Who is Lucifer? The archangel who challenged god’s authority and tried to become his equal. Religions equate him with the devil and Satan. Some versions say he was filled with too much pride or he wouldn’t honor Adam, so god threw him out. Is Lucifer the devil or Satan? What I have found is going to surprise most. I would say it is almost comical, but people and entire nations have been slaughtered over this character. 

Let’s begin with the devil. The devil we know today was a 4th century christian invention. About this time they gave him the name of Satan. Devil comes from the Greek diablos  and means ‘slanderer’. Satan comes from Hebrew satan and means ‘opposer’. This is exactly why the creators of religion came up with Satan or the devil in the 4th century. Lucifer goes back even further, but as you will see it’s all connected. Satan was a political word in Egypt for someone who opposed you. In the Bible when Jesus tells Peter to “Get behind me Satan”.  Although Peter might have slandered him, he was not calling Peter the devil. He was telling Peter “Quit opposing me, get behind me and my beliefs and join me”. Hillary would be Trump’s satan or vice versa. Anyone that opposes the big three religions is considered Satan. So if someone talked you out of believing, you were tempted by Satan or the Devil. If you religious types want to refer me as Satan, go ahead. Satan and God are different degrees of the same thing, as you will see.

Before I move on to Lucifer, some of the myths talk about him having too much pride and this caused the fall. This is just a lesson in not getting to full of yourself. People love the underdog and they love to see someone excel, but if you get the big head or get full of yourself, you are going to fall and fall hard. Then you have the myths of him not honoring Adam, so god threw him out. This is on par with the Lilith myth(See Lemurian Magic). I don’t think Lilith was the only one that was of pure alien stock that left. She and others were thrown out for not going along with making another slave race. There could have been a small group that tried to over throw the alien leaders. In the Sumerian texts it shows that they fought amongst themselves quite a bit. Also the fall of Lucifer may refer to the fall of Tiamat, the second sun. As you will see it is based on a fallen king, but everything a king does usually has an astrological equivalent. As above, so below.

Lucifer means ‘light bringer’ or ‘morning star’. Luciferianism is the worship of light or sun. Sun worship is very ancient, but the worship of only the sun has only been around since Akhenaton (See Patriarch Pharaohs). We live in a world of duality. The sun has so many positive aspects, but it also has negative aspects too. The sun warms us, gives us light and energy, causes are food to grow, but it can burn you and cause you to go blind. God and Satan are Lucifer, different degrees of the same thing.

Why is Jesus referred to as Lucifer or the bright and morning star? Well christians are worshipping the sun, but they are also worshipping his bloodline. If you have read His Royal Jesus or Gilgamesh, you know that all kings are given a star prophecy or a tale in the sky. Kings were the solar king or the sun. They take ‘As above, so below’ literally. So much of christianity has astrotheology in it because Jesus was a king. He is even written about again in the stars with King Arthur (see King Arthur). The 12 battles of Arthur is the same as the 12 battles of Hercules, it’s all astrological. The sun going through the 12 signs of the zodiac.

To understand why Jesus was called the ‘morning star’ or Lucifer you have to be familiar with Ralph Ellis’ work. Jesus’ bloodline was Egyptian, Persian and Greek. Through the Persian and Egyptian his bloodline went to King David and Akhenaton. Just like the texts say, he was a branch of Jesse. Jesse was David’s father. David has a star associated with his name, does he not? As I have said, these blood lines fight and their scribes like to be witty about it. The bible verse…

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground … But thou art cast out of thy grave like an abominable branch, and as the raiment of those that are slain, thrust through with a sword. (Isaiah 14-12, 19)

This is not describing an Antichrist. This is describing the fall of a king of Babylon, Nabondius. The Jews didn’t like Nabondius because he destroyed Jerusalem and he was of this bloodline. When one king falls another will eventually take his place. Jesus was born under a star prophecy of Pisces. Josephus did not like this bloodline and blames Jesus for the fall of Jerusalem too. Jesus being the new king born under a star prophecy he was the new Lucifer. Luce in old french means fish, Jesus was the new Fish(Pisces) King. Jesus also was the king who had fallen from heaven.

Now we get to the very witty part of this myth. When you think of the devil, Satan or Lucifer he always has horns right? Most researchers say that it is because of the pagan god Cern who had horns. Religious folks see pagans as evil. Good guess but not quite. Some say it’s because we get the word god from goat. They are getting closer. The reason this character has horns is the battle within religions. I have shown you that the splitting of Egypt had to do with the astrological signs of Taurus and Aries. When an artists who is faithful to Upper Egypt (Taurus) makes a Satan or devil, he puts goat horns on him. The goat being Aries of Lower Egypt. An artist who is faithful to Lower Egypt makes a devil or Satan with bull horns(Taurus or Upper Egypt). Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt were each others opposers and they slandered each other quite a bit(see Patriarch Pharaohs).

This brings us to Baphomet. Baphomet has a goat head and is doing the pose “As above, so below”. People go crazy when they see other people, mainly government officials and Masons, venerating this statue. They start screaming ‘satan worshipers’! The goat head is symbolizing when this bloodline started ruling, when the sun was in Aries. The upside down pentagram is sacred architecture. When people venerate Baphomet they are worshipping the sun, the bloodline of Jesus to David and on to Akhenaton, and sacred architecture. So when an alternative media website host gets you all worked up about Bohemian Grove, he is either ignorant or controlled opposition. When they have a giant Owl, that is symbolizing Lilith. If you have read my work, you know Lilith’s bloodline runs through out this world.

The most witty part of this myth is that so-called ‘Satan’ worshippers are venerating Jesus, Satan and the sun. Christians are venerating Jesus, Satan and the sun too. Jesus and Satan are different degrees of the same thing. The secret societies are laughing all the way to the bank. They are the ones making all the symbolism for sides and selling it. Anything to keep you from knowing the truth and fighting with each other.   God and the devil are different degrees of the  same thing, the sun and the black sun.  Where there is light there are shadows.

18 thoughts on “Lucifer”

  1. Another great post! I like your way of getting the things simple clear. Your article explains a lot of things that can also be seen/ understood for those who are ready for, from the movie (Lucifer). Thank you for your article! ❤

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    1. Thanks, Inaloveworld! 😊 I have not seen that Movie. I will have to check it out. You are very welcome. I have been very busy lately and should be able to resume to normalcy in about 2 weeks. Hoping to get back to writing and reading more posts.

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  2. Funny how the Vatican, the world’s most powerful and richest religion, condones astrology and does not acknowledge the characteristics of human nature associated the planets and stars, has their own observatory in Arizona!

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    1. Yes it is. They know exactly how it works and that’s why they keep an eye on all of it. Their excuse for having an observatory is that they need to observe the stars to keep the calendar right.


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