Epic of Gilgamesh

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The Epic of Gilgamesh is an astrological lesson on life. Many royals were given stories in the heavens because they were considered the gods of earth. Gilgamesh is that type of story.  The way Gilgamesh acts in the beginning is the way most men act(selfish).

Gilgamesh is our solar hero so he represents the sun. So the gods have had it with his ways and they make a twin Enkidu. Enkidu represents the moon. Enkidu drinking the water represents the tides and him being with animals is the nocturnal animals following the moon. So Gilgamesh sends a temple prostitute, which are always virgins, and they have sex for 6 days and seven nights. This is the moon in Virgo while it’s in the end stages of waxing, full, and beginning stage of waning. Now the animals don’t show interest in Enkidu anymore because the moon is waning and it doesn’t appear to be full.

Enkidu(moon) wants to meet Gilgamesh(sun), so he waits for Gilgamesh to catch up to him before the sun gets to Venus (the newlywed bride Gilgamesh wants to sleep with). This is the sun catching up to the moon before it gets to the planet Venus in the sky from our view. But Enkidu gets to him and they fight it out. This is an eclipse. Gilgamesh wins and they become friends. They go on to fight the Humbaba, which is the Pleiades star cluster at the very beginning of Taurus. We know it as the Seven Sisters. Once they get through the Pleiades, the sun catches up to Venus which is Ishtar hitting on Gilgamesh. He rejects her and she releases the bull of heaven, Taurus, on them. They kill the bull, meaning the sun and moon have made it through Taurus. Enkidu tore out the bulls thigh and tosses it at Ishtar. We know the thigh as Ursa Major, the Egyptians and Sumerians knew it as the thigh. Ishtar tells the gods and the gods decide Enkidu has got to die. He falls ill for 12 days and dies. The waning moon then disappears. This is also showing that the moon has fallen behind so far that it is no longer in the sky at the same time as the sun.

This is when the story switches to the opposite sign in the zodiac. If the sun is rising in Taurus, Scorpio will be in the western sky. When the sun sets in Taurus, after it gets dark Scorpio will be shining in the easter sky. Opposite houses of the zodiac are just as important in the occult. This is why the scorpion men are guarding the entrance to the underworld. Him staying in the darkness confirms this. The sun was setting and it became dark, showing Scorpio in the eastern sky. He’s looking for immortality, but is told mortals can’t have it. He makes one last effort to get a plant that will give him youth. This represents the tree that is the earths pole that sits on the pole star. The serpent stealing it is the constellation Draco that goes around it. So Gilgamesh comes back enlightened and realizes his life is his greatest legacy. The most important things in life is to have lived and loved well. It’s all about your journey.

In ancient times all great Kings and Pharaohs were associated with the stars. The Kings and Pharaohs were manifestations of the gods here on earth. Gilgamesh was the god name of the Sumer King Lugulbanda.

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