Pandora’s Box

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Pandora’s box is supposed to be an artifact in Greek mythology, taken from the myth of Pandora’s creation in Hesiod’s Work and Days. Researchers argue whether it was a box or a jar, but it does not matter. It is not an artifact. Again people are taking these witty texts literally.

People say this myth was created to show how evil came into the world. If you follow my work you know that good and evil is only in the mind. One person’s villain is another person’s hero. Ancient Greece was an extreme patriarch and you will see why they made Pandora’s box evil.

The name Pandora is the first give away to this myth. Pandora means ‘all gifted, all giving or the one who bears all gifts’. This tells me that Pandora is the subconscious mind or sacred feminine. In my Magic post, I have shown just how powerful and giving the subconscious mind is. You just have to know how to see the signs. The myth shows real history too.

Pandora was created because Prometheus stole the fire(intellect) from the gods. If you have read Lemurian Magic you know whats going on here. The Lemurians were not supposed to be as smart as their alien masters. The scribes saw this as stealing the intellect. Prometheus literally means forethought. If the Atlantans would have had forethought, the Lemurians would not have had the intellect. So what does Zeus do? He creates Pandora and gives her to Epimetheus. Epimetheus means hindsight.

Pandora is on par with Eve, in fact it is just another version of what happened. They create Pandora with earth and water then the four winds breathed life into her. Earth is body and water is emotions. Wind stands for thought. In no form of the myth is fire used. In this myth a male is not created because ancient Greece was a patriarchy and they are trying to blame all of the problems of man on a woman. Just like the myth of Adam and Eve. Instead of fire they give her a box or jar with all the evils of the world in it. She was then given gifts from all the gods. According to Hesiod, her gifts were beautifully evil. Hermes was ordered by Zeus to make her deceitful, stubborn and give her a crafty tongue. Athena clothed her, which is basically being ashamed of her nakedness. Again if you have read Lemurian Magic, you know this has to do with being ashamed of ignorance.  Aphrodite gave her beauty. All women have beauty, this was them making her vain or caring to much about outer beauty. Apollo taught her music. Zeus gave her a foolish, mischievous and idle nature. Hera gave her curiosity.

All of these gifts except music and curiosity are masculine or ego mindsets. This shows how they put her in the masculine mindset. Curiosity is in the subconscious. In this myth they are trying to show that curiosity is bad. Don’t be curious, don’t ask questions. Yes curiosity is a threat to authority. Just like the saying “Curiosity kills the cat”. Cats are nature, they are the living subconscious. It is all about keeping you from seeking or being curious.

In the Adam and Eve myth, the sacred feminine is the forbidden fruit. Pandora’s box is no different. This myth just makes it evil in a different way. I showed in Lemurian Magic that the Eves were open and curious enough to go with the Lemurians and learn. The Adams were less willing to go. They were more in the obey mindset. Pandora getting curious about the box and opening it, is the same as Eve eating the apple(knowledge) or forbidden fruit(sacred feminine).
Opening that box was pure evil to a patriarchy. It was evil to them because they think it  caused the war of the gods and the downfall of the advanced civilizations around the world. They have been trying to put the sacred feminine back in the box ever since.

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