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Bigfoot is the name given to a ape, hominid like creature that is said to inhabit the forests.  On doing a Bigfoot post I admit most of it will be speculative. However I will give you some facts about what I have discovered and let you be the judge.


I’m not going to tell you that the camera lens is curved so you can’t see a real Bigfoot or that the windows on your vehicle are shaped to make you think some other animal is Bigfoot. Saying that shows no intelligence on the researchers part. Bigfoot is all over the myths and legends of the world. Most of todays stories are full of fakes and outrageous things that people just throw it off as made up. Bigfoot has gone the way of the boogie man. Funny thing about Bigfoot is people keep spotting them.

There are 4 main types of Bigfoot.

Yeti in the Himalayan area.
Almas in Russia and China.
Agogwes in Africa.
Bigfoot which is all over the world.

There are several names they go by….Skunk ape, Jersey Devil, Sasquatch, and Abominable Snowman to name a few.

Ancient Aliens even does a whole show on Bigfoot. They side with Bigfoot possibly being alien. I disagree in that they are very hominid looking. Characteristics are always the same with any Bigfoot. No forehead, huge brow, round deep-set eyes, flat nose, no chin, very long arms, muscular, hair from head to toe. Take away hair and you have a pre human hominid. In Lemurian Magic I have shown when I think Bigfoot, if it exists, was created. The first homosapien creation was very intelligent just like their alien creators.. We humans, homosapien sapien, are not. I showed how we were dumbed down to be a slave race for these aliens. I also showed how the dumbing down went to far and they created the great apes. I think at one point they used the size of the alien(s) with more hominid features and hoped for a hominid looking, strong slave. They got the Bigfoot instead. A very intelligent hominid.

Everywhere there are humans there are stories of Bigfoot. It makes me think Bigfoot has been with us all along, lurking in the woods outside of our sight. From the dawn of man to the modern times, perhaps Bigfoot has been here with us the whole time. At least forty-five percent of the earth has not been surveyed on foot. In America alone twenty-five percent has not been surveyed on foot. We as humans want to survey everything from the air.

There are over 10,000 photographed or plastered foot prints. Mainstream anthropologists say every last one of them are fake. Professional trackers know that when any living fleshy foot puts a track down it leaves compression lines. Fake ones do not leave compression lines. Whoever is making these fake tracks is doing a perfect job. Why would they be hell-bent on hoaxing people when they could make a fortune in the podiatry industry because these foot prints show a perfect walk. The foot prints show a perfect balance motion for walking. We humans have an imperfect walk. It’s why our joints wear out. Hominid foot prints show the same thing, perfect balance and motion. Bigfoot and hominid feet are perfect for a bipedal life.

The Panda was last centuries Bigfoot. They were said to not be real. In 1869  French naturalist, Armand David, sees a hide of a Panda on a wall in China. He sends samples back to see if it is a real animal. Teams were organized to try to find these bears. It took 60 years to find one. Teddy Roosevelt and his sons went out on a hunting trip and killed one. This was the first time we knew Pandas were real. In the next 20 years other people brought in 6 Pandas. It took them 60 years to find a very slow-moving, not very intelligent bear, so what makes you think they can find a Bigfoot that is bigger faster, stronger and more intelligent than we are.
The famous Patterson film is said to be a hoax. Lloyd Pye is convinced she(the Bigfoot) was real and has very interesting evidence. If it was a person in 1967, it would have been a very fake looking costume. Look at the goofy costumes they used in television. The Bigfoot left tracks 1 inch deep. A 200 pound man walked the same spot and barley sank 1/4 of an inch. So if it was a human in a costume it would have had to be a costume made of lead.

The famous Minnesota Ice man is more like a Minnesota Ice child. This was a young Bigfoot. Frank Hanson killed it in Northern Minnesota in 1967, bought a 7 foot floor freezer, put the body in it, filled it with water, froze it and put glass on top of it. He took it to fairs and malls from 1968 to 1980, charging money to see it. Ivan Sanderson, a zoologist, studied it for 4 days. He showed it was not only real, but he gave the truth of how it died. What made it bad is the way this creature died. It was obvious that Hanson shot it in the back to hurt it and it fell to the ground. The Bigfoot rolled over to see what was going on, put its arm in the air to protect itself. Hanson’s next shot went through the arm and into its head and out the other side. Reading this made me sick to be part of the human race.

There are several other stories I could go on about, but those two at least have pictures and film. The reason I am so sure Bigfoot exists is because of the American Indian legends. The Indians usually describe them as 6 to 9 feet tall, very strong, hairy, uncivilized, and often foul-smelling. They live in the woods and forage at night. The legends say they can’t speak human languages, but can understand what humans are saying. They use whistle, grunts and body language to communicate with each other. In some of these stories it is said that they are able to mate with humans. I also came across some of the stories that say they can disappear or turn invisible, but they are always considered physical creatures of the forest, not spirits or ghosts. Some legends say they are benevolent and some say malevolent. In reading myths and legends I have found there is more truth in them than any western world history.  The giant squid was said to be a myth until 2004 went it was first photographed.  One thing is for sure, humans do not have a natural evolution here on earth.

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