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Phaethon is the son of Helios in Greek mythology. He is the one that begged his father to let him drive the chariot of the sun. Helios reluctantly agrees to let him drive it. His experience proved fatal. What is this myth telling us?

The name Phaethon means “shining one” or “radiant one”, so it is obvious that we are talking about the sun here. His father Helios was the sun in Greek mythology, but are we really talking about the sun? In truth this myth is giving away history and a lesson about your imagination running wild. The scribes of these myths loved to make fantastical stories about history and  give it a lesson on life.

What is this history lesson that this myth is showing? This myth was so popular in ancient Greece that it was even put into Plato’s Timaeus. Let’s see what it says…..

“There have been, and will be again, many destructions of mankind arising out of many causes; the greatest have been brought about by the agencies of fire and water, and other lesser ones by innumerable other causes. There is a story that even you [Greeks] have preserved, that once upon a time, Phaethon, the son of Helios, having yoked the steeds in his father’s chariot, because he was not able to drive them in the path of his father, burnt up all that was upon the earth, and was himself destroyed by a thunderbolt. Now this has the form of a myth, but really signifies a declination of the bodies moving in the heavens around the earth, and a great conflagration of things upon the earth, which recurs after long intervals.”

Those of you that know the true history of this earth, know what is going on here. In very ancient times there was a very bright planet in the sky. It was so bright the ancients called it the second sun. The name of this planet was Tiamat. In actuality it was an enormous watery planet that reflected the sun’s light. A cataclysm happened that caused the planet to fall. All that is left of this planet is the asteroid belt. To see what happened you will have to read the Lemurian Magic post. The myth says that Phaethon falling caused a gash in the sky and the deserts to form. This cataclysm did cause the deserts, but it also caused flooding and our weather on this planet. The myth also says Helios refused to take the sun across the sky until the gods talked him back into it. After a cataclysm of this size, it would appear that the sun was not in the sky for a long time, maybe several months.


In some versions of the myth it says that Phaethon fell into to the river Eridanus and other versions it says the tears of his sisters made the river. The popular meaning for Eridanus is ‘amber’. However if you take and separate this word to “Eri” and “Danus”, it becomes very enlightening. “Eri” means ‘my awake one’ or ‘my guardian’. This ‘Danus’ is what jumped out at me. This word has to do with the Tuatha de Danaan, or the people of the Goddess Danu. This name is so important that a Pharaoh of Egypt changed his name to Dannus, which is not a far cry from Danus(See Patriarch Pharaohs). In my research I have shown that this name has to do with Lilith(See Lemurian Magic). Make no mistake, these scribes loved to use word play to hide true events in plain sight. This myth is pointing to the destruction of Tiamat and the war of the gods.


What is the lesson the scribes put in this myth? The myth is basically saying “Don’t let your imagination run astray with your horses of passion”. You have to keep yourself grounded in this world because errant and unreasoned fantasies of a misdirected imagination are hazardous. Intellect must stand guard to hold the soul on the path of safety. That is what the thunderbolt that Zeus throws at Phaethon symbolizes. Phaethon losing control is his imagination running wild, so Zeus throws the intellect at him to bring reason back. To get to the truth you have to use your intellect. We have to keep in mind  the natural laws of this world.

In some versions of the myth it says that the scorching of the earth caused the Ethiopians to have dark skin. I think this is a later interpolation because it is just as ridiculous as the Cain and Abel myth.

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  1. I haven’t had time yet to peruse to offerings of this blog but I thought I should comment on this post. The thing about myths is they are open to interpretation even with written history behind them. Amazing, often destructive “things” or events, happened in distant pasts. So terrible were some that there arose a collective remembrance of these events. Then some were recorded, but the best information is always what can be remembered. I have some remembrances of the events surrounding Tiamat, the large, bright watery planet that was destroyed in the wars of the gods. Your interpretation matches my memories, in part, but there is a vast bit of difference: Before Tiamat, “earth” did not exist. The destruction of Tiamat created the asteroid belt, the part that was shattered. But a large portion survived, along with much water. That became earth. Tiamat was a living planet, abundant in life, much as earth was subsequently, though not as chaotic. There were mer people on Tiamat, my people. Most were killed during the long war, but some survived the shocks of the final destruction of Tiamat by hiding as deep as they could in the waters. Hence the myth of “mermaids” that were subsequently seen on earth. I have a very good memory and description of what these mer people looked like. You may be interested. Another point of interest: Tiamat had a very large satellite which the Sumerians called Kingu. That is now earth’s oversized and puzzling satellite, its moon. Very interesting accounts. I think I’m going to enjoy reading this blog.

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    1. What you remember is very close to what the ancient texts say. The destruction of Tiamat is very close to the creation of our human race. Before that there was only hominoids. We got our oceans from Tiamat. I am all about remembering, I believe people can tap into that human racial memory. Now hearing you I believe that you can tap into that alien memory. You are the first I have come across, what an awesome gift! I go by what I read in the ancient texts then can see what they are talking about in the myths. The Dogon tribe and some American Indian tribes have legends of the moon being brought to calm the earth after this war of the gods. I am very glad to have someone who even knows that the planet Tiamat even existed. Thanks for reading.


  2. Thank you. And so am I, glad to have encountered you and this blog to share information with. As I work (and I mean work!) on remembering those terrible events which our subconscious blocked so we could function upon awakening, I am reminded that in the cataclysms that befell Tiamat, some of her waters and many entities therein were flung out into space and captured by the outer planets, filling and covering them and their moons with ice. Within that ice, many of my people remain frozen, in stasis, oblivious. A very important future event for “us” will be to set them free. Will the mer people re-populate the oceans of earth? Probably, after mankind is gone, for it is also within the dream that soon, around a thousand years from now, the species calling itself human will leave this world, never to return. Arriving at this conclusion led me through another very long and twisted Odyssey of thought and dream and setting of purpose.

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    1. That is cool what you say about the mer people. I show that they were an aquatic race. I also show in my mermaid post that the symbol of the mermaid is showing the true bloodline of Lilith.


      1. I’ll use the “we” here. We were very much an aquatic race. Our humanoid bodies were designed for swimming very long distances, often swimming in company with whale and dolphin-like creatures with whom we could communicate. We had no permanent place, as in communities or (silly!) underwater cities! As humans we would have been considered quite odd, perhaps ugly. We had the basic human shape but much longer and much more muscular. Both males and females had long hair, that part’s true. Otherwise, forget the fish tails. We had elongated legs, very long semi-palmated feet and hands at the end of also long arms. We had skin growth between calves and thighs that allowed us to lock our legs together on long distance swims, or to escape predators, so from a distance, if we arched out of the water it would seem as if we had a tail, not two legs. Of course we had no clothing… and the girls did not wear shells to cover their tits either… ! Stupid Disney. On average the males were 14 feet in length, the females around 12, with lots of variations. Our skin colours varied depending on our areas, from almost black to a light beige, with many having green or bluish tinged skin. The colour of our hair matched our skin colour, necessary for camouflage. We coexisted peacefully, remaining either alone, or living in small family clans. The female usually gave birth on land, in a protected sandy cove and her partner for that pregnancy would usually be around to protect her. As soon as the child was born they all took to the water and left the place because the blood would attract predators. We were very clumsy on land and would not have been able to feed off the land having a system adapted to eating plankton and sea vegetables. We were not carnivorous and only dangerous if seriously threatened. We would flee rather than fight an attacker. We did not have, nor need, a civilization.

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      2. The size matches with what I know. The colors of skin could be how they gave everyone the races here on earth. I know they made the colors of skin for either protection from the sun or lack of sun. I think your people may have been hijacked by this alien race that came into our solar system. I have thought that alien race had a home on Tiamat, but from what you tell me, your people may have been victims to them as well. It wouldn’t take much to update my story. I show Tiamat as home to this alien race that made the human race as a slave race. It wouldn’t take much to show they hijacked your people on Tiamat as well. This is very interesting, you got me thinking. I love it!


      3. Thanks. I think it is important that these remembrances (not quite the same as memories) be talked about, compared, and the stories told so that holes that may exist between myths and histories can be filled in. From the mer people perspective, we could not know that we were highjacked by superior brains and evil – such was not in our temperament to understand, no more than American natives could understand what drove the European white plague that destroyed their world. I think a fair comparison?

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      4. I think most the native americans knew what was happening. They were Lemurian and knew the true history of this world. Their myths and legends are full of the war of the gods and the cataclysm. Only royalty, which included religion, knew the true history of this world. It is why they told everyone the world was flat. Can’t have people sailing to the Lemurians and learning the truth.


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