Goddess Beira

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In Scottish folklore, Beira is the goddess of winter. She can also be found in Irish and British mythology. In Wonder Tales she is known as the mother of all the gods and goddesses. She was described as having great height and everyone feared her. Height, mother, and she is from the area of the Tuatha de Danann! Now you have my attention.

When I first started on the texts about Beira I could see she was Gaia or Mother Nature herself. They talk about each spring her subjects would rebel against her and long for the upcoming summer. She would get mad and send spring snow storms and frost to kill off early flowers and keep the grass from growing. If you live in the type of climate of Scotland, Ireland and Britain, you know they are just describing what nature does in early spring. Of course today our patriarch world has made Beira old man winter.

Every spring Beira drank the magic waters from the Well of Youth and this is how she never died of old age. Again it is a fantastic story of nature’s renewal every year. What got my attention is where the water came from, The Green Island of the West. It is described as the floating island where summer is the only season. The trees are always bright with blossoms and laden with fruit. It was in the Atlantic off the western coast of Ireland. If you have read Lemurian Magic, you know this myth is describing the very spot of Atlantis. I showed Atlantis had a very temperate climate before the tilt of the earth. The tale goes on about how Beira ages quickly. In the spring she is a beautiful young maiden. She reaches full womenhood by summer. By winter she is an old crone. This is the triple goddess of nature, maiden, mother and crone. Christians stole this and made it the trinity, but also our patriarch world turned her into father time and the new years baby.

The legends talk about how she is very old and she saw land where water is and water where land used to be. The stories go on about how she made the mountains and hills. They describe her sons fighting and throwing boulders at each other. They describe her creating rivers and lochs and shutting people in mountains. She shut them in the mountains to keep them from fighting. It says she carried a creel and as she jumped from mountain to mountain, rock and earth fell out to create islands. She had a magic hammer that she would strike on the ground. Sometimes lightly and sometimes heavily. Causing the land to appear where water was and water to appear where land was. It goes on about how she left a cover off a mountain that caused more water to come down. Is this not a fantastic tale of the cataclysm that I showed you in Lemurian Magic? I showed during the war of the gods mother nature had enough and the earth started tilting uncontrollably. People went into the ground to get away from the cataclysm. Most researchers say this is just a made up fairy tale about why such huge boulders are on the mountains. Those same researchers will tell me I have boulders loose in my head.

The texts go on to say that the wild animals were delighted with the new world and they followed and protected Beira. If mother nature stopped the war of the gods, of course the animals would look like they loved her. The fighting would have stopped and the animals that survived the cataclysm would have come out from hiding, free from these so-called gods and humans. Free to roam the world, just like it should be. It says that Beira washed her Shaw and laid it across the mountains. When she picked it up, it left snow and it was the sign of the beginning of her reign. Researchers say this is the beginning of winter. Well they are partly right, but it doesn’t say she does this every winter. It says it is the beginning of her reign. There was no winter before this cataclysm. That is why the patriarchs see her as evil. They know the truth. The tilt of the earth caused the seasons and extreme weather. She was not considered evil until the patriarchs came from Lower Egypt and conquered the Tuatha de Danann(See Patriarch Pharaohs). Her being feared and evil was interpolated later by the patriarchs.

The great pagan scribes of these myths kept the secrets while showing aspects of the goddess. Writing these stories the scribes were able to hide the truth in plain sight and kept them safe from the patriarchs. One last truth in this myth has to do with her being the Mother of all gods and goddesses. You could say that all these gods and goddess were aspects of yourself and nature and that’s what they were pointing to, but I think it is giving something more occult. The myths states that her kids, mainly sons, would not stop fighting. As I have hypothesized before, Lilith’s blood runs on both sides of the gods. She is the mother of the Atlantans and Lemurians. You will have to read my other posts, mainly Lemurian Magic, to understand what I am talking about.

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