Odin pronounced Oh-din, is the Old Saxon Woden and it is where we get the name Wednesday or Woden’s day. Odin is one of the most enigmatic characters in Norse Mythology. Odin is a relentless seeker of wisdom and he gives wisdom. He is usually out in the cosmos on self-interested quests for wisdom, but he has little regard for communal values like justice, fairness, law and convention.


Odin is a divine patron of rulers and also outcasts. He is a war-god, but also a poetry god. He has feminine qualities that our idea of warriors shouldn’t have. He is honored and worshipped by nobility, prestige and royalty, yet he is often cursed for being a fickle trickster. So Odin has some glaring contradictions. Odin’s name translates to Master of Inspiration, fury and ecstasy. People associate him with war, magic, wisdom and poetry. When people associate him with war they take it literally. The war that the Norse were trying to show was the war within. Everyone of us has a war going on inside, if you don’t the alien side has already won. I have shown in Lemurian Magic that we were created by an alien race that mixed their DNA with the indigenous hominids to make Homo Sapiens. This is the war going on inside us. The hominid DNA battling the alien DNA. Odin represents your will or as Nietzsche put it your “Will to Power”, a restless, vital force that strives to continually overcome itself and it’s surroundings, fostering growth through the mastery of subtle, arcane knowledge and abilities. This is why he does not care about right or wrong, laws and beliefs. Everyone has a “Will to Power” and right and wrong, good and evil are only in the mind of the individual. What one person considers wrong another person may consider it right.


Many Norse royalty and warriors have claimed bloodline to Odin. I believe that Odin is a symbol of the first creation I showed in Lemurian Magic. Myth scribes were genius in making the symbology of these characters to represent aspects of yourself, nature and the cosmos while showing history. Although Odin as a person may or may not have existed, the wise hairy race that he represents did. Laurence Gardner shows that Woden is said to have ruled the Nine Worlds of the Rings – having the ninth(the One Ring) to govern eight others. This is the Rings the Lord of the Rings was based on(See The Rings). I personally think that Woden or Odin was a real person and these were two of his names. In my other work I show that the blood lines had several names. Much like the biblical Jesus had several names, but his main name was Manu(see His Royal Jesus). I think he was of the first creation and they kept in the myths his teachings and history. Being of the first race he was androgynous. The single eye they gave him is the feminine eye of the goddess. Your subconscious is considered the goddess. It not only represents your third eye, but also represents androgyny. True wisdom comes from your subconscious. The feminine symbols don’t end there with Odin, as you will see. Humans are masculine and they search for the feminine for wholeness.


Odin hanging from the Yggdrasil tree or sacrificing himself is him doing shadow work or going to the underworld. Sometimes his legs are crossed and his hands are tied. The legs being crossed is the alchemical symbol for squaring(things that can not be changed). Hands being tied shows universal consciousness or psych not single consciousness. The tree represents Umwelt or nature. The Norse Triskelion represents Eigenwelt – self, Umwelt – nature , Mitwelt – culture or society. All three of these have to be in balance for enlightenment. So this symbolism is saying to do shadow work correctly you have to use universal consciousness and nature, but the squaring means there are things in life you can’t change.

He hung for 9 days, 9 is a symbol of the sperm and it symbolizes looking back and remembrance. During this time he had no nourishment. Fasting enhances your senses. After this he perceived the magic runes. If you have read my magic post you can see why magic is involved. When he challenges giants he is challenging someone in the ego mindset or masculine mindset. Giants symbolize ego driven minds(see Cyclops or Jack and the Beanstalk). An enlightened mind will know things an ego mind can’t, hence he asked a question only himself would know.


Odin rode around on an eight legged horse named Sleipnir. This symbolism is very interesting to me because of the horse and number eight. The horse has always represented the sacred feminine and the eight symbol is the symbol of communicating with your higher self. Using the symbol eight means you are on your way to enlightenment. Having a constant communication between you and your higher self.

8 symbolizes you are the lower part and your higher self is the upper part. When you get on the same level it turns  on it’s side ∞. You are told this is infinity, but it is the lemniscate. You are learning from your higher self and your higher self is learning from you. I’m not saying infinity is wrong, but to the ancients this was the lemniscate. When Moore wrote the poem that eventually became Twas the Night Before Christmas and gave Santa 8 flying reindeer, I am sure he was in on this secret. When they put Rudolf in, knowledge was lost and it became all about the money. The Germanic people would put boots by the fireplace and Odin would put treasures for kids in them. This is where we get hanging the stockings. When the Germanic people brought over Pelznichol, I think they were keeping Odin alive within the Christian Saint Nicholas(See Santa Claus). They hid him in plain sight to keep their tradition alive while staying away from the hot pokers of the church.

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