Friday the 13th

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Everyone goes crazy about Friday the 13th when it comes around. There is even a horror movie named after it.   Does anyone know the true history behind this? Everyone tries to come up with some reason why this day is considered unlucky.  It all has to do with secret societies.  This day has to do with the Knights Templars. On Friday October the 13th 1307 King Phillip IV and Pope Clement V rounded up the Templars and charged them with heresy.  And you thought secret societies had no clout in modern society.  


The Templars had started a banking system and Phillip IV was in deep debt to them. The Vatican paid the Templars for their silence about the true history of religion.  Pope Clement didn’t want to pay the Templars anymore for their silence. The Templars are the guardians of the bloodline of the biblical Jesus and Mary Magdalene. This group has known and guarded the truth about the biblical family and the truth about how Christianity and Islam originated.  Christianity being invented, after the Jewish Revolt, by Vespasian and Josephus Flavius. Islam being created by the Vatican and Lothar Schmalfuss. The Vatican figured they could kill off the truth and King Phillip figured he could get out of debt.
The story goes that Phillip IV rounded up almost all of the Templars and killed them. The texts I read say that he  only caught a few of them.  King Phillip did as Pope Clement wanted him to, they burned them at the stake and then stole their property. One of the texts I read said King Phillip let most of them go in exchange for his debt being cleared. By reading both sides of the story I’m sure the truth is somewhere in the middle. Being that they killed the ones that didn’t cooperate, they made deals with the ones that did cooperate, and some just went into hiding. King Phillip and the Vatican continued to search for the Templars until the search was officially ended on March 18, 1314. This is when the last Grand Master of the Knight Templar, Jacques de Molay, was rounded up and killed. Ralph Ellis has shown that this is where we get the name French Toast…..



French Toast, which is battered and grilled on both sides, is often called a Poor Knight. It is claimed that this was a simple meal for poor knights, but the name was actually derived from the Knights Templar, who were called the Poor Knights of Christ. More specifically this name was derived from Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, who was beaten and battered and then slow-roasted to death by Catholic cardinals in Paris on 18 March 1314 – which is why a Poor Knight toast is battered and grilled on both sides.

Bon appétit.

Just remember that Friday the 13th is the date the church tried to kill everyone who knew the true history of religion. Good thing for me they can’t burn people at the stake anymore.

5 thoughts on “Friday the 13th”

  1. I’ll withhold my cheeky pithy wit about burning and punishing heretics, because nobody likes metapolitical humour.

    I always liked Friday the Thirteenth because of its Pagan associations. Thirteen being a number sacred to the Goddesses of the North, Asynjur, and Frīja being the root Goddess of Friday who is the English Freyja.

    So I always thought of the day as one being highly charged with what I hope, at least, is some good Goddess Energy. Seaxwife and I set our marriage day for November, Friday the 13th back in the day. November to honour 9 as Odin’s number, and the rest for his wife. (I’m sure you know, November was in the Kalends of Rome the 9th month before Gregory did some tweaking.)

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    1. Yes I did know that in Rome November was the 9th month. Novem is latin for nine. They have done several things with our calendar that doesn’t make much sense.

      The Templars and royalty were very well versed in the Pagan ways and practices so it would not surprise me if Friday the 13th was picked out because of Freyja and the Goddess.

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