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Those of you that know my work, know I find the other side of the story in conflicts to find the truth. Thanksgiving is no different. Americans can put whatever spin they want to on this holiday, but the truth can not be suppressed forever. I am all about getting together with family and having a good time, but do it on a holiday that means something to you personally. Like all holidays this one is all about the almighty dollar and the real truth about this holiday has been hidden. The winners write their version of history.

Everyone knows the fairy tale version of Thanksgiving, about Native Americans helping the Christian settlers. Canada has their own version of Thanksgiving with stories of their own. When you dig into the history, your told it was a harvest festival in different areas giving thanks for the years harvest and blessings for the upcoming year. Well at least these religious fanatics left some kind of pagan observation to it. Then in November 1789 George Washington and the Continental Congress declared it a day of public thanks giving and prayers to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many favors of the almighty god. In other words give thanks to your god that you are not a Native American. Let’s get on with the truth.

It is pretty well-known that the whole Thanksgiving fairy tale is a lie. Your so-called liberals that are on television know the truth, yet they go on telling you to buy this, eat that, and enjoy your holiday. Why are your favorite actors and actresses not exposing the truth about this? Government officials definitely know the truth, why are they so silent? As I have shown in previous work, the truth goes only as far as their paycheck. What I’m about to show you is no occult secret. Certain facts may not be known, but all in all it is known we stole this land from the Native Americans. Why is this not being screamed from the tree tops? Because religious people don’t want to hear how evil religion really is.

Digging into this I found out that most Native Americans may look like they are celebrating Thanksgiving, but what they are actually celebrating and giving thanks for is that their blood line was not completely destroyed. They are a select group of survivors and most these families have inside knowledge on what really happened. The stories they know are full of bigotry, hatred, greed, and self-righteousness. They know that this same hatred has caused all the problems we see in the world today, environmental devastation, racism, poverty and world wars. In my work I have shown that the Native American is of Lemurian descendant. If you have read Lemurian Magic, you know why they have been treated the way they have.

Lets start about 1614 when English explorers took back a ship full of Native American slaves. These same explorers left behind small pox that almost wiped out the Native Americans that had escaped. By time the so-called Pilgrims got over to Massachusetts, the English explorers had brought Squanto back to America with them from England. He was said to have survived slavery and learned English. In my research I found out that he was shown the ways of the Catholic church and the Native Americans didn’t trust him when he came back. Some  historians believe he was killed or poisoned because of his disloyalty. I personally think that he was the Josephus Flavius of the Native Americans (See His Royal Jesus). Squanto was the only one that came back unharmed. I think he was in this for himself or he thought it was futile to resist. Squanto learned the ways of the Catholic church while he was in Spain. I can just see the Friars telling him “We conquered and massacred the Aztecs and Mayans about 100 years ago. Play along and we won’t roast you right now, and maybe we will let your people live”. All while keeping their fingers crossed behind their back. Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to plant corn and how to fish. He negotiated a treaty between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag nation. At the end of the first year the Pilgrims held a great feast honoring Squanto and the Wampanoags. This is the feast your told about. It was not a thanksgiving feast, that will be shown shortly.

Word spread in England about the new world paradise. Religious zealots better known as Puritans started arriving and because there was no fences they laid a stake to any piece of land they wanted. They joined with the English settlers to seize land and grabbed young indians as slaves. Killing all who would not cooperate in the name of god and Jesus. The Pequot Indians had not agreed to the treaty that Squanto had negotiated and they fought back. This was one of the bloodiest Indian wars fought. In 1637 in near present day Groton, Connecticut, the Pequot tribes had joined together to have their Green Corn Festival in which they called it their Thanksgiving. The day of their festival English and Dutch mercenaries surrounded the sleeping Indians at dawn and ordered them to come out of the longhouses. The ones that obeyed and came out were shot and clubbed to death. The ones that stayed inside the longhouses were burned alive. In one fell swoop, over 700 unarmed men, women and children were slaughtered. That day the Massachusetts Bay Colony governor declared it a “Day of Thanksgiving” as a slam towards the indian tradition. This is where the name Thanksgiving comes from.

From this point on the colonists and their Native American allies, yes allies, would attack village after village. Women were raped and the children were either killed or sold as slaves. Most male Native Americans were murdered because christians are a patriarchy. Boats full of Native Americans to be sold into slavery left the New England harbor regularly. I found a number of 500 slaves per ship. Bounties were paid for indian scalps to encourage people to kill them. A church that is in now modern day Stamford, Connecticut, announced a second day of thanksgiving after yet another successful raid. During the feasting they cut the heads off some slain indians and kicked them around the streets like soccer balls. Even the ally Wampanoag tribes were not safe from the christian colonists. The colonists beheaded their chief and had the head impaled and on display for 24 years in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The raids and killings set a frenzied pace. After each successful massacre they had thanksgiving feasts. I don’t know the exact number, but there were multiple feasts. George Washington finally stepped in and suggested only one Thanksgiving day a year to celebrate each and every massacre. Then when Abraham Lincoln was President, he made it a national holiday during the Civil War. On that same day he ordered troops to attack the starving Sioux in Minnesota.

After doing this research, I wonder how the hell christians can call the Native Americans savages. Just remember that when you sit down for your Thanksgiving dinner that all the traditional food is pure Native American. Not only did we steal their land and tradition, we celebrate it each and every year. Who are the savages now?

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