The myth of Osiris has a few meanings. As I have shown before, the Gods of Egypt are all aspects of you aspects of humans and aspect of the cosmos. Osiris is you. The main aspect of yourself and the ruler of your world. If you are familiar with magic you know what I mean. This myth is a tale of your journey into the underworld, but it also shows true history. It has a little hidden astrology and occult symbolism in it as well. Researchers keep thinking that Osiris was King of the Dead, in actuality he was King of the Underworld.

Osiris was the first child of Nut and Geb, his siblings were Isis, Set, and Nephthys. As I said, Osiris represents you going into the underworld. Isis is the Sacred Feminine and Nyphthys is also feminine, but more of the darker sides. I have shown before how nature is beautiful and peaceful, but also very destructive like storms. Set is simply chaos. The ancients never thought Set was evil, he became evil with the Hyksos Pharaohs of Lower Egypt. The Hyksos did not understand the true meaning of Set and they made him evil. They were also the ones that made everything about the afterlife instead of the underworld. The oldest texts are written like the reader should understand that Osiris was in human form and lived on earth at one time. It says the that he and the other gods and goddesses saw that humans were uncivilized barbarians. They had to teach them what to eat, the art of agriculture, how to worship the gods, and gave them laws. Thoth helped him in many ways by inventing the arts and sciences and giving names to things. Osiris was Egypt’s greatest king who ruled through kindness and persuasion. Having civilized Egypt, Osiris traveled to other lands, leaving Isis as his regent, to teach other people what he taught the Egyptians. This is showing true history after the war of the gods(See Lemurian Magic).

The story then turns to mix astrology with the beginning of your wake up process. Osiris returns in the time of Hathor which is late September to November. Set and 72 conspirators murder Osiris. This is the Sun heading into the underworld and the 72 conspirators are the 72 years it takes the sun to travel one degree in the zodiac. This part of the myth is just saying , “Hey Osiris is about the underworld”. The constellations were created by the ancients as an aid for your enlightenment. The sun during the months of September, October and November has always symbolized you going into the underworld. Set is the chaos that begins your wake up process. The ancients saw nothing evil about this. It is chaos that shakes you to the core and makes you questions things. Granted sometimes chaos is evil, but the ancients saw it as necessary to begin the wake up process. Pain and struggle create life, just look at the birth of a child. The story says they put Osiris in a casket and threw him in the Nile where he landed in a tree and was stuck there until a Phoenicia King turned the tree into a pillar. The tree is the tree of life. In Egypt the tree of life represented the bloodline. In other myths the tree of life basically meant the higher you go the more grounded you need to be. Pillars represent the pyramids and stability. So it is Osiris(you) going into the underworld and stabilizing his mind.

Now the myth shows Isis saving Osiris with the help of Nyphthys and Anubis. Her finding him is you finding the feminine side of your mind. Once you find the feminine it will calm your mind. The meaning of having Nyphthys and Anubis helping her is a little tricky. Anytime you see two goddesses together in a myth, it represents seen wisdom and unseen wisdom. This is Osiris(you) getting into the occult wisdom. Anubis is the opener of ways, but he is also the guardian of the gates of your mind. With new wisdom Anubis will open new ways for you, but no matter how much knowledge you have there are always dangers. Anubis is guarding against those dangers too. Set returns and chops Osiris up into 14 pieces and spreads his body all over Egypt. Isis can only find 13 of Osiris’ body parts. She finds everything but his phallus. She magically makes a phallus and puts Osiris back together and they have a son, Horus. This is symbolizing that as you calm your mind more chaos will happen, especially as you uncover all the lies. Her finding only thirteen pieces is significant. Thirteen is the number for man and god uniting. Thirteen is the number of lunar months, so it is feminine. Once you merge your mind with the feminine, you become god like. That’s what Isis creating the phallus and having Horus is symbolizing. Isis, the feminine side of the mind, merging with the masculine(phallus) and having Horus. Horus has always symbolized the christ. Your inner spiritual self. Horus is where christians got the christ from. However, christians will tell you the christ is separate from you. You can’t make money off the masses by telling them the truth. If you want to see the story about Horus and Set, goto my Gods of Egypt post. That movie was all about the battle between Horus and Set.

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  1. This is fascinating; I had no idea of the details in this myth. I especially love this line: “Once you find the feminine it will calm your mind.” Thank you for sharing so many of these amazing myths on your blog…

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