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Fortuna is said to be the Roman Goddess of luck. Whenever I hear the word luck I know magic is involved. People that don’t understand magic say someone is lucky. Fortuna is actually equivalent to the Greek Goddess Tyche and is the Goddess of fate and fortune.


Roman Cults that were associated with Fortuna or Tyche were sexualized cults because of sacred sexuality. This again has to do with magic (See Magic). Again people were taking the myths literally, that’s why these cults were very sexual. It has to do with the sacred feminine combining with the sacred masculine. Fortuna was associated with the wheel of fortune and most researchers say it has to do with the endless changes in life between prosperity and disaster.


Lets look at how the ancients looked at this wheel. They saw it as the Ouroboros, which is your thoughts as a returning feedback loop. The wheel of Karma. They saw the wheel as motion and the number 0 represented it. Then number one,1, represented your will. Using your will to work with the motion of life was the number ten, 10. 10 represents the perfect man. Now you now why 10 is so popular in the occult. When ever you see a wheel with spokes, the spokes are moving in. Representing the wheel itself is the guide. Center of the wheel is in motion and symbolizes constant communication between yourself and your higher self. Circle also represented a mirror and the mirror is all that exists.


The Wheel of Fortune represented existence being a continual process. Fortuna usually sits on the Wheel of Fortune. This wheel looked a lot like a ferris wheel. People that know the truth about Fortuna portray her with very little clothes and very short hair. Sometimes she has long hair in front and no hair or bald in the back. Other times she will have all in clothes pulled to the front and nothing in the back. As big as I am on showing you androgyny, that’s not what this is referring to. Fortuna is the Goddess of fate, fortune and opportunities. The true symbolism of her is as she comes forward on your Wheel of Fortune, you have to make the decision to grab her while she is in front of you. If you decide to let Fortuna(your fate or opportunity) go by because you hope something better will come along, you can not grab her and pull her back. This is why she doesn’t have much clothes or hair in the rear, so you can’t reach out and pull her back. Not because of sex. That is why she is associated with luck. If you are connected to your higher self and you see the signs, you can act on them. Just like I showed you in Magic on how to get what you want. These myths are just showing it a different way.


The Vatican tells people who there is a statue of Fortuna in Rome because of the service of matrons that saved it in 488 BCE. This is not a statue of Fortuna, but a statue of Cybele-Rhea. She was the mother goddess that was strongly associated with the Cult of Attis. Ralph Ellis has shown the Cybele-Rhea-Atargatis was the deity of the biblical family of Jesus and was one reason why Jesus wanted his disciples to become eunuchs. So Rome tried to make Fortuna into different  goddess, so they could help cover up the true history of the biblical Jesus (See his Royal Jesus).

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