Noah’s Ark


I have shown in several other posts that most of religion, especially the patriarchal religions, use astronomy to deceive the masses. The story of Noah is no exception. The first clue is the animals being loaded two by two. Gemini is the twins and this is when the last round of water came in from Tiamat(see Lemurian Magic).

I first have to say thanks again to Ralph Ellis. What I am about to show you is mostly his work. First lets start with Noah’s name. In the Egyptian Aramaic Noah comes from Nu. As in the chaotic, formless waters of Nu. To the Egyptians this was like the Force in Star Wars. It is the abyss the energy that makes everything.

Now lets take the name ark. Ark comes from hebrew word Arown and it means ‘money-box’, which in turn comes from arah which means ‘to gather’. The scribes of these texts love to use words like this with multiple meanings. So the Ark of the Covenant was a box that every Pharaoh had to gather money from the people. The Ark of the Covenant also housed a magnetic meteorite. Magnetism is all the power of the Ark had. If you take the name from latin to english, arca to ark, it goes from money box to boat. See the word play they used from different languages.

Laurence Gardner has shown that Noah was a Sumerian King who came into Egypt. The scribes showing animals two by two is showing when he came into Egypt. During the age of Gemini, the twins. This was about 4000 BCE. He had to have a royal lady to keep the bloodline going. I think this was the reason he came to Egypt. I know that this was a period of water coming in, but it did not make Sumer end. Water, especially salt water, is also a code for blood or bloodline in these texts. Several times in history lower Egypt needed a royal lady from upper Egypt. Abraham was of this bloodline and he became the first Hyksos Pharaoh of Lower Egypt.

All Pharaohs of Egypt took the Ark of Covenant or money-box around on the Nile in their ark to get money from the people. This was a yearly occurrence. Give money to keep the gods or god happy. At the end they would take both arks to the top of the Great Pyramid for a final ceremony.

Which brings us to Mount Ararat. Ararat comes from the Egyptian ararat which is the uraeus symbol of lower Egypt. So Noah’s ark came to rest on a mountain in lower Egypt. The Great Pyramid is in lower Egypt. Why did the Pharaohs do this? Because the gods sailed the Universe on great solar boats. Since there were two animals showing Gemini, shouldn’t there be two boats too? Well yes. The day ark was known as Mandet, and the night boat that took the sun through the underworld and back to the eastern horizon was Mesektet. They were the solar boats of Ra. Both can be seen in Giza on display.

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