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Twins are all over mythology. In every culture of the world there are twins in some part of the mythology. In some myths the twins are good and others they are evil. They can work together as two halves of the same whole, sharing a deep bond or they can be fierce rivals. Did the ancients see twins as something special? What were they trying to tell us with twins in stories?

If you have read my Noah’s Ark post, you know that Gemini is the twins. I revealed that the Noah myth was showing that this is the time that Noah’s bloodline came into Egypt. The two by two was pointing to the age of Gemini, the twins. There is an even deeper meaning to the twin symbolism. Not all these stories of twins happened during the age of Gemini. With the exemption of Castor and Pollux, when the scribes are pointing to the time of Gemini, they won’t just come out and say twins. Castor and Pollux are the constellation Gemini and their myths points to how Gemini can not be seen half the year in the northern hemisphere. In other myths when the scribes are pointing to Gemini, they will use two things that look-alike or they will use Sagittarius. Remember the opposite sign is just as important in the occult. If the scribes are not pointing to the time of Geminin in the twins myth, what are they trying to show?

Researches have tried to say they are showing  dualism in nature and the universe. Again they are simply wrong. When the myths show dualism in nature or universal forces more often than not they used good and bad goddesses, witches or sisters. Sometimes they would have a good female turn bad. To the ancients the universe and nature were feminine. Patriarch religions and societies have literally stripped the sacred feminine from our world. What you see today is not feminine, it is what masculinity thinks feminine should be. If feminist really want things to change in this world, they need to study ancient matriarchs and the sacred feminine.

When you see twins in myths they are pointing to you. You and your higher self. You are the earthly twin of your higher self. That is why some of the myths have a woman sleep with a mortal and a god in the same day. So she can have one twin godlike and the other mortal. Like Hercules and Iphicles. They are pointing to the same thing the bible is pointing to when it says “The first man was of the dust of the earth; the second man is of heaven”. They don’t talk about that one in Sunday school. All of them are pointing to you and your twin, your higher self.

When the myths have a good and evil twin, it is showing a couple of things. Good and evil are only in the mind. What one person thinks is good another person may think is evil. Each twin always has a group of followers. In universal order there is no right or wrong, there just is. You have to have both forces for movement. Without movement you can’t have creation. When these twins are constantly battling each other, it is you not on your path. If you are not on your path, you are constantly going against your higher self. You are literally at war with yourself. I go into how to find your path in the Magic post.

Then you have stories of twins that are male and female. We as humans are in the masculine. It does not matter if you are a male or female, all humans are in the masculine. We need to find the sacred feminine. Your higher self is nature, so it is feminine. That is what these stories are showing, masculine and feminine working together. Some Norse myths have twins with horses. Horses have always been an ancient symbol of the sacred feminine. It is symbolizing the same thing.

Just remember that anytime you see twins in a story or myth it’s not just Gemini they are symbolizing. They are also symbolizing  you and your higher self.

2 thoughts on “Twins”

  1. Interesting post! I believe many of us are fascinated with twins and although a bit different, the doppelganger. That may be because we sense, as you say, the search for the sacred feminine or higher self.

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    1. Thanks, Poeturja. I’ve often wondered if twins have the same higher self, if they are not just connected here but also there. I can’t find anything in the ancient texts, but it is fun to think about. I think we are gods and goddesses playing a role here. A god or goddess that has split their self in two to have two different experiences at the same time. That is an experience worthy of the gods. 😉


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