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Circe is the goddess of magic in ancient Greek mythology. She is usually described as a witch or sorceress in the myths. She is renowned for her vast knowledge of potions and herbs. So what is the myth of Circe trying to tell us or show us.?

The first clue to Circe is that she is describes as living in a Mansion in the middle of a clearing in dense woods. The mansion is the zodiac and them using dense woods means we are talking about the inner zodiac too. As I showed in Magic, nothing is outside of you. The ancients created the zodiac to help with inner work, the dense forest or underworld. Now that you understand what mansion actually symbolizes, you can make sense out of the verse in the bible saying his father’s house has many mansions. The scribes of the bible didn’t understand the zodiac is the mansion and it has many houses, so they got it backwards. The bible was written in a hurry to bring a certain group of people under control, so this mistake doesn’t surprise me(see His Royal Jesus). In the myths when they talk about Circe changing men into Lions, wolves, pigs or other animals, it is referring to constellations. If you have never heard of a wolf or a pig(boar) constellation, you can thank Alexander the Great. He is the one that made the zodiac the nonsense it is today. Alexander didn’t think the masses should be let in on the real secrets. One of the main reasons he created Buddhism. As long as you keep giving your power to some made up entity, the secrets are safe.

Circe worked at huge loom and always carried a wand or staff. Like all goddesses Circe is part of or is nature. A loom is a weaving device and mother nature is constantly weaving. Them showing her with a wand or staff is pointing to what is needed to create. Circe is a goddess, so she is the sacred feminine. Putting a wand or staff with her is adding masculinity. You need both masculine and feminine to create your reality. Some researchers say the ancient Greeks didn’t understand this, that is why they were a patriarch. I disagree slightly. I know the Greeks understood that nature was the sacred feminine. I think they really believed that they had to be a masculine culture to get the feminine to work for them. The ancient Greeks were brilliant, they just over thought everything. I know they understood feminine and masculine principals because they had gods and goddess. They just went about it in the wrong way. They were using the masculine side to enforce their will. The more enlightened scribes were putting it in the myths of what actually needed to be done. That is the balance of the feminine with the masculine. We are so far into the masculine that we can’t even see in the most recent myths that the holy grail is the sacred feminine. Researchers are going around looking for an actual cup. The cup is the ancient symbol for the womb and sacred feminine.

Circe is where we get the word circle. The zodiac is a circle in the sky. It is also where we get the word church. The heavens were the original church and circle to the pagans. Circe was the original life-giver associated with the snowdrop flower. Calling it a snowdrop flower I believe is pointing to the original homeland in the arctic, Atlantis. Circe’s name is a variant of Taurt, Egypt’s most ancient goddess of heaven. Taurt is where we get the name Tarot. Circe is associated with the zodiac, Tarot and nature. Now you now why she is the goddess of magic.

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