Druidic Human Sacrifice


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This post is going to be different for me because I am usually trying to show the truth in the myths. This one I will be all about showing that druidic sacrifices, for the most part is false. The more I find out the more I realize that if this world says it’s false its more than likely true and if this world says its true, it’s probably false.

It is commonly believed that the Druids in ancient times performed human sacrifices. Most of these beliefs are coming from ancient Rome, ancient Greece and supposed archeological finding in Celtic Druidic areas. As I will show you, none of them are actual evidence of human sacrifices. In Lemurian Magic I showed that the Mayans did not sacrifice humans. The Aztecs did because after they conquered this advanced civilization, they wanted to be just like them and took their hieroglyphs literally. Writings about having rituals that were rites of passage from child to adult and giving your heart to the gods was taken literally. I will tell the reader now what I said then, don’t laugh. In the all religions today everyone takes them literally, so the Aztecs were not alone in doing this.

With the Druids this was done on purpose. First you need to understand where the term pagan comes from. It comes from old latin ‘pagan’. It meant anyone in Rome, or outside for that matter, who didn’t abide by the Caesar or the Pope. They were not in the  Pope’s or Caesar’s club. They were people of the land who were all about nature. Christians made them evil.

In Julius Caesar’s The Gallic Wars, he wrote “ that unless the life of a man be offered for the life of a man, the mind of the immortal gods can not be rendered propitious”. Julius also claimed that human sacrifices involving criminals were “more acceptable to the gods”. He even says that wicker men were even used to sacrifice people. Tacitus and Strabo also have writings about Druid sacrifice. Most historians will say that these writing are exaggerations at best or unreliable. I have shown that Julius Caesar was the biblical Jesus’ great grandfather, so we have another christian connection (See His Royal Jesus).

Both Roman and Greek writers were not directly witnesses to any such rituals. They were only told about the sacrifices from merchants, soldiers or other persons of rumors. None of these sources can be either considered neutral, nor would any of them have been able to witness a Druidic ritual of any kind. If you want to say that any of these rumors could have any accuracy to them, then lets see what Rome said about early Christianity. Remember this was not the religion of Rome until Constantine. It was said that they drank blood and did strange things to newborn babies. So if the strange symbolic rituals of Christianity were just that a ritual, then why can’t the Druidic sacrifices have been symbolic too? It was all symbolic just like the Mayans. All of them were rites of passage or symbolic rituals of rebirth. When a criminal or enemy was executed, the Druidic priests were probably present. That does not make it a sacrifice. When a King executed an enemy he had a priest present, it was called and execution. Today when someone goes to the chair, priests are present. Do we call this a sacrifice or execution?

The so-called archeological record of bog-bodies being discovered does not give evidence of sacrifice. How quickly people forget that this world has been full of wars and cataclysms.  Druids thought all life was sacred and buried it. Sometimes they planted a tree over the person or animal. They would even put the person in the fetal position because they saw them going back to the womb of the goddess or mother earth. I believe they are putting emphasis on the bog-bodies so people won’t pay attention to the ones that have been buried. The people who have been buried in Ireland have lots of secrets that expose the true history of this earth. That secret is Egyptian artifacts. Ireland and Egypt are very closely connected. See Patriarch Pharaohs and Leprechaun.

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