Let’s get back to some symbolism in the Lord of the Rings. This one is going to be about Aragorn. Tolkien set this character up beautifully. He integrated real history with the aspect of yourself. Tolkien, like all myth scribes, were genius in doing this. What historical character is Aragorn modeled after?

Well I wouldn’t say he was model after him, but certain traits and similarities were put in to show who he had in mind. Most researchers try to say it was King Arthur, but Tolkien knew King Arthur was modeled after someone else. You don’t model someone after someone who is trying to symbolize someone else. Tolkien wrote in a letter in 1967 that there is a closer similarity between Aragorn and the historical Charlemagne. Notice he said historical, he knew Arthur was not an actual King of England, but was code for someone else.

So lets look at the similarities. Just as Aragorn carried the magical sword Anduril, forged by the smith Telchar, Charlemagne carried Joyeuse, a magical sword said to have been forged by the smith Wayland. Both Aragorn and Charlemagne had to unite several disunited kingdoms. Aragorn uses the enchanted herb athelas to cure the Black Breath, while Charlemagne used the herb sowthistle to cure Black Death. Aragorn’s betrothal to Elf Princess Arwen is reminiscent to Charlemagne’s betrothal to the Elf Princess Frastrada. As I have shown in previous Lord of the Rings posts, the Elves in this story are representing the Tuatha de Danann. I showed in Lemurian Magic where Lilith is the Danu of the Danann. Frastrada was of the bloodline of Lilith. The marriage of Charlemagne and Frastrada has its own legend, it’s called The Serpent’s Ring.

On to the story. Aragorn is the main aspect of yourself or the masculine energy of self. Tolkien uses Return of the King, but it does not matter if you’re a lady or a man. As you will see, when the masculine is merged with the feminine, it is a King. We first meet Aragorn when he is a Ranger named Strider in hiding. This is symbolically showing you in hiding after you start ‘waking up’. Did you not hide your thoughts from people because they would think you are crazy? Him asking the hobbits to let him lead them is you starting to come out of that phase. Now he begins to represent you bringing all of the aspects of yourself together. Bring all the kingdoms together to work together. At first he starts out with using the masculine energies to do it symbolized by him fighting the Black Riders with a sword and fire. Sword being masculine and fire being the intellect. It doesn’t work totally because Frodo gets hurt. He gets Frodo to the Rivendell where he recovers and takes the task upon himself to destroy the ring. This is symbolizing no matter how small you are you can accomplish anything. This is also where it is revealed the Strider is Aragorn. You officially come out of hiding.

After a failed attempt to go around the mountain they realize they have to go through. Meaning you have to go through the problems and lies to become enlightened. This is where Gandalf has to battle Balrog and falls into the underworld battling the lies of ancient history (See Gandalf). When they get outside of the mountain they grieve for Gandalf and Aragorn takes control knowing you have to push forward. They also split up after this. Aragorn decides to follow Merry and Pippin. The reason for this is in myths when you have twins or lookalikes like Merry and Pippin they represent your higher self and your earthly self. Very similar yet very different. You are on the trail of your higher self. In the search he catches up with Gandalf who tells them Merry and Pippin will be fine.

Aragorn and Gandalf together goto Edoras and Gandalf frees the King Theoden from the influence of Saruman. I have shown in The Rings post that Saruman is resembling patriarch religions and since all characters are aspects of yourself, this is you freeing yourself from religion. Eowyn is representing the sacred feminine. Aragorn rejecting her means he(you) is not fully ready. Scenes with Arwen are symbolizing the same thing, but with her he is told to stay on his path. As I have said many times before she(the sacred feminine) is always right. She tells him to trust in us, which is the sacred masculine and sacred feminine working together.

The Warg attack part of the story is battle that throws Aragorn into the underworld, literally. He falls into the river where he learns to flow. Quit going against the current and just flow. Brego, the horse, comes to save him. Horses in myths usually represent the goddess or sacred feminine. In an early part of the story where Aragorn calms Brego, it is showing that he is starting to accept the sacred feminine. Once your connected with her she will keep you safe, that is what the horse rescuing Aragorn is symbolizing. A Unicorn has always symbolized the merging of the feminine with the masculine. The horse being the feminine and the horn being the masculine. Notice how it is just the horn to represent the masculine and the whole horse represents the feminine. Think about that on your journey toward enlightenment. Aragorn summoning the Army of the Dead is showing that he gets stronger and can use the powers of the Otherworld and Ancestors. That is the magic of the Sacred Feminine. After the battle is won his Coronation is not only him becoming King, but is the Marriage to Arwen. The Marriage of the Sacred Feminine with the Sacred Masculine. When this happens peace returns. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lady or a man, the sacred masculine will return as king when it is merged or married to the sacred feminine.

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