Bennu Bird

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The Bennu is an ancient Egyptian deity linked with the sun, creation and rebirth. The symbol for Bennu was the large grey heron. What exactly was this deity? Since I show that everything today comes from ancient Egypt, can we still see the Bennu bird today in our culture?

I could just tell you that the Bennu is the sun, but it is a little more complicated than that. The Egyptians say Bennu was a self-created being and was the ba of Ra. If you look at todays science it says that the sun and the rest of the solar system were formed from a giant cloud of gas and dust know as a solar nebula. The nebula collapsed and created the sun and planets. Here we have the ancients telling us what science has just recently discovered. So being the ba, or life force of Ra, it is the creative or life-giving force behind the sun. One of the titles for the Bennu bird was “He Who Came Into Being by Himself”. The Bennu also appears on funerary scarab beetle amulets. This is what the Egyptian Papyrus of Anana says:

The Scarab beetle in Egypt is no god, but an emblem of the Creator, because it rolls a ball of mud between its feet and sets there within its eggs to hatch. As the Creator rolls the round world and causes it to produce life.
The Bennu is clearly associated with the Phoenix. In Egyptian bennu means ‘palm tree’. As l showed in the Phoenix post, Palm Sunday is celebrating the Phoenix or the Sun. The palm leaves are the wings of the Phoenix. With the Phoenix being the Bennu bird, the palm leaves are the wings of the Bennu bird. Heliopolis was the city of the sun and that is where the Bennu bird was said to die and be reborn. This is talking about the sun leaving and astrological age and entering another one. Right now we are near the end of Pisces and will enter Aquarius in about 300 years. I also think that the ancients were showing the death of the inner sun or the death of the pseudo self, so the authentic self could be reborn. As above, so below. As within, so without. With some of the hieroglyphs of the Bennu bird wearing the crown of Osiris, or atef crown, I know that I am correct on this assumption.

Sometimes the Bennu bird is perched on the benben stone. Most researchers will tell you the benben stone is Ra. This is wrong. The benben stone was a meteorite that fell to the earth. To the ancients it was considered a piece of the sun itself. This stone was very sacred and magnetic. It was so sacred, that it was put in every Pharaoh’s ark. This was the magnetic stone in the Ark of the Covenant(see Ark of the Covenant).

What symbology do we have today that keeps the memory of the Bennu bird alive? The Bennu bird is the Phoenix and the Phoenix is still alive and well in our modern civilization. But as the years went on the image changed of the Phoenix. Just like it went from the heron to the Phoenix, it went from the Phoenix to the eagle. Yes all eagles in military, government and religion are the Bennu bird. These symbols are really symbols of the sun. The sun controls everything, so you can’t blame them for venerating it so much. But there is one symbol in modern-day society that almost keeps the original symbolism of the Bennu bird. That symbol is the modern day stork that delivers the infants to your door step.

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