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The Tree of Life is another myth or symbol that can be found all over the world. Every religion has its own version. Even science tries to use it to show evolution. Researchers try to say that the World Tree or Cosmic Tree is the Tree of Life. What were the ancients trying to tell us with the Tree of Life?

The Tree of Life is the tree that has sprouted all other trees. It is the original. It seems every civilization, religion or culture has tried to make the tree it’s own. There are so many sacred trees out there. We have the World Tree, Bodhi Tree, Banyan Tree, Peepal Tree, the Tree of Knowledge, Yule Tree, and Wishing Tree to name a few. This post is only going to show the Tree of Life itself, not a specific Tree of Life like the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Stuff like this is a species of the tree, sort of speak. Everyone has grabbed the Tree of Life and made their own species or version.

To really understand the Tree of Life you have to realize that the tree to the ancients symbolized a higher intelligence. The tree was usually associated with the Goddess. Todays religions try to masculinize it any way they can. Even Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree is an attempt to masculinize the tree. All Bodhi means is ‘awakening’. Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree is him awakening to the feminine or goddess. In a patriarchal religion, you’re not suppose to know that.

In my work I have shown that this higher intelligence, force or nature is feminine. Do we still not call nature, Mother Nature? It is why the Ancient Greeks were a patriarch. They knew it was feminine, but thought they could control it by being masculine. I don’t care how advanced we become, we will never be able to control nature or see all her secrets. Even the ancient Egyptians knew this with the Veil of Isis, in which Isis herself is nature. Her being covered by a veil is showing the inaccessibility of natures secrets. The inscription at Sais says “I am all that has been, is , and shall be. No one has lifted my veil”. Meaning you will not control nature, but the patriarch religions have spun this to put women in a veil to not show their bodies. Again, the madness of religion!

What the ancients are showing here is that this feminine force encompasses all. I don’t meant feminine in the way our masculine minds think of feminine today. See my Magic post on feminine and masculine forces. The best way to do this was with a tree. When we think of an apple tree, we think of it as that because it produces apples. In turn these apples produce seeds that become other apple trees. The oak tree produces acorns that grow into other oaks right? The Tree of Life is the tree that produces life and seeds to create more life. The tree of life is this force that wants to create life or as we call it, Mother Nature.

We did not come into this world, we came out of it. The ancients are showing that nature is a tree and you are the leaves or the fruit on the branch. We are of nature. We are the offspring or symptoms of the tree. You were not given a body, it grew. It grew from this Tree of Life. Religions will tell you that god made you and everything else. This is absurd. When you understand that all religions were created by Masons it makes sense. Stone masons and architects make things and when you make something you put it together. When something grows it expands from within, like a seed or flowers.



You being a fruit of this tree means you can seed life and create. I’m not only talking about you having kids, but everything in your life is part of your tree. You have created everything in your life. Your life is your tree. You and everyone else is part of the Tree of Life. Some people are big towering oak trees and some are just small bushes. Just like science is finding out that tree’s roots connect with each other, we are all connected. It is just like the American Indians said “We are all one, we are all connected”. Some trees need to be pruned in order to be able to grow stronger and healthier. This is where I believe the human race is right now. The lies need to be pruned in order for the human race to advance. The Renaissance pruned the tree slightly and the human race has advanced more in the last 400-600 years than in any other time in recorded history. Let’s prune the Tree of Life of the rest of the lies of religion and get the human race back in tune with nature. Then maybe we can get back to being advanced civilizations that can build pyramids instead of lying about our history to keep people ignorant under control.

The higher you go the deeper your roots need to be. That’s just what will happen when you realize how much power you have as an individual instead of giving your power to a made up entity. The Tree of Life usually has three roots. The ancients are showing you a couple of things here. First, they are giving you the true trinity. Feminine, Masculine and Creation or Mother, Father and Child. Secondly, they are giving you how many Planes are in the Universe or the Tree of Life. The Great Physical Plane, the Great Mental Plane and the Great Spiritual Plane. If you have read the Kybalion, you know that gender feminine and masculine, manifests on all planes. The Tree of Life is not just nature it is the Universe itself. Which brings the question “Is this Universe a seed of another Universe that grew into it’s own tree?” If so did that Universe grown from another? Is there a whole forests of Universes? I think the ancients knew exactly what they were doing when they picked a tree for the Universe, so yes I believe there is a whole forest of Tree of Life.

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