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The Furies are from Greek mythology and are also knows as Erinyes(the angry ones). They are called female chthonic(underworld) deities of justice and vengeance and sometimes are called the infernal goddess. So who were these daughters of night that live in the underworld?

I love this myth because it is showing the battling of the wits that I talk about in other posts(See Basilisk and Cyclops). The Greeks associated women with the earth, nature and the underworld. This is the main reason ancient Greece was a patriarch(See Circe). This is probably why a scribe made the furies three Goddesses, but I think it had more to do with a patriarch civilization making the Goddess evil. Just like all myths, people have taken this one literally. In truth the Furies have to do with the consciousness or going to the underworld. The underworld is not hell like religions would have you believe. It is the subconscious and that is why they live in the underworld.

The were born when Kronos(Saturn) castrated his father Uranus. This myth is pointing to the cataclysm of the planets colliding. It is also showing what caused this. Child castrating his father? If you have read Lemurian Magic, you know the first creation(child) rebelled against the aliens(parent). They literally castrated them of their kingdom. This caused the war of the gods and the cataclysm. Right after this event our infantile minds were on their own. We had a divided mind, masculine(alien) and feminine(hominid). The ego had to take control for our survival. This is why all humans are in the ego mind. The enlightened scribes were trying to show us how to get back to the universal order, but the scribes that don’t want the masses to know the secrets have stepped in and made things evil or nonsense. This is where the battle of the wits comes in.

They myths talk about the Furies driving people crazy and the worst crime is patricide(killing your father) or matricide(killing your mother). The patricide and matricide are talking about the masculine and feminine side of the mind. If you are only using one side of the mind you are not going to make it through the underworld. Manly P Hall talks about people going crazy that get involve in the occult and underworld. The key is to balance the masculine with the feminine or you may go crazy. You can not be polarized and expect to learn the real secrets. As I explained in Magic, that is why the alternative websites are the way they are. To keep you polarized and from learning the true secrets. As long as you think there is secret societies running your world, then they do. As long as you give them that power they will run your world. That is as far as you will go. Not ever realizing your true power. That is why certain scribes made things in myths evil. Just like most of the todays alternative websites, it was to keep you from learning your true power.

The Furies have serpents for hair. Serpents are always associated with wisdom(See Medusa). In the underworld if you don’t go crazy, you will be taught wisdom. When the story refers to murder and atonement. The murder is the death of your pseudo self and the atonement is the same as it is for Egyptian goddess Maat. When Maat measures the feather of knowledge against your heart, it is not about good and evil like we are led to believe. It is the measuring of the masculine with the feminine to see if they are balanced. It is also measuring to see if your heart is balanced with nature. If they are balanced you pass through the underworld. That is what this myth is pointing to, but they use the murder of the pseudo self. This brings your atonement and rise of the authentic self.

The pagans had the triple goddess, but to a patriarch society any thing that had to do with a matriarch and the goddess was evil. They were called the angry ones because once you start your journey into the underworld your ego will literally get angry. It will say anything to stay in control. Greek men became so scared to the Furies that they started calling them Eumenides(the nice ones) hoping it would calm the underworld process down.

The Furies are fantastic stories of how you have to use the goddess or sacred feminine in the underworld. We as humans are in the masculine(ego) mind. The scribes that didn’t want people to know the truth made these Furies evil, just like they make all things feminine evil. Just remember that just because it feels like you are falling apart or going crazy doesn’t mean it is evil. The Furies have to break down the walls that you have put up in your entire lifetime. The more walls the harder it will be. Once those walls are down, the Furies will give you the greatest wisdom you will ever have known.

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