Feeding the Multitude


The story of Jesus feeding a bunch of people with fish and bread shows just how confusing these texts can be. The scribes wrote these religious books knowing the masses would take them literally. He was feeding knowledge to the crowd. The story is astrological.

In His Royal Jesus, I have shown exactly who the biblical Jesus was and what he was all about. He was from the Nazarene sect. The Nazarene sect was all about astrology. He had to let people in on a little Astrotheology. He was teaching the common people about Pisces (fish) and Virgo (bread). How the world had just entered the age of Pisces and Virgo. Opposite signs are just as important. “Virgo is the virgin?”, I hear you say. Yes, that’s why the scribes say Jesus was born to a virgin. One of the main symbols of Virgo is bread. The sign of Virgo is dominate in the fall, harvest time, that’s why she is always holding wheat. Wheat is used to make bread. When Virgo is in the night sky in March and April(right before Easter), do people still to this day not make hot cross buns or eat fish on lent? Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs. Hot cross buns predates Christianity. Around December 25 I will show you why most of the gods are born to a virgin(see Birth of a God).

The Bible is filled with astrological symbolism. Why was he teaching common people Astrotheology? You have to get the idea of Jesus being poor out of your head. He was a very wealthy prince who wanted to be the next Emperor of Rome. He wanted it so bad he started the Jewish Revolt. This was politics back then. Kind of like it is today. Get out and tell the people what you are all about. This was a political rally for him to say he was the King of the Star Prophecy. The Star Prophecy being that he was the first pure royal born in the age of Pisces. It says that there was quite a bit of food left over, which tells me most people didn’t really understand. Nero had just died and several royal contenders tried to be the new Emperor of Rome, but it came down to the biblical Jesus and Vespasian. How many babies did he kiss? I don’t know, I can’t find that in any ancient text.

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