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Nymphs are in Greek and Latin mythology. As you will see they are also in Egyptian and Biblical mythology too. This post is going to be a huge surprise to people who have not read some of my previous work. Nymph is where the word nympho comes from and you are about to see why.

Nymphs are normally depicted as very young beautiful maidens. Some myths have them out in nature and in other myths they are part of a retinue of a god. Nymph in Greek means ‘girl of marriageable age’. To the ancients this was very young. I believe this word is coming from the Egyptian goddess Neith pronounced ‘Net’ and she was closely associated with the goddess Nut. Both of these goddesses were associated with nature and the sky. Young girls who were associated with these goddesses were temple priestess. Some myths have the nymphs around water and water is one of the signs for the female bloodline. These priestess were part of the royal bloodline. You could not be a girl off the street and be a priestess. You had to be of pure royal blood. Pharaohs and kings were considered gods. This is why a lot of the myths have the nymphs having sex with gods.

I had a suspicion nymphs were referring to the royal bloodline and when I read Hesychius, a Greek grammarian, said nymph meant ‘rose bud’, I knew I was on the right path. Rose and rose bud is an occult symbol for royal blood lines in myth. Just like pixie(Pict-sidhe), banshee(Behn-sidhe) and I’m starting to think faery comes from Pharaoh, and is pointing to royal blood lines. The ancients knew the true bloodline ran through the female. So nymphs are young females of the bloodline who were priestess.

What was the job of a priestess? In some ancient texts the temple priestess were called temple virgins or temple prostitutes. These priestess had sacred sexual duties to perform. Duties that ensured the fertility of the land and people in Egypt since the very beginning. The room in the temple that all this sacred sex happened was called the Nymphon. It was a bedroom for the betrothed. This is why Mary Magdalen is said to be a prostitute in the bible. It is meant for people “with eyes to see and ears to hear” to know what is exactly going on. Mary was a priestess. She and the biblical Jesus were royalty. This is why she is anointing his feet. To see what she is actually anointing, you will have to read His Royal Jesus. Ralph Ellis has shown that Mary the virgin and mother of Jesus became a temple priestess at the age of three.

This is why in some of these myths the Nymphs have sexual relations,but don’t have kids. They are to young or as the bible puts it, they are barren(See Patriarch Pharaohs). Calypso has sex with Odysseus for several years and never has kids. One version says 5 years another says 7 years. These young girls were taught to have sex with these guys and once they became of age to have children, they went from temple priestess to God’s wife. It was looked down upon to get a temple priestess pregnant. They actually wanted you to take her out of the temple and marry her once she became of age. Then you could get her pregnant, but surprises happened.

This verse of Mathew 9:15 should make sense now.

“And Jesus said unto them, ‘can the children of the nymphon mourn, as long as the bridegroom is with them? The days will come, when the bridegroom shall be taken from them, and then shall they fast’.”

Can you see the sexual innuendo in this verse?This was not about Jesus leaving his disciples. It’s about the party being over in the Nymphon because it was time to get married and make her God’s wife. Not all priestess became God’s wife, it was usually reserved for the oldest female of the bloodline. I can’t find a mandatory age on if they had to leave the temple, but with the nymphs being young in the myths I think they probably had to leave at a certain age. The priestess were probably married into other royal families, so the blood line would not go stale.

Some researchers try to say that nymphs were minor nature spirits. They were associated with nature because of the Goddess Neith, but there was nothing minor about them. They were the bloodline and that is why they were put in the temple. They were betrothed to princes that were future gods on earth. The only thing that was minor about them was their age.

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  1. Hey, this is good stuff. Stirring up latent “rememberings” that tie in to some of my past lives. I like “feeling” connections taking place when I read explanations such as yours.


    1. Very informative in a time of great need. A point to know 1 who had conflict within self! I thank you with the upmost gratitude.


      1. Very informative in a time of great need. A point to know where this inner conflict within myself draws from. I thank you with the upmost gratitude!

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