Wizard of Oz



The Wizard of Oz was a children’s book in 1900, but became popular in 1939 when the movie came out. People have tried to translate this story, but to me none of it makes sense. How does someone say this story is satanic? That just shows me how tight of a vice religion has on the minds of this world. This story has symbolism written all over it. I will start from the tornado because that is when the real journey begins. The tornado represents chaos and as I have shown you earlier, chaos is what starts you on the road to enlightenment. This story has all the ingredients to be a classic. All the characters are you or aspects of you. Lets get started on your journey to enlightenment.


The tornado(chaos) drops Dorothy in the land of Oz. Her house kills the Wicked Witch of the East and the Wicked Witch of the West threatens Dorothy. The Good Witch of the North stands up for Dorothy and gives her the slippers off the dead Witch. We have a few things going on here. The Evil Witch sisters represent known and hidden knowledge that you start learning at the beginning of your journey. One of them being killed is symbolic of the lies you have been taught your whole life that you no longer believe. Maybe that is why they started saying this story is evil, religion is one of those huge lies. Now we are left with a good witch and a bad witch. Being a witch only means you venerate nature. This is the same symbolism as having a good and evil goddess. Nature is good and beautiful, but she can also be very destructive with strong storms. They are symbolizing that and duality. Duality is built right in to our existence. Slippers in myths represent the beginning of a journey. Them being turned red in the movie could just have been them showing off the new-found color technology. But I think they were trying to say this story was written like a myth, pay attention. There is a very ancient Egyptian myth called “The Girl With the Rose Red Slippers”, this is where the beginnings of Cinderella came from. Glinda tells Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road to see the Wizard of Oz. The Wizard of Oz may be able to assist her in getting home.

Dorothy starts her journey down the yellow brick road. This road symbolizes the path to enlightenment. She doesn’t get down the road very far when she meets the scarecrow. The scarecrow wants a brain and hopes the wizard can give him one. This is a perfect example of when you start to wake up, you think your losing your mind. Some actually do. When you start finding the truth and actually seeing what this world is all about, you feel like your going crazy or your start questioning yourself. The scarecrow is symbolizing you being rattled and your thoughts going in every direction. You want help to get order back. You want a new brain.

Down the road of enlightenment Dorothy and the scarecrow go and they meet the Tin Man. The Tin Man says he wants a heart. This represents you starting to do things that make people think you don’t have a heart, like questioning horrific events. You are now no longer part of the masses, you don’t believe the lies anymore. You see the illusions of religion and big or national charities and you quit participating. You start questioning whether you should have a heart for the lies. In times of catastrophe you work to get through it and not think about losses that have already happened. Some people may see this as not having a heart. The Tin Man is you wondering what to have a heart for.

Down the road of enlightenment Dorothy, the Scarecrow and Tin Man go. The yellow brick road starts to go into a forest when they meet the Lion who wants courage. Forests always represent going into the underworld. The Lion wanting courage is you not having the courage to speak up. Lets face it, this world treats people pretty bad that try to help others free their minds. As they go further the Wicked Witch has the trees start throwing apples at them and lights the scarecrow on fire. Apples always represent knowledge and fire is intellect. This is you getting knowledge along your journey and intellect is a result. That is why they light the Scarecrow, intellect. The Evil Witch tries to make them fall asleep again, but with the good Witch(the goddess) on their side it doesn’t work.

The four travelers get to the Emerald City and think they have to freshen up to see the wizard. This is the first sign that their journey is not over. I showed in Medusa the ancients knew that when you are enlightened, you see yourself as perfect. You don’t let yourself go, but you don’t care if people accept you for who you are or not. Them worrying about how they looked meant they had a way to go on this journey. The Wizard refuses to help them until they bring him the broom stick of the Wicked Witch of the West. So they set off again, but the Witch sends out monkeys to attack them. This symbolism is occult. The secret societies see the masses as a bunch of monkeys. They call this place planet of the apes. This is symbolizing masses ridiculing you. The monkeys bring Dorothy to the Witch and she finds out that the slippers can’t be taken off against Dorothy’s will. Meaning the journey of enlightenment won’t end unless you want it to end. The next part of the story has to do with magic. They light the scarecrow on fire again, which is symbolizing the will. Dorothy grabs a pail of water and throws it on the scarecrow. Some of the water gets on the Wicked Witch and she melts away. The water symbolizes emotion. I have shown in ‘Magic’ that emotion behind the will makes your magic stronger. That is what this is showing, magic can help get what you want in life. The guards are happy to give Dorothy the broomstick. Back to the Emerald City they go.

When they return to the Emerald City, the wizard isn’t pleased to see them again. Toto goes over and pulls a curtain to show that the wizard is nothing more than some one pulling levers and speaking into a microphone. The ending of this story is showing that have figured out you have been living an inauthentic life. You have been living the life other people have told you to live. You have made yourself look like other people think you should look. You have just figured out that you do have a brain. Your awakening was proof of that. You do have a heart. Seeing the lies and injustices of this world means you have a heart of gold. You do have courage. Standing up for yourself and others while trying to expose the lies means you are very courageous. Being able to go home by clicking your heals together means you have really started to believe in yourself. Whether you are a guy or a girl, you are the Wizard of Oz. Now go out and enjoy the rest of your awakened life.

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