King Arthur

King Arthur was supposedly a King in England during the 5th and 6th centuries CE. According to medieval histories and stories he led England against the Pics, Saxon, and Roman invaders. Researchers are all over the place about King Arthur. Who was he? Did he really exist?
Most researchers try to say Arthur was a real king and then force the stories of the history on a real king. Then you have other researchers that say he didn’t exist. If you are familiar with my work, you know there is truth in all myths. King Arthur is no exception.

The problem we have with King Arthur is that no one can find him in the historical record. Until now. The person that found him was Ralph Ellis. This work will be from the work of Ralph Ellis with some of my own interpretations. Ralph’s book “The Grail Cypher” is brilliant, like all his books. If you want to dive deep into ancient history, all his books have priceless information.

The problem we have with King Arthur is he was supposed to be a very wealthy king in the 5th and 6th century, but he is known to no one until the 12th century. This is when Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote Historia Regum Britanniae (History of the Kings of Britain). About the same time Normandy and German authors start writing all sorts of information about King Arthur too. How do these authors know so much about this king that no one in medieval time cared to write about. Let’s go to the Medieval scribes to see if we can find King Arthur.

Gildas was a 6th century historian and was called ‘Gildas the Sapien’ or ‘Gildas the Wise’. Gildas does not mention King Arthur at all. Caradoc of Llancarfan wrote a book in the 12th century called “Life of Gildas” and he says Gildas was a contemporary of King Arthur. He also says Gildas had 23 brothers who revolted against King Arthur. Was Gildas trying to erase King Arthur from history or was Cardoc of Llancarfan trying to invent history?

Bed, an 8th century historian, never mentions King Arthur. Nannies, a 9th century historian, never mentions King Arthur. Armes Prydein (Prophesy of Britain) and Annales Cambiae (Welsh Annals) do not mention a king called Arthur. The Annales of Cambiae is a Welsh chronicle and it mentions an Arthur, but not a King Arthur. No one mentions King Arthur until Monmouth writes History of Kings. So why is it no one has heard of the Great King Arthur until 1135? Is he simply the imagination of Monmouth or is there history to be rediscovered? Why did all these writings and stories burst on to the scene in Northern France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Spain, and Britain in the 12th and 13th centuries? King Arthur supposedly lived in the 5th and 6th centuries. The biggest thing that got me was that King Arthur was supposed to be a late 5th to early 6th century king, but there are no writings of him from that time period. The stories say he refused to pay Rome tax tribute. Rome pulled out of Britain in 410 CE or very early 5th century. This told me something was being covered up.

Lets look at King Arthur’s name. Arthur comes from Celto-Welsh arth meaning ‘bear’ or arth-fawr meaning ‘great bear’. These originally come from Latin and they are referring to Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. The Latin word is Arktos, which in greek means ‘bear’. It is where we get ‘arctic’, which means north and the Great Bear is a northern constellation. Ursa Major was also know has the great chariot or cart and this is why they mention King Arthur’s cosmic cart. Just like I showed in Epic of Gilgamesh, great royalty is associated with the stars.  This is where King Arthur’s 12 battles in Britain come from, its astrological. Just like Hercules’ 12 battles. The 12 battles are the sun going through the zodiac. The birth of Arthur is basically the story of Hercules told in a different way. That tells me we are looking for someone of royalty for King Arthur’s true identity. When I give you his true Identity, I will explain why they associated this king with the Great Bear.

Now lets check out Uther Pen Dragon. Uther was said to be Arthur’s father and Uther in Welsh means ‘terrible’. So everyone thinks it means ‘Terrible Head of dragon’. Truth is that when you go from language to language like all these scribes have done, Uther is the same as Arthur. Uwth was Aramaic and it refers to Ursa Major or the Great Bear. Uther’s full name would mean ‘Bear Head Dragon’ or ‘Bear Chief Dragon’. Pen means head and Dragon means fish. The fish is Pisces. Ralph Ellis has shown that in the original scripts of King Arther, Uther was Uther Ben Dragon, not Uther Pen Dragon. Ben means son. The real name would be Arthur(Uther) Son(ben) of Dragon(fish) or Arthur son of Pisces.

Another key to King Arthur is when the stories popped up. They started in the 12th century. During the crusades. To keep it short, Islam, the thugs of the Vatican, were tearing up the Near and Middle East. Just like they are doing today with this information leaking out. Count Baldwin of Boulogne went straight to Edessa in Syria. He and the Templars took Edessa back from the Muslims. Of all the places in the so-called Holy Land, why would they go to Edessa in Syria? If you know Ralph’s work or you have read my earlier writings, you know the true location for the biblical Jesus and his family was in Edessa, Syria.

Truth is the Vatican created Islam to destroy any and all evidence it could about the origins of Christianity. This is what the crusades were all about, Islam going in and destroying as much of the evidence as possible. The Templars brought back Edessan manuscripts to Norman France in the early 12th century. The scribes made the myths of King Arthur to keep the Vatican from burning them at the stake. Only the authors and a small group of Templars knew that the stories of King Arthur were of the biblical Jesus . It is why there are 12 knights just like 12 disciples. It is why there is a Fisher King, Jesus was the king of the Piscean age, the Fisher King.

King Arthur is the biblical Jesus. Jesus(Manu) was from Edessa and he was a warrior prince and king(see His Royal Jesus) who refused to pay Roman taxes. He was of the Nazarene sect. This sect was very big into astronomy and venerated the zodiac. The reason the scribes made him Arthur or Great Bear is that in the northern hemisphere, if you look at the zodiac in the night sky, the Great Bear is in the middle. Ralph’s book, The Grail Cypher, will show how they used astronomy and put the story in Britain to save the history and hide it in plain sight from the Vatican. Just like most myths it is confusing, but once you know the truth, you can put the pieces together. I believe that once the Vatican caught on to the stories of Arthur being Jesus, the true hatred toward this bloodline began.

When Jesus was young he was being educated in Egypt, this is why the scribes don’t know much about his younger years, and he met a person by the name of Hero. This is Merlin. Hero of Alexandria was a scientist and the Da Vinci of his day. He created the water to wine jug that was used at Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s wedding. Gwenevere is Mary Magdalene, Sir Lancelot is their son. It is why they put the story in there about Lancelot and Gwenevere having a forbidden love affair. This tells me Mary Magdalene could have had an affair with her own son, this is what Egyptian royalty did. Morgan le Fay is Martha. Jesus(Manu) married both his sisters Mary and Martha. The story of Excalibur is a fantastic story hinting at what the holy grail really is. That being a stone, the bloodline and the sacred feminine. For all the rest of the characters, you will need to see Ralph’s books. I will end with one final clue the scribes gave to show that this was not an English story. The name Camelot is pointing to Egypt. Cam or Khem is a very ancient name for Egypt. Those in the on the secrets know Jesus was Egyptian. (See His Royal Jesus)

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