Birth of a God

Why are so many of the gods born on December 25th? Quite a few are born to a virgin. In this post I will explain and show why all these gods are born on December 25th. I will also show you why some of them were born to a virgin.

People who have figured out that Christmas is about the sun like to show the pagan roots. It is a pagan tradition, but not in just the sense that they show. They only show the roots of Christianity. Christianity was very pagan before Constantine and the Council of Nicaea. They are not going back far enough. As far back as 10,000 BCE history is abundant with sun symbols and worship. The sun is the most adorned object of all time. Without it there would be no life on this planet. There would be no consciousness.  The ancients knew this and this is the main reason they assigned a god or gods to it.

The stars were just as important to the ancients. They created the constellations and the zodiac as a way to keep time and have access to the inner zodiac. As above, so below. As I have shown in previous posts, when someone like Alexander the Great wore ram horns, it is showing he was a King in the time of Aries. When you see a bull or something to do with it, they are showing the age of Taurus. This is why Jesus is associated with the fish. He was called the lamb of god and you see pictures of him holding a lamb because he was taking over after Aries. He is the Solar King of the age of Pisces. The story of Noah and the animals lined up two by two is showing the twins or the age of Gemini. Ancients personified the constellations in myths.

Lets see the gods that were born on December 25th to a virgin……


These are all gods that represent the sun. This is just a few.  On December 21 thru December 24th the earth ends it’s northern hemisphere tilting away from the sun. On these three days the sun rises in the same spot on the eastern horizon. At 12:01am on December 25th the earth starts tilting the northern hemisphere back towards the sun and the sun appears to rise a little further north than the previous three days. This is the beginning of longer hours of daylight and warmer days ahead. To the ancients the sun was reborn after dying for three days.

Before I let you in on why these gods were born to a virgin I have to show you the computerized picture I took on the spring equinox earlier this year.  This is a screen shot from star globe on the spring equinox.

Notice how the sun is rising near the end of Pisces and Aquarius is just off to the upper right. This is because we are getting close to leaving Pisces and will enter Aquarius, when the sun rises in that constellation in about 300 years. About 2,000 years ago the sun rose at the spring equinox at the beginning of Pisces. This will be important in a bit. The constellation before Pisces is Aries. Before Aries is the constellation Taurus.  Pisces is the fish.  Christianity is the Pisces religion.  The story of him feeding people bread and fish is all astronomical.  He was giving them knowledge about Pisces and Virgo, bread being a symbol of Virgo(see Feeding the Multitude).

Why are some of these gods born to a virgin? Since the sun is born on December 25 at  12:01 am, we have to look in the sky to see who the sun is born to. Right at midnight a certain lady is beginning to enter the eastern sky. This is because we are near the end of Pisces. At the beginning of Pisces she was completely in the eastern sky at midnight. In the time of Aries she was high in night sky at midnight and during the age of Taurus she was even higher. Who is this lady in the sky that the ancients saw her as giving birth to the sun(God)? You know her as the constellation of Virgo, better know as the virgin. Here she was a little past midnight earlier this morning.

Jesus will be the last solar god born of a virgin. Once we enter the age of Aquarius, Leo will be the constellation in the midnight sky on December 25th. Cancer and Gemini will be very high in the sky just above Leo. The new solar king or god will have to be born of a lion, crab or twins. Im betting they say the new Solar God in Aquarius will be born to twins.  When Aquarius begins Gemini will be high in the sky at midnight for the next 6,000 years or so.  They will come up with a story of a god being born to twin sisters.  Gemini is the twins.  That sounds just as ridiculous as being born to a virgin, but people will believe it.  In solar cults, the mothers of the Kings that actually existed were royalty and just like the Kings had to be personified in the stars, so did the Queen.  When the Queen had sexual relations with the King, he was a god incarnate here on earth. She was not having relations with a mortal, she was having relations with a god. So she remained a virgin. For more on this see His Royal Jesus.  Once Aquarius begins, Jesus will be filed with the rest of the fake gods and the people of the future will be wondering how we believed this garbage.  Yet they will probably believe twin sisters had a baby.

For those who are new to my work and are saying that Buddha and Krishna were born to a virgin and are very ancient, so that makes my theory null and void. Well this shows that I am correct in saying that Alexander the Great created both Hinduism and Buddhism(See Lemurian Magic and Cyclops). Alexander the Great was a King in the age of Aries.  In the age of Aries, Virgo would have been in the spot where you see Leo.  Just above where she is now.

11 thoughts on “Birth of a God”

    1. The zodiac is very interesting. I highly recommend checking it out. The zodiac and tarot were created by the ancients to help people connect with their inner oracle.


      1. I’ve tried, believe me! Nothing connects. I can “understand” the esoteric, travel through it, but it’s like math: never understood math, yet I’ve never had problems making numbers dance for me. I don’t think I can follow any “science” offered in pre-written formulas. I look in the sky, for example, and I see stars. I do recognize certain configurations that mean a particular constellation, like the dippers, Orion, a few other obvious ones, but there is nothing “inside” that connects me to those particular formations: they are just stars. There is no meaning beyond what I’ve written on my blog about the star dancers, or star people. I am trying to figure it out though. If I could connect these sciences to my own chosen purpose, then it would fall into place, but as long as I sense no particular need of them (and of course having seen them so grossly abused and misused by amateur psychics that I can’t trust the science) I rely on my own internal guidance for every move I make.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes it is grossly abused and misused. You can thank Alexander the Great for making it the nonsense that it is. It sounds to me like you are already connected. These arts were made to help people connect. If you are already connected, and it sounds like you are, then it’s like looking at a map when you already know where your going. 😊

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      3. Quote: “…it’s like looking at a map when you already know where your going.” An excellent point, that’s exactly what it feels like, but more, I was offered maps that were in error, much like the maps Columbus relied on the sail west to India or China, unaware that there were huge continents blocking his route. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not averse to learning, it’s what I hunger for…

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      4. Yes, just about every map is false in this world.
        True knowledge has either been lost or hidden. It is yet another reason why I read the ancient texts. Hunger for true knowledge is what it takes. We maybe in an age of information, but most of it is pure nonsense.


      5. Quote: “We maybe in an age of information, but most of it is pure nonsense.”
        A truism. Yet many consider information to be knowledge. “Google it” takes the place of a book on philosophy. The consequences of having sold out to technocracy.

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