The Green Man

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The Green Man is a sculpture, or other representation of a face surrounded by or made by leaves. Branches and vines may sprout from his nose, ears and mouth and sometimes they have flowers or berries. The Green Man is all over government buildings, churches and Universities. Whats the deal? Who is the Green Man?

Most researchers will tell you that the Green Man is a Pagan motif or god they are putting in architecture. They will tell you it is a version of Cernunnos, Horned God, or the Greek Pan. They are wrong on all accounts. Although Christians have stolen a lot from Paganism, this is not one of them. The symbols of the Green Man are all over the western world. So to the ancient western world we must go to get our answer. The ancient western world is Rome, Greece and of course, Egypt.

Researchers are baffled at trying to make sense as to why this green man is on so many Christian cathedrals. Rosslyn Chapel has one hundred Green Men sculptures and just one of Jesus. This tells me it was a Templars invention. They have even tried to say the Green Man is a version of Father Christmas, Peter Pan or Robin Hood. Finally I found a couple of pieces about how he is a version of the Roman Bacchic Cult. As Herodotus showed, Bacchus is Rome’s version of Dionysus and Dionysus is Greek’s version of Osiris. Now we are on to something.

Dionysus was the god of vine and wine. He always held a fennel shaft in his hand sometimes with a pine cone on top. Most people think this is a penis. When he has a wine glass in hand, I agree it probably is symbolizing masculine and feminine principles. But Dionysus was androgynous, so they don’t need to us these symbols. The fennel was what Prometheus used to steal fire from the gods. Fire represents intellect, so we are talking about the mind. Fennel was used to make an aphrodisiac. I showed in Magic that your sexual power is the same power that will help you manifest things in your life(See Magic). The pine cone is your pineal gland. Dionysus is the god of wine and wine or any other liquor gets the third eye going. They call it spirits for a reason. Dionysus was also the god of rebirth and everyone thinks that has to do with the rebirth of nature. No, it has to do with the rebirth of self, your rebirth or awakening. It also represents your rebirth from life to life. You have lived many lives and you will live many more. The ancients used green and nature to symbolize rebirth. The vines that were used represented the bloodline. If you think I’m way off base on this, why do they call the top American Universities the Ivy League?

In Egypt Osiris was associated with all things green. He was the only god who sometimes had green skin. This was representing nature and Osiris’ rebirth. He also had a bed that was in the shape of Osiris and it was said to germinate seeds that symbolized his resurrection. So both Osiris and Dionysus symbolized rebirth and new life, mainly your rebirth and new life. This information is not taught to the masses. It is hidden in a labyrinth of information for the people with eyes to see and ears to hear. I have shown in previous work how all of the western world, mainly religion and government, is pure Egyptian. The Green Man is Osiris/Dionysus. They put this symbolism out there so your subconscious would know who is running this world. The descendants of Egypt.  Now you consciously know that anytime you see the Green Man or some other gargoyle looking thing on churches and government buildings, it is Osiris and Dionysus.

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  1. I recently started paint pouring and the third painting I did I named the green man it’s remarkably like the green man if mythology. Thank you for this information. Paint pouring has been a rebirth of new life and awakening for me. Interestingly the green man showed up. The painting is 5ft by 3 ft.. simply amazing

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    1. You are welcome. Your painting sounds awesome! I wish I could see it. It does not surprise me that painting has brought you awakening and new life. Creating is our passion. When we create we live. Follow your passion girl!
      Thank you for reading and commenting. 😊


    2. Am really happy and confuse. I am spiritual enuh, i Love I Spirituality! Tell I bro, Is it good and ready reasonable to use Symbols of the GreenMan/Osiris… At Homes, Office…?

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      1. If it resinates with you then yes. At least you know what the symbol is. I’m pointing out in my post that all the symbols people do not understand and think are something else is Osiris.


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