Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl

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I love the Aztec legend of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihauatl. These two are also known by their short names Popo and Itza. The legend is a fantastic love story of how the volcanoes came to be, but like all other legends and myths it has truth.

Popocatepetl and Iztaccihauatl refer to the Volcanoes that over look the Valley of Mexico and the myth of Popo and Itza explains their existence. Popocatepetl means smokey mountain and it is still an active volcano. Iztaccihauatl means white woman and it gets it name because with four snow-capped peaks it looks like a woman laying down. Iztaccihauatl is an inactive volcano. In ancient history volcanos were sacred centers, signs from god, and characters to the Aztecs and Mayans. The lord of the volcanos, Cuezaltzin, was also lord of light in darkness, god of day, warmth in cold and flood during famine. This deity was considered the mother and father of the gods and goddesses who dwelled in the earth. If you read Lemurian Magic, you understand that last part.

This legend has a few versions, but the gist is the same. Itza was a beautiful princess and Popo was a brave, young warrior. Itza’s father was a mighty ruler and Popo wanted to marry Itza. Itza’s father says that Popo has to go to battle against the tribes strongest enemy and return victorious. Popo loved the beautiful princess so much he accepted the challenge.

While Popo was away at battle, Itza was waiting for him to return. She was waiting for him for so long that her heart became full of pain while missing him. In some legends it says that the people of the tribe started telling her Popo was dead and in other versions it says that a love rival told her Popo was dead. In all the legends it is the same, that she didn’t question the news because she believed everything that was told to her. She trusted that nobody would be so cruel to lie to her about such things. She couldn’t imagine her life without her beloved warrior and she fell into the deepest sorrow and died of a broken heart.

Later Popo returned with the head of the enemy as proof of his victory. He wanted to see his future wife, but he was informed she had died. He couldn’t believe it and suffered for several days and nights. Then he finally decided to build a great tomb under the sun. He carried Itza in his arms and took her to the top of a great mountain. He kissed her lips for the last time and in the light of a smoking torch he fell to his knees in front of her. There he grieved over her and sat there until the snow covered their bodies and they became the two majestic volcanoes. The legend goes on about how whenever he thinks about her, his heart starts to beat and the fire and passion causes the volcano to erupt.

This is an awesome love story that everyone takes literally. So many people just have to get married at these volcanoes. I love romance as much as the next person, but I can see what this story is trying to say. It doesn’t say hurry up and get married before you and your lover die. This is a fantastic story of the masculine and feminine side of the mind. The ancient Lemurians were very big on balance of the masculine and feminine. They understood that the human race is in the masculine mind-set. They knew the real history of this world.



In Magic I showed you that you have two sides to your mind. The masculine or ego and the feminine or subconscious. If you are constantly in the ego trying to prove yourself, you are in the masculine mind-set. This is where 99% of the human race is today. I showed that your subconscious believes everything it is told and that it how the controllers of this world are able to do what they do. You need to use the ego to guard the gates of your subconscious. Popo goes off to prove himself and leaves Itza alone. In the legend she dies and today this is why the masses are known as the ‘walking dead’ or ‘walking zombies’. This legend is showing that the masculine must work with, guard, and do the will of the subconscious(feminine) or you are spiritually dead. Ancients all over the world knew this and it has been hidden from everyone for a long time. To understand how to get the mind to do this see my Magic post.

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