is more than just this cave. He turns around and sees the puppet show. Someone tells him “Everything he has seen has all been an illusion”. This is symbolizing someone showing a person that the whole reality of this world is based on an illusion. All of religion and politics are there just for control. Him dragging the unchained prisoner to the top of the steps to see reality is symbolizing him showing the prisoner the truth. The prisoner is blinded by the truth and has to acclimate himself to it. This is another perfect analogy for waking up. The truth is blinding if you have not seen it before. It becomes very overwhelming. I love how Plato uses nature to describe the truth that this prisoner is seeing. Nature is really the only place there is truth in this world. Plato goes on to describe the sun being the guarding of the visible world and cause of all things. This is Plato showing how all religions are really worshipping the sun.


Now that this prisoner has “woken up”, he feels blessed for his new life and pities the masses. Another perfect analogy for people who have “woken up” and truly care. Plato talks about the remaining prisoners giving honors to each other for being the smartest of the group. Just like we give each other honors and awards for being good little slaves and going along with the illusion. I saw a video of a girl who was giving a valedictorian speech and it was about her being the best indoctrinated slave. Her name is Erica Goldson. I love this speech! She has woken up at a very young age. Plato goes on to say that the unchained slave will not care about the honors and awards. He basically says “It is better to be the poor servant of a poor master or endure anything than to think the way that they do”. This is exactly how you will think once you have become enlightened.



Plato goes on to show that once you have become truly enlightened, you can’t go back. This is why I have a warning on my Lemurian Magic post. Plato shows how the slaves laugh at the free slave because he doesn’t “fit in” with them anymore. What a powerful message this is. It is a perfect analogy of how the masses treat someone who has become enlightened. To be fair the masses make fun of anyone who is different, but Plato says that if you try to release another from their bondage and they catch you, they will put you do death. So this confirms he is talking about someone who is enlightened. This is exactly what has happened in the past. Today they won’t kill you physically, but they will try to ruin you personally and professionally.

Plato ends by saying “It is the task of the enlightened to not only ascend to learning and to see the good, but be willing to descend again to those prisoners and share their troubles and their honors whether they are worth having or not. This they must do even with the prospect of death”. Plato is saying to give your help to the unenlightened and the community, sooner or later there will be enough people to wake up and change this world.

21 thoughts on “Plato’s Cave”

  1. Quote: “Plato is saying to give your help to the unenlightened and the community, sooner or later there will be enough people to wake up and change this world.”
    It is the Matrix that drives potential change agents to think that with enough “numbers” they can change the world. That’s the recipe for despair. Do not attempt or dream of changing the world, it is enough to be a way shower for other INDIVIDUALS who in turn may choose to eschew the sheeple corral in favour of the free wilderness of individualism. I changed myself over many decades, pushing against a corrupt society’s beliefs and impositions. During the change, others watched. I do not know, nor desire to know, if anyone observing my efforts at escaping the societal prison, also chose to change. It is not my concern. My concern concerns me, that I remain true to my own personal choices and prove to myself that I can exist as a free individual in a virtual societal prison. Civilization is the prison and only when civilization collapses totally will its inmates be forced to either learn to live freely, or quickly build a new prison. Again, should I be around then, it would not be up to me to tell them how to choose.

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    1. I agree. Lead by example. I’m not out to change someone. I am just showing the truth of this world and if they want to change they can. My work is not to change someone. My work is to show the people who know that something is wrong in this world that there are other people that know this world is messed up too. I am here to back up the truth. It has been hidden for so long it needs to come out. Like Plato is showing in the post, they have not know anything else but the illusion. How can you know what light is with out darkness or know what softness is without something hard? So how do you know what a lie is if you are never shown the truth? My work is for the people searching to let them know there is truth.
      I am all about the individual and personal empowerment. This world is all about making sure people don’t realize their own power. I don’t think it has to do with numbers, I think it is showing people how powerful they really are. (Read my Magic post 😉)

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      1. OK, I skim-read the “Magic” post. Most of it is common knowledge to me, but I did pick up on some interesting side points. Some things I fundamentally had to disagree on and keep going. A fun romp through the concept of self-empowerment (my term for what you call Magic). I noticed a whole lot of misspelled or wrong words used throughout and wondering if you do this deliberately to make the reader pause and think. If you did, it’s genius. If you did not, something to think about. It works very well. The funny part is, they don’t come out as typos, but as symbols. I found it amazing. Let me know what you think?


      2. There are several I put in there on purpose, but now you got me wondering. I will double check it. I have shown in other writings that the phrase “In the beginning was the word”, is telling us what happened. Reading and writing of words put us in left brain thinking. Symbols were pure right brain. It is why ancient civilizations wrote in hieroglyphs. Patriarchs started words. You are the first person who noticed. Thanks. I’m still double checking though. 😉

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      3. Wouldn’t it be easier to convey lies (propaganda) with words than with symbols, then? We know the patriarchy is based on fundamental falsehood-a denial of nature.

        “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. God is a fundamental lie, one of the three superior, or over-riding principles of Matrix power over sentient life: Religion (God), the State and Money (Mammon) I don’t know if Government or the State has a divinity name associated with it as do the other two, but they are three ruling divinities, usually taking turns ruling a nation, an empire or a world. Sometimes they work together (as you see currently in North America and Europe) and sometimes they fight bitter wars for sole control, as for example during the crusades and the reformation.


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