Ark of the Covenant

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So much has been made about the Ark of the Covenant. It is said that god spoke to Moses while sitting between two cherubim on the Ark. Some say it has the power of god housed in it along with the stone tablets that had the Ten Commandments. Movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark have only fed into the fantasy of what this Ark actually was.

The Ark of the Covenant or the ‘Arown Beriyth’ is better translated as the Ark of the Treaty. Traditionalist say this is a reference to the treaty that was made between Moses and god. What the hell does god need a treaty for!!!!???  Ancient Aliens goes on about how this maybe a treaty between alien overlords and humans. At least that makes a little more sense than an all-powerful bearded man who wants to be praised all the time making a treaty with Moses. If you have read Patriarch Pharaohs, you know this treaty is the treaty between the Hyksos(Israelites) and the Upper Egyptian Pharaohs, Ahmose and Amenhotep.

Why would Jacob, Moses and Aaron want an Ark? As I have shown in earlier work, Aaron was Akhenaton, Moses was his brother Tuthmoses and Jacob was Yacobaam. Akhenaton and Yacobaam were Pharaohs of Lower Egypt. Tuthmoses was the high priest of Akhenaton. Negotiations between Upper and Lower Egypt for the Lower Egyptians to leave included lots of precious metals and an Ark. What most people don’t know is that every Pharaoh of Egypt had and Ark. Google Ark of Tutankhamen and you will see something very similar to what the bible describes as the Ark of the Covenant. As Ralph Ellis points out, look at any statue of any Pharaoh of Egypt and they will be depicted as holding two poles and striding forward. The poles were the carrying poles of their Ark.

This Ark had a couple of purposes. Its main purpose was to house images of the gods. The gods were thought to be beings of the heavens, the stars and planets. The Pharaohs themselves were thought of as earthly representations of the gods themselves. The Nile was a representation of the Milky Way. The Pharaoh and the Ark would get into a boat(barques) and go see the people of Egypt. This was one of the duties of a Pharaoh, carry the Ark around for its symbolic journey of the heavens. The other purpose was for this Ark and barque to be  buried with the Pharaoh with some sacred documents and sacred possessions inside.

What about the power of this Ark? Where did this power come from? As I said earlier the Ark housed the images of the gods. Well the Egyptians had the Benben stone. This sacred Benben stone was a meteorite. A piece of a star or planet, or a symbol of a god. This Benben stone was magnetic. No the magnetism was not the power of god, I will get to that in a bit. Although magnetism was probably mystical to the ancients, especially to the uninformed masses, it was still understood by royalty. No this power was used for a very specific purpose. When the Pharaoh went around on the symbolic journey of the gods, they stopped at most of the sacred temples. People from all over came to see the Pharaoh just like they come see the Pope today. Well all these Temples and Pyramids were expensive to keep up. They didn’t run themselves, so this Ark was a collection plate of sorts. All money back then was made with precious metals, mostly gold and silver. Gold and silver like most precious metals is not effected by magnetism. The Ark was heavily guarded while people came by an tossed their temple taxes in. If it did not stick to the Benben stone it was real money. Putting counterfeit money in would stick to the Benben stone because of magnetism. If a person got to close or put counterfeit money in the Ark, they would see the true power of god(the Pharaoh). The guards would literally show you the power of god. So the power from the Ark was magnetism and the Pharaohs authority.

The Ark of the Covenant is exactly what it says, the Ark that carried the treaty of the Hyksos people. It probably did carry the Ten Commandments in it because the Upper Egyptian Pharaoh told them to take their crazy religious commandments with them. If god talked to Moses while he was sitting on the Ark between the cherubim decorations, it was Pharaoh Akhenaton(god) talking to his brother Tuthmoses. Like all things of the Hyksos, the truth is loose. I have no doubt that when the Hyksos, even after they were booted out of Egypt, took their Ark around for the people to see and add money to. They were very hard on the ones who didn’t have real money. This probably added to the fantasies of the Ark.

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